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MH17 crash and Gaza-Israel-fighting vs Pak sponsored terror attack on India

MH17 crash & Gaza-Israel-fighting vs Pak sponsored terror attack on India


Both barbaric incidents are being felt globally. Why is not such feeling on Pak sponsored terrorism? Where from Hafiz Saeed and others is getting support?


PM Modi condoles with MH17 victim's families.


Modi on July 15 in his first major speech at an international forum BRICS: PM Modi, who is attending the Summit for the first time, said, Deprecating the different yardsticks in dealing with global terrorism which has assumed war-like proportions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that collective pressure should be put on states to deny sanctuaries and support to terrorists, a statement seen as a veiled reference to India's neighborhood,


Indian Prime Minister added: "I firmly believe that terrorism, in any shape or form, is against humanity. There should be zero tolerance towards terrorism". Observing that he comes from a land where the idea of the whole world being one family is rooted in its ethos 'vasudhaiva kutumbakam', he said, "we can all partake of the bounty of nature. However, exploitation of nature is a crime." 


Anger grows towards Russia over MH17 crash: It was a day of confusion and anger, of grief and disbelief, of charges and countercharges, of politics and war. It was a day that brought home in vivid relief the consequences of a struggle in a torn society that had seemed far removed for many. And it was a day that was a long time in the making.


President Obama, on the phone from the Oval Office on Thursday morning, responded that Russia was arming rebels in Ukraine — citing among other things the antiaircraft weapons that the United States believed they had been sent. "This is not something we're making up," Obama said, according to an American official.


Israel said on Sunday it had expanded its ground offensive in Gaza and militants kept up rocket fire into the Jewish state with no sign of a diplomatic breakthrough to end the worst fighting between Israel and Hamas in two years.


Israel said it had further expanded its ground offensive in Gaza after Hamas militants entered Israel, ambushing an army patrol killing two soldiers. The Islamist movement that controls Gaza also kept up rocket fire into the Jewish state with no sign of a diplomatic breakthrough to end the worst fighting between Israel and Hamas in two years.

Pakistan’s suicidal behavior: Taliban against India is good but Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan TTP is bad


Please allow me here to place an article of January 19, 2009 written by Shashi Tharoor defamed to exchange lovely tweets with the alleged ISI spy Mehr Tarar:


India longs to follow Israeli path of reprisal


As Israeli planes and tanks exact a heavy toll on Gaza, India’s leaders and strategic thinkers have been watching with an unusual degree of interest – and some empathy.


CommentsIndia’s government has, no surprise, joined the rest of the world in calling for an end to the military action, but its criticism of Israel has been muted. For, as Israel demonstrates anew its determination to end attacks on its civilians by militants based in Hamas-controlled territory, many in India, still smarting from the horrors of the Mumbai attacks in November, have been asking: why can’t we do the same?


For many Indians, the temptation to identify with Israel was strengthened by the terrorists’ seizure of Mumbai’s Jewish Center (the Lubavitcher Chabad house) and the painful awareness that India and Israel share many of the same enemies. India, with its 150-million strong Muslim population, has long been a strong supporter of the Palestinian cause and remains staunchly committed to an independent Palestinian state. But the Mumbai attacks confirmed what has become apparent in recent years: the forces of global Islamist terror have added Indians to their target list of reviled “Jews and crusaders.”


Just as Israel has frequently been attacked by rockets fired from across its border with Gaza, India has suffered repeated assaults by killers trained, equipped, financed, and directed by elements based next door in Pakistan. When President George W. Bush’s press secretary equated members of Hamas with the Mumbai killers, her comments were widely circulated in India.


Yet there the parallels end. Israel is a small country living in a permanent state of siege, highly security-conscious and surrounded by forces hostile to it; India is a giant country whose borders are notoriously permeable, an open society known for its lax and easy-going ways.


