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Mr. Clean follows Falsehood

What types of parliament we want? There were parliaments in Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy. There is also a parliament in Pakistan. Do we want these types of parliaments?

What type of opposition we want: In Singapore ruling party doesn’t want real opposition. So it creates dummy opposition as in India communist parties are the dummy opposition. In Ukarine election of 2004 was without contesting the opposition parties. The Election Commission of Singapore excludes all opposition candidates. The President of Armenia on December 28, 1994, banned nation's leading opposition party. Over 40 members of the Armenian parliament have suspended their activity in the parliament in the protest. Togolese voted on 25 October 2002, but the main opposition parties could not take part in the poll. Ruling party of Georgia called opposition as the enemy of the nation in the parliament. Zambia is facing the same problem.

Do you want above saie incidents be repeated in India? Wiped out this nonsense heading ‘People's verdict: NDA must attend Par’. Have secular English media remind ruling party to follow ethics of parliamentary democracy? Even speaker comrade Somnath refused to say a single word to ruling party.

‘Fascist’ comes from Italian word 'fasces' and ‘fascia‘.We should find ways to survive for democracy. As Hitler, the deity of Laloo is also a Roman Catholic. ‘Believe Sonia, Obey Sonia & Fight for Sonia’ is Fascism. Sonia is a daughter of fascist. Her mother in law imposed emergency on India. Here in India Congress with unquestioned leader is UPA chairperson Sonia Antonia Maino is establishing fascist regime. Politically in the Fascist system there must be a party with an unquestionable leader.

The basic concept of Fascism, as elaborated by Mussolini, was that the State was absolute before which individuals and groups were all relative. Now without defining and discussing Government will come out with a Communal Disturbances Separation Bill to control and combat communalism in the country to crush Hindu organizations and Hindu heads.

Jayalalitha wanted to book Kanchi Mutt seer in Goonda Act. Madras High Court on May 5, set aside the detention of 11 accused in the Sankararaman murder case, under the Goondas Act. The Goonda Jayalalitha government had invoked the Goondas Act against 16 of the 24 accused in the case. She and Mayavati misused POTA. UPA Govt. also wants to crush the freedom and rights of the elected Govt. of the states.

Without defining secularism every sinner labeled himself as secular. Muslimleague, Christian Missionaries and organizations, Naxalites, Terroists, Insurgent groups, Infiltrators all become secular.

Mr.Clean forgot his own words, “any accused found guilty must be punished whether it is Laloo Prasadji or Jayalalitha or anybody else.''

Satyagraha against Political Corruption: letter to Prime Minister and press release of 25 July 2000 signed by 17 Members of Parliament supporting the seven Legislations including Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Congress slogan is ‘believe Sonia, obey Sonia and fight for Sonia’.
It must be emphasized that Fascism was an opportunistic philosophy. Mussolini could always adjust his philosophy to appeal to all discontented groups.

Mobilization of people against the Government is necessary: Mere boycott of parliament doesn’t break the fascist behave of the ruling party. The political thing to do is to mobilize people against the Govt. of Italian Fascist. As yesterday I have commented in various newspapers, shamefully, Speaker of the Parliament writes only Atal to end boycott but doesn’t instruct to ruling party to behave in civilized way. UPA + Left is of thick skin. Somanth Chatterji as we saw, never sympathized towards NDA. He is the spokesperson of present Govt.

Opportunistic Sonia tries to adjust Naxalites in Andhra, Bangladeshis infiltrators, Terrorist supporter PDP in J & K, Corrupt Lalu of Bihar, Communists her opponent in WB and Kerala, Mulayam and Mayavati of UP, NCP which keeps alive foreign origin issue, Devgowda whose premiership removed by Congress and DMK suffered president rule imposed by Congress.

There is a need for efficacy parliamentary ethics
National Democratic Institute of International Affairs has worked in Turkey since February 1997, assisting the parliament to develop legislation to create a parliamentary ethics committee and a code of conduct for members. This assistance included multiparty seminars with American, Israeli and British experts. In addition to its work with the Turkish parliament, NDI has supported Turkish NGOs seeking to promote parliamentary accountability by training organizations on how to monitor parliament and enhance their public outreach and education efforts.

