Unnatural death of Gandhies: Brothers competed as middlemen for IAF deal: Wikileaks


Updated on April 11, 2013: Three assassination attempts were made on Sanjay Gandhi: WikiLeaks 



Atttack on Swarn Temple and attack on LITTE in Sri Lanka took the life of our great leader Indira Gandhi ant Rajiv Gandhi and both happened with in India. Reason of both assassinations was not power struggle with in Congress. Opposite to this Mysterious death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who was alive in 1948 and Lal Bahadur Shastri happened in Jan 11, 1966 on the foreign land. The reasons behind those mysterious deaths might be power struggle with in Congress.


It was early in the morning of June 23rd in 1980, the mysterious death of Sanjay Gandhi was occurred. Maneka Gandhi was perhaps barely 23 or 24 when Sanjay Gandhi died in mysterious condition and for her the whole world had been lost. Varun (birth at AIIMS) was about three months old and obviously oblivious of what had happened.


Looking back at his death, I sometimes feel that like his mother and elder brother, he too may have been a victim of some conspiracy. He was sure to take over as Indira Gandhi’s successor at an opportune time and somebody may have planned his exit in a plane crash. Somehow, the crash was never investigated as a case of murder but as simply as a crash and therefore a lot of facts may have got concealed. At that time there were rumours that the Pitts 2 or its fuel tank may have been tampered with at the Delhi Flying Club at Safdarjung Airport. But since there is no evidence to support this claim, everything is in the realm of speculation.”  Posted on June 23, 2010 by Pankaj vohara who had covered the mysterious death story of Sanjay Gandhi for National Herald which has been now become the news of corruption.


Wikileaks leaks on April 10, 2013 that there was business rivalry between the Gandhi brothers as reported by TOI:

During the Emergency (1975-77), the Gandhi brothers, Rajiv and Sanjay, may have competed as representatives in at least one of the most lucrative aircraft contracts of the day, suggest the US embassy cables released byWikileaks. 


The US embassy had said in a cable on July 30, 1976 that the Maruti company controlled by Sanjay was negotiating for BAC (British Aircraft Corporation) in India, and in a later cable added that it believed the company was already working with it. BAC was in the race for two aircraft contracts in India—for supplying aircraft to Indian Airlines and as a joint developer of Jaguar fighter for the Indian Air Force’s Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft (DPSA) project. 

The US embassy cables — sent between 1973 and 1976 — suggest that Rajiv Gandhi was working for Saab-Scania, whose Viggen aircraft was in the fray with Jaguar for the DPSA venture. 

So, if the secret cables from the US embassy in India are to be believed, then the brothers were working for rival firms that were desperate to sell fighters to the IAF. 

It is not clear if the brothers’ rivalry over IAF’s fighter deal had spilled over to family ties. However, the IAF’s fighter contract went beyond the Emergency, and the final decision could not be taken until 1978, when the Janata government settled for Jaguar fighters. 

It is not recorded if Maruti, or Sanjay Gandhi, financially benefited from the deal. 

Sanjay also probably worked for BAC in Indian Airlines contract. It had bid its aircraft 111-474 against Boeing’s 737-200 and Fokker’s F-28 Mark 4000. Finally, Boeing bagged the contract. 

According to the US cables, Maruti was also keen to represent other aircraft manufacturers in India. 

On August 27, 1976, the US embassy cabled Washington DC saying that K L Jalan, managing director, Maruti Heavy Vehicles, requested mission’s assistance in “arranging a meeting with the president or high level official of Cessna aircraft to discuss the sale of Cessna aircraft in India”. Jalan assured the embassy that his firm has an “immediate sale for two aircraft with a very promising outlook for 20 more units by fiscal year-end, March 1977”. 

Jalan requested that the Cessna’s official make a special trip to India within the next 10 days to discuss financial details, the cable said. 

Four days later, Jalan approached the US embassy again. This time he told an embassy official that Maruti wanted to contact Piper Aircraft, another aviation firm, too. “Please inform Mr Robert C Watson, Piper Aircraft Corp, Lock Haven, PA of the approach by Maruti,” the cable to the headquarters said.


Two real brothers  competed as middlemen for IAF deal: Wikileaks.

Their sons are still competing each other in the politics of India. Both are in different camps.

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