Whereas many regard Israel’s toughness as its principal characteristic, India’s own citizens view it as a soft state, its underbelly easily penetrated by determined terrorists. Whereas Israel notoriously exacts grim retribution for every attack on its soil, India has endured with numbing stoicism an endless series of bomb blasts, including at least six major assaults in different locations in 2008 alone. Terrorism has taken more lives in India than in any country in the world after Iraq, and yet, unlike Israel, India has seemed unable to do anything about it.


Moreover, whereas Israel’s principal adversary is currently Hamas, India faces a slew of terrorist organizations – Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Jamaat-ud-Dawa, and more. But, whereas Hamas operates without international recognition from Gaza – its legitimacy questioned even by the Palestinian Authority – India’s tormentors function from Pakistan, a sovereign member of the United Nations. And that makes all the difference.


Hamas is in no position to repay Israel’s air and ground attacks in kind, whereas an Indian attack on Pakistani territory, even one targeting terrorist bases and training camps, would invite swift retaliation from the Pakistani army. Israel can dictate the terms of its military incursion and end it at will, whereas an Indian military action would immediately spark a war with a well-armed neighbor that neither side could win. And, at the end of the day, one chilling fact would prevent India from thinking that it could use Israel’s playbook: the country that condones, if not foments, the terror attacks on India is a nuclear power.


So India has gone to the international community with evidence to prove that the Mumbai attacks were planned in Pakistan and conducted by Pakistani citizens who maintained contact with handlers in Pakistan throughout the operation. While India’s government had briefly hoped that the proof might enable Pakistan’s weak civilian government to rein in the malign elements in its society, the Pakistani authorities’ reaction has been one of denial.


Yet no one doubts that Pakistan’s all-powerful military intelligence has, over the last two decades, created and supported terror organizations as instruments of Pakistani policy in Afghanistan and India. When India’s embassy in Kabul was hit by a suicide bomber last July, American intelligence sources revealed that not only was Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence behind the attack, but that it made little effort to cover its tracks. The ISI knew perfectly well that India would not go to war with Pakistan to avenge the killing of its diplomatic personnel.


The fact is that India knows that war will accomplish nothing. Indeed, it is just what the terrorists want – a cause that would rally all Pakistanis to the flag and provide Pakistan’s army an excuse to abandon the unpopular fight against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in the west for the more familiar terrain of the Indian border in the east. India’s government sees no reason to play into the hands of those who seek that outcome.


Yet, when Indians watch Israel take the fight to the enemy, killing those who launched rockets against it and dismantling many of the sites from which the rockets flew, some cannot resist wishing that they could do something similar in Pakistan. India understands, though, that the collateral damage would be too high, the price in civilian lives unacceptable, and the risks of the conflict spiraling out of control too acute to contemplate such an option. So Indians place their trust in international diplomacy and watch, with ill-disguised wistfulness, as Israel does what they could never permit themselves to do.




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AAP’s Yogendra Yadav Political Guru of Rahul Gandhi: Maoists invade Congress

Ford Foundation of o a Italian village: Donation to Kejriwal who never utter against Sonia?


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How Sunanda’s murder touched Oil for Food Scam


UNforum’s executive editor Samir Sanbar said: “When Volcker's Food for Oil report was published last November, U.N. official Shashi Tharoor appeared in Delhi. The Investigation Committee named 129 Indian companies allegedly paying bribes for contracts. The following day on the evening of 10 November, 2005, Tharoor was received for about 1/2 an hour by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,”

The Oil-for-Food Programme (OIP) was introduced by United States President Bill Clinton's administration in 1995. At that time Shashi Tharoor was Annan's special assistant and part of his advance team in Baghdad of Saddam Hussein regime. He successfully saved his bosses Kofi Annan, Congress Party and Sonia Gandhi on whom corruption charges in OIP were levelled.

Sunanda Pushkar was presented to Shashi Tharoor by Sunny Varkey. For this romantic presentation Shashi Tharoor in return was anxious to oblige Sunny Varkey. In the same way Congress Party and Gandhi family of secrets wanted to oblige Shashi Tharoor.