The ethics rules themselves may be prescribed:
By statute,
By resolution of the legislature (for legislators),
By guidelines for ministers, or even
By agreement with public officials

The selection of an enforcement ethics entails three essential issues:
Who is to monitor and investigate the conduct of legislators, ministers and officials?
Which sanctions are to be imposed?
Who is to impose those sanctions?

For legislators: the options include a committee of the legislature, a parliamentary official, an independent officer or commission, and a combination of these.
The option of above may be the President of India or Supreme Court or a committee appointed by SC on the approval of Rastrapati. The agency must have the capacity to perform and be seen as performing its monitoring role objectively and fairly.

Which sanctions are to be imposed?
For this purpose whatever procedure be adopted, ultimately voters should be final authority. At least for elected members, the ballot box remains the ultimate sanction if no other sanction applies or is imposed. Voters should have right to recall their previously elected member.
Who is to impose those sanctions?
For legislators, one option is to leave judgment and sentence to the electorate at the ballot box. But as Professor Thompson has noted, this means that in single member electorates the people as a whole are given no role. According to Professor Thompson, this ignores the "interdependency of legislators" , noting also that "[c]redibility is important not simply for making ethical standards effective; it is also necessary for making them valid."
The remaining options for legislators include: self-regulation by the legislature or the house to which the legislator belongs, or enforcement by the monitoring authority or the courts.


By Premendra Agrawal

India, not Europe towards demographic suicide

Hindus & Sikhs Population came down: Minority Commission
In the world only Hindus are liable to follow family planning and tolerate conversion. Few newspapers such as ‘The Hindu’ and Chennaionline publish news heading to misguide the facts. Their news heading meant there is more need to increase the growth rate of population of Muslims and Christians? Why 'The Hindu' wants decrease in the Hindu population and increase of others?

Now Chairperson of National Commission for Minorities said that has reported that the growth rate of Muslims in the country is higher than that of other communities. Before few days the Minority Commission has said that there is a tremendous increase in the Christian population of North East States of India.

Bangladeshi infiltrators, Family Planning not followers, Christian Missionaries, Muslim League, Terrorists and Insurgent organizations are secular and Hindus are communal. Patrick French, author of ‘Liberty or Death’, highlighted Gandhi’s allegiance to Hindu Dharma and Jinnah’s ‘secularism’.( ".the founder of the homeland for Muslims remained a secularist of sorts to the end" page 27).

RSS Sarsaghchalak Sudarshanji is called a hardliner because he is questioning the missionary process! A very statement asking the Pope to affirm religious tolerance is itself styled intolerant! In other words Hindus should tolerate the effort to convert them but it is intolerant for Hindus to question the motives or ideas of those who denigrate their religion. That such statements are accepted in the modern media shows how deep-seated the anti-Hindu and pro-missionary bias is.

The challenges of our times are so great that we are called to move beyond our personal awakening to our collective awakening—as communities, as nations, and as a species.
Our Collective awakening is necessary. Today majority feels like a minority. Conversion and infiltration of Bangladeshies is going on. There is continuous decrease in the population of Hindus. Family planning is only for Hindus as commented by K.S Sudarshan.

In fact, conversion is taking place on a mass-scale in large parts of the Northeast where poor, backward tribal fall easy prey to the lure of money and other inducements to embrace Christianity. But if they don't, the job is taken over by the militant groups, most of which are operating in the region only to convert people to Christianity under the guise of insurgent outfits. There are a couple of such outfits operate!

While nobody should have any objection to such a development in a secular country, what every secularist must object to is the fact that, while the Muslim population is rising alarmingly due to illegal influx from Bangladesh, the Christian population is rising due to conversion, both forced and induced, of mostly the gullible Hindus who do not have any means to defend themselves. Almost 19 districts in three Border States of Assam, West Bengal and Bihar have recorded a "disproportionate" growth of Muslims over past one decade. The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) in a report here claimed that the 10 districts of Assam bordering Bangladesh have now substantive Muslim population as high as 51 per cent. The Commission had set up a four-member expert panel of eminent demographers to analyse the 2001 census statistics of religious minorities including Muslims. The panel reported that the intercensal growth of Muslim population during 1991-2001 was 29.5 per cent, higher than the overall growth rate of 21.5 per cent.
"Either this type of growth is due to large number of conversions or due to migration of population from across Bangladesh," Country's leading demographer Prof. Ashis Bose stated.

