Power Hungry Leaders and Energy Hungry Abdul Kalam

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Today Nov 14, 2011 Former President A P J Abdul Kalam said: Power-hungry India should go for “clean” nuclear energy. He warns that fossil fuel would damage the Earth.

Our corrupt political leaders are power hungry as well as wealth hungry. They damage India.


We elect corrupts, like them and make them corrupt.  Power makes leaders corrupt. Power hungry wealth hungry leaders are in government and their wealth is in Swiss bank.



Fossil fuel:  A hydrocarbon deposit, such as petroleum, coal, or natural gas, derived from living matter of a previous geologic time and used for fuel. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases generated by burning fossil fuels are considered to be one of the principal causes of global warming.


Energy War and Petro- Politics reveal precisely how the economic importance of fossil fuels affects international politics and becomes a powerful tool of foreign policy.



“Only clean power is the solution. Solar, nuclear, bio and hydel are clean power,” Mr. Kalam told reporters on the sidelines of IIM-Calcutta’s golden jubilee celebration.


Is Manmohan Singh, our Prime Minister Mr. Clean?



Nuclear Energy:

Pros –

1. Little Pollution

2. Reliability: Nuclear power plants need little fuel, so they are less vulnerable to shortages because of strikes or natural disasters.

3. Safety: Safety is both a pro and con, depending on which way you see it.


Cons –

1. Meltdowns: If there is a loss of coolant water in a fission reactor, the rods would overheat.

2. Radiation: Radiation doses of about 200 rems cause radiation sickness, but only if this large amount of radiation is received all at once.

3. Waste Disposal: The byproducts of the fissioning of uranium-235 remains radioactive for thousands of years, requiring safe disposal away from society until they lose their significant radiation values.

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