For the services rendered Tharoor arranged a Rajiv Gandhi award and Padmashri for the mafia linked Sunny Varkey. The all powerful Christian church that controls the congress party put in a word to Sonia Gandhi and it also helped to get the Padmashri for Sunny Varkey who was under constant RAW surveillance for his underworld links. Sunny Varkey was under RAW scanner for very long for his link to Paki underworld and Dawood. In spite of that Sunny Varkey was given Rajiv Gandhi award and Padmashri, due to Tharoor.


In an interview Pushkar Tharoor to Shoma Chaudhury of Tehelka in May 1, 2010 The Parable Of The Vamp, Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor said: “I don’t really want to talk about Shashi because everything I say will have some repercussion for him. He is a public figure, I am not. But I met him about two years ago through a friend called Sunny Varkey, and we got along immediately. We are certainly close now, but that closeness only developed less than five months ago. I am very proud to know him because, most of all, he is a good and honest man.

There were three people in politics that really created hope for millions of Indians across the world that even clean men can join politics — Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi and Shashi Tharoor,”



Subramanian Swamy         @Swamy39

Investigation on Sunanda murder may unravel Oil for food payments, Tharoor's buying and selling Manhattan apartments without IT disclosure!!

7:37 AM - 3 Jul 2014

Ramana Murthy ‏@ramana1729  Jul 3

@prasannavishy He was in UN during the Volcker probe into Saddam oil deals - what was @ShashiTharoor role l'affaire Iraq Oil scam


The Washington Post on September 8, 2005 published a report titled “Oil-for-Food Panel Rebukes Annan, Cites Corruption”. A U.N.-appointed panel investigating corruption in prewar Iraq's oil-for-food program delivered a scathing rebuke of Secretary General Kofi Annan's management of the largest U.N. humanitarian aid operation and concluded that Kojo Annan took advantage of his father's position to profit from the system. Among the most volatile allegations probed by Volcker were suspicions that Kofi Annan had steered lucrative Iraqi oil contracts to a Swiss company, Cotecna, that had put his son on its payroll.

Former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Paul A. Volcker, the head of the Independent Inquiry Committee, said blame for the program's failure was shared by the Security Council, other members of the United Nations and Annan's senior advisers.

Annan appointed Volcker in April 2004 to investigate reports of abuses by U.N. officials and by foreign businessmen and officials. Several congressional committees have also conducted investigations. So Volcker obliged Kofi Annan to neutralize the corruption charges on him by mentioning in his report.

The panel found no evidence that Kofi Annan had interceded on behalf of Cotecna and no conclusive proof that he knew of his son's activities. But it provided fresh details suggesting that Kojo Annan, 31, may have obtained privileged information about U.N. business deals from his father's personal assistant and from contacts in the U.N. procurement office. "We have found no corruption by the secretary general," said Volcker, but "his behavior has not been exonerated by any stretch of the imagination." Annan told reporters after the report's release that he accepted its "criticism," but he dismissed calls for his resignation by U.N. critics, saying: "I don't anticipate anyone to resign. We are carrying on with our work."

Like that Shashi Tharoor also acted to save his boss Kofi Annan, the Congress Party and Sonia Gandhi’s involvement in the Oil for food scandal. The Paul Volcker Report made public a list of corporations and politicians across the world who benefited from an elaborate scam devised by now deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to make money for his regime and presumably himself from the United Nations' Oil For Food Programme. 

The Volcker Committee -- set up by the United Nations to inquire into the Oil For Food Programme -- named K Natwar Singh, who resigned from the Manmohan Singh Cabinet on December 6, the Congress party and several Indian companies as beneficiaries of the scandal.

Washingtonpost reported on February 28, 1998: The man of the hour Kofi Annan after negotiating the Iraqi weapons-inspection deal that's averted war, at least for now, he's famed for his tranquillity. "He has an extraordinary calm, like an Indian yogi," says Shashi Tharoor, Annan's special assistant and part of his advance team in Baghdad. "It's his style of responding to the world."