Raising alaram bells, L.K. Advani warned, this development was a threat not only to the normal democratic process, but also to the security and integrity of India. Demographer Bose said their concentration at a single place could lead to a demand for a separate state or an administrative unit in future likes Bodoland, Gorkhaland etc.

In the News story titled ‘Suicide by Secularism’ of Washington Post dated April 17, 2005, Columnist George F.Will wrote: “Europe itself is withering. On the day of John Paul II's funeral, the European Union's statistics agency reported that the decline of birthrates means that within five years deaths will exceed births in the European Union. By 2013 Italy's population will begin to decline; the next year Germany's will begin to drop. After 2010 Europe's population growth will be entirely from immigration. By 2025 not even immigration will prevent declining fertility from accelerating what one historian calls the largest ‘sustained reduction in European population since the Black Death of the 14th century.”

In his new book "The Cube and the Cathedral: Europe, America, and Politics Without God," George Weigel, biographer of John Paul II, argues that Europe's ‘demographic suicide’ will cause its welfare states to buckle and is creating a ‘vacuum into which Islamic immigrants are flowing.’ Since 1970 the 20 million legal Islamic immigrants equal the combined populations of Ireland, Denmark and Belgium.”

Premendra Agrawal

News Analysis India | President’s Marriage from the Prison

News Analysis India

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President’s Marriage from the Prison



Japanee origin Fujimori Peru President looted then flied Japan. Later he reached Chile. On Peru’s request he was arrested. From prison he married his girl friend. Run Fuzi cola plant for re-election.


Alberto Jujimori had vowed to return to Peru to stand in the 2006 presidential elections - despite being banned from office until 2011. His supporters launched a soft drink called Fuji-Cola, to help finance his re-election campaign.


NCERT in IT age havemade available all the chapters as electronically downloadable PDF files:

NCERT is being used by the present Govt with the support of leftists as political weapon. But this weapon will be sucidical for them.


The new Class XII syllabus for the next academic session may include controversial issues like the Gujarat Riots and the Ayodhya dispute.

The Class IX Political science text book for example, begins with unsubstantiated innuendo on American involvement in a coup in Chile.


There is a “bark without biting”competition in India. Anti-Americanism of UPA and leftists is for getting whole sale vote of Muslim through various ways. One of them is NCERT books.


Prof Yogendra Yadav should feel free in including following facts in the NCERT book. This is freely downable. 


Similarities of Sonia Gandhi & Fujimori

“Japanese origin former PM of Peru, Alberto Fujimori looted Peru and when enquiry was going on he flied to Japan. Alberto Fujimori was prisoned in chile. From prison how he weded his girl friend? Answer is in the bottom of the article.


Accoring to the supporters of Former President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori was the president who saved Peru from the twin evils of terrorism and economic collapse.


Sonia Gandhi is also in the eyes of Congressmen “Tyag Murti”. Time to time they symbolized her ‘Durga’ in posters, banners and hoarding as they did in recently held Kanpur rally.


To his opponents, Fujimori was an authoritarian strongman who rode roughshod over the country's democratic institutions in order to preserve his hold on power. Sonia Gandhi has also these qualities.


Peru has compiled 12 cases against Mr Fujimori, including the death squad killing of 25 people in two incidents known as La Cantuta and Barrios Altos, illegal phone tapping, siphoning of state funds to the intelligence service, bribing of politicians and the transfer of $15m (£8.6m) to his spy chief, Vladi economic collapse miro Montesinos. Find these qualifications in the Congress leaders also.


Find the details of his marriage from the prisnon in the bottom

He arrived in Chile in November 2005 hoping to launch a new bid for the Peruvian presidency in 2006 elections only to be arrested on request of the Peruvian authorities. Throughout his political career, Mr Fujimori was surrounded by controversy. When he won the presidential elections in 1990, few Peruvians knew what to expect.