Dnaindia reported on Nov 10, 2005: Shashi Tharoor said that the secretary general’s office in New York has no access to any of information on the Volcker report. “It was after all an independent enquiry.’’

Asked about allegations that Volcker toned down allegations about Kofi Annan, after meeting the Secretary General, Tharoor says: “Kofi Annan was never found guilty of any wrong doing. The substantive findings was not altered. Maybe the language was revised slightly,’’  he concedes.

Tharoor silent on fifth part of Volcker report: Shashi Tharoor, under-secretary-general for communications and public information at the UN, vouches for the credibility of the first four volumes of the Paul Volcker report on Iraq’s oil-for-food programme, but is hesitant about the last and final version submitted by the former US federal reserve chairman. The fifth volume of the report, made public on October 27, created a storm in India, and cost senior Congress leader Natwar Singh his job.

Tharoor said that UN secretary-general Kofi Annan, “unreservedly accepted” the first four volumes. But when it came to the fifth volume, the Secretary-General merely “took note’’ of the findings.

What does “took note’’ mean. “The clear message”

says Tharoor, is : “Something here might merit investigation.’’ The last volume of Volcker’s report is based on the Iraqi records, much of which cannot be easily cross checked and may involve looking into the money trail.

 “It is up to national governments to go in for further investigations, if they find that necessary,’’ says Tharoor, who is reputed to be close to Kofi Annan. “Volcker’s is not a judicial proceeding, it does not mean that those mentioned in the report are guilty,’’ Tharoor explained.

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News Analysis India | Salwa Judum Founder Congress Leader is killed with others by Naxalites

News Analysis India

Share your experiences

Salwa Judum Founder Congress Leader is killed with others by Naxalites

RAIPUR: Senior Congress leader Mahendra Karma and Ex-MLA of Rajnandgaon Mudaliyar have been killed when a group of Naxalites ambushed a convoy of senior Congress leaders at Darbha Ghat section on Jagdalpur-Sukma highway in tribal Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. 

Security personnel killed go unnoticed. Condolences to their families. Hope all injured speedy recovery.

Why did Ajit Jogi former chief minister of Chhattisgarh come back to leave the parivartan rally and his companion leaders alone there before two hours?

ADG (intelligence) Mukesh Gupta has confirmed the Maoist attack.  "The attack took place near Darbha when the convoy was returning from Sukma", he said. 


The attack took place around 5.15 pm when the leaders were returning to Jagdalpur from Sukma district.

The attack came days after the Maoists' threat to target Congress and BJP leaders in the state before assembly elections due later in this year. (Details awaited) At least 17 people, including a local leader of India's governing Congress party and security personal, have been killed. 


Unconfirmed reports said that a former Congress legislator Uday Mudaliyar was also killed in the ambush while senior Congress leader and former union minister 
VC Shukla, Sukma's Congress legislator Kawasai Lakma were among the critically injured. There is no confirmation about reports that Chhattisgarh state Congress president Nanndkumar Patel and his close family members were missing and were probably abducted by the rebels. 

"Karmaji is no more. We don't have any more details", Karma's close family members told TOI over telephone. However, police and civil officials neither confirmed nor denied reports about heavy causalities in the Maoist ambush. 

Senior Congress leaders were on their way to Keshloor from Sukma after attending a 
parivartan yatra meeting at Sukma when a group of about 150 armed Maoists resorted indiscriminate firing and triggered a powerful blast targeting their convoy. Preliminary reports said a local Congress leader Gopi Madwani was killed. 

"We are waiting for confirmation about these reports. I don't have any details", state Congress media cell in charge Shailesh Nitin Trivedi said. 

An official spokesman said chief minister 
Raman Singh has cancelled his Vikas Yatra and is returning to the state capital where he is expected to hold a high level meeting to take stock of the situation. 

Unconfirmed reports said Karma, who was prominently known as Bastar tiger, was initially kidnapped for identification and then they pumped 20 bullets after beating him on his head with the gun's butt. There was a cross firing between Karma's guards and Naxalites but when the guards ran out of bullets, Karma surrendered along with few other Congress leaders. 

Former MLA Konta, Kawasi Lakhma is said to be safe and admitted to the hospital. He got injured during the firing when the glass of his vehicle's windowpane broke down. 

Karma, who had spearheaded the controversial anti-Naxalite movement Salwa Judum which began in June 2005, was already on the Maoist hit- list and he had survived several attempts on his life. It is said that more than 150 Naxalites were there firing indiscriminately.


Mahendra Karma, a former Home Minister of the state was a guiding force behind "Salwa Judum" (anti-Naxal operation by vigilante groups),Mahendra Karma was killed when a large number of Maoists opened fire on the rally. The burst of gunfire was preceded by a blast.


Mahendra Karma was a politician from Chhattisgarh, India. He was the leader of the opposition in the Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha from 2003 to 2008 and belongs to the Congress party. In 2005, he organised the Salwa Judum movement against Naxalites (Maoists) in Chhattisgarh. The initiative was praised by the Chief Minister Raman Singh, but has been criticized as a "Vigilante militia" by pro-Naxalite groups. He was a Minister of Industry and Commerce in the Ajit Jogi cabinet since 2000 to 2004. He was killed by naxalites on 25th May 2013. He was leading a Parivartan Rally in Sukma when he was attacked.



Karma, an ethnic adivasi, formed the Salwa Judum, a supposedly anti-Naxalite movement led by local elites. Despite being an opposition party member, Karma aggressively lobbied in order to get bipartisan support for the Salwa Judum, and largely succeeded in 2005, when Salwa Judum was adopted by the state government and recruited as a corp of "Special Police Officers". They were given broad latitude in their actions. After the Supreme Court expressed disapproval of the Salwa Judum movement in 2008 and asked the state of Chhattisgarh to implement remedial measures mentioned in the National Human Rights Commission report which had detailed widespread human rights abuses committed by the Salwa Judum, the movement slowly started to disappear from the Chhattisgarh state.

On 8 November 2012, Karma survived an assassination attempt by Naxalite insurgents, when the landmine blast targeting his motorcade as it passed through a forest in Dantewada district failed to kill him. Karma escaped unscathed, while his driver and two security guards were injured.

On 25th May 2013, Mahendra Karma was assassinated in a Maoist attack in Jagdalpur district of Chhattisgarh.


Hear Union Minister Jairma Ramesh

Union rural development ministerJairam Ramesh said on May 17, 2013  that naxalism is strong wherever Congress party has become weak. Ramesh said naxalism is strong in those stated where Congress is not in power like Jharkhand have not seen Congress rule for the past 13 years, Chhatisgarh for 10 years and Orissa for 12 years.


UPA govt. encourages naxal movements to say 'Salva judum' originated by Congress leader Mahendra Karma, is not helpful to the tribal. 36 figured between Jogi and Karma.Jogi is freely enterable in 10 janpath


As reported on Feb 3, 2005, Sonia Gandhi forced cops to let Naxalleaders free to murder democracy! Congress could win in Andhra because of the help of armed naxalites! Today May 25, 2013 at late night Sonia said:  It’s an attack on democratic values.



Naxal- ISI Nexus

Central government is for whole India but UPA Govt says that every state is free to take decision separately for naxalites problem. 


Govt. is finghting friendly. This is not electon to fight friendly. Congress fought its allies friendly in Bihar, WB and Keral. This formula can't be adopted every where. Naxalites talks Andhra Govt. then they attacked Chhattisgarh. Ater attacking they run Andhra to hide. This is followed in Orissa, jharkhand, Bihar and other places.

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 We should condemn this cruel killing:

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