No doubt Sonia Gandhi followed most steps of Fujimori in India. Opponents know what Sonia will do in future. Her Italian passport, her house in Italy, one by one Bofors to Oil for Food scam and other suspicious roles are indication of her future planning.  


2001-4: Japan refuses repeated attempts to extradite Fujimori

2005: Fujimori arrested on arrival in Chile on Peru's request


An agricultural engineer born of Japanese parents, Mr Fujimori was a political unknown until weeks before the vote.

With bogus Certificate of Cambridge born of Italian parents in Italy, Sonia Gandhi was a political unknown and known only after the death of Sanjay Gandhi. He became Indian Citizen in 1984 and congress member in 1997


In 1992, with the support of the military, he dissolved the Peruvian congress and courts and seized dictatorial powers. He justified the measure by arguing that the legislative and judiciary had been hindering the security forces in their fight against the rebels. Is the same situation is not created by Indian Fujimori?


'Moral incapacity' of Fujimori Vs Sonia Gandhi’s Renounce

1995: Fujimori estored congress and overwhelmingly won a second term.

In 1995, Mr Fujimori stood for re-election and won an overwhelming victory. Most voters cited his victories over left-wing insurgents and hyperinflation as the reason for giving him their support.


Compare this India’s Invisible fiendly fight between Congress and Lefts supported.

But a growing number of Peruvians began to voice concern that the methods used against the insurgency were also being employed against the president's democratic opponents.


UPA blocked 21 blogs related to American and Hindu organization to prevent further 7/11 Mumai blasts! Govt. is uing its CIB against maneka Gandhi, ED against natwar, Telephone tapping of Mulayam, police and intelligency service against against Deputy CM of Haryana and many other against its opponents. 


His critics accused him of using the intelligence service - led by his shadowy security adviser, Montesinos - to intimidate and spy on political opponents. They said he exerted unfair control on the mass media and the judiciary, and used government resources to support his own political campaigns.


Compare this in the present political cinario of India.

Please remember how Sonia Gandhi in the past tried to be PM. But due to uproar of NDA especially Sushama Swaraj, Umabharati and othe NDA leaders including George Fernadis; Sonia Gandhi played a cunning political game of “Renounce”. 


2000: Re-elected for a third term amid allegations of ballot rigging

Although he won the May 2000 elections, amid further allegations of vote-rigging, the prized third term in office began the start of his downfall.

After the Montesinos scandal broke, the opposition gained control of congress for the first time in eight years.


2000: Flees to Japan after Montesinos scandal breaks

Congress dismissed Mr Fujimori on grounds of "moral incapacity", refusing to accept the resignation he offered after fleeing to Japan.


Marriage from prison with his girld friend

Alberto Fujimori, the former president of Peru incarcerated in a prison in Chile, wed his girlfriend, Satomi Kataoka, a well-connected hotel owner. She filed marriage documents in Tokyo from Peru, where she was supporting the election campaign of Fujimori’s daughter Keiko. “I’m determined to stake my life on protecting him,” Kataoka said.


To see the above incident, and past records of high profile leaders, many questioning the owning of a house in Italy by Sonia Gandhi. Rahul could use Italian passport for journey to America in the past being a Congress MP. Economic bandit Quottrochi and leaders of bad name are also misusing passports. So there should not be more than one passport. Sonia Gandhi should also renounce her Italian Citizenship. They should be only Indian by acts besides wearing and makeup.”


People should be aware of one Alberto Fujimor Japanese origin, former president of Peru as well as Italian Origin Sonia Gandhi.


After 10 years of misrule, he did lots of non sense including looting the country's wealth and enters japan when the Peruvian justice started questioning him and finally Japan, being a crooked country invokes a hidden Japanese rule that any Japanese ethnic person can become a Japanese national at any time. From there, he faxed in his resignation and took up Japanese citizenship. A number of cases of corruption, human rights violation and misuse of authority were filed against him in the courts of Peru. A request for extradition too was made with the Japanese government. It was shot down by Japan on the grounds that its laws did not allow the extradition of any Japanese citizen for crimes committed elsewhere. Today Fujimori leads an opulent lifestyle in Japan, never having to worry about cleaning up the mess he left behind in the country which had reposed faith in him.


By Premendra Agrawal

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