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Do not claim about curing ailments through Yoga: Health Ministry served Baba Ramedev a notice. Why does not Ramaddss stop healing touch of Christian Organizations? Baba said – Spare me from marriage


On Dec 19 at Bhopal Yoga guru Baba Ramdev said that the Union Health Ministry had served him a notice which ordered him not to make claims about curing ailments through Yoga. Ramadoss has forced AIIMS doctors to strike. Yoga Guru said that over 650 crores people were thinking about marriage and were ready for it and that he wanted to be ‘spared’ from marriage.


Honorable President Dr. Kalam being a scientist appreciated Dr. P. Venugopal and got himself interested in stem cell research made by him. Against the appreciation Health Minister Dr Anbumani Ramadoss (PMK of only 6 MPs) being a shroud politician junior follower of Arjun and VP Singh to divide country in the name of social justice, insulted renowned Doctor. The same Dr. Venugopal is being still humiliated by the Union Health Minister.


On Feb 2, 1835 Macaulay had said,“We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern; a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect. To that class we may leave it to refine the vernacular dialects of the country, to enrich those dialects with terms of science borrowed from the Western nomenclature, and to render them by degrees fit vehicles for conveying knowledge to the great mass of the population,” Ramadoss is an Indian but British in taste as Macaulay described.


Ramadoss is unable to realize the following truth:

“purana mityeva na sadhu sarvam
na chapi kavyam nava mitya vadyam
santaha parikshan tarad bhajante
mudaha para pratyayaneva buddihi”
(Not ALL that was Ancient is GOOD
Not ALL that is modern is BAD
Intelligent ones test everything and accept


There is a book to be released by the PM by December end titled Swami and Two Mirrors. The build up by the commies against a swami is no coincidence. Many news have started coming on ills at ashrams already. The book is Deepa Mehtaesqe and attacks a Hindu bastion, ashrams and swamys. Is Brinda Karat still playing behind the curtain?


Soft drinks are not healthy for the people why is Ramadoss not banning them? He cao so because UPA is funded by soft drink companies in many hidden ways. If KARELA juice can help to control blood sugar, neera in Maharashtra raw coconut every where why we need a prescription to use themt? Why does not health minister encourage them?


“It is believed that blood pressure (hypertension) and asthma can not be cured. But its patients have benefited from yoga,” he said, adding “it is not I who will say that yoga can cure diseases. People who have benefited from it will say.” Baba Ramdev said he would continue his work even if “they (Centre) send 1,000 notices to me”.

Why does not Health Minister Ramdassa stop healing touch of Christian Organizations such as Benny Hinn’s ministy? Why did former CM of Karnatak Adharm, Present CM YSR, Alwa, Oscar Fernadis and others provide government resources to Benny Hinn for conversion at Bangalore ? Wife of Benny Hinn is a friend of Sonia Gandhi. Was this reason?


Baba Ramdev insisted that he believed that Yoga could cure ailments, and that Yoga had indisputable power to render the mind and body disease-free. He claimed he had proof to support his contention . Ramdev always stressed how pranayama helps in circulating oxygen to all parts of the body thus rejuvenating whole system. Baba also pointed that for more acute problems pranayama/yoga should be coupled with ayurvedic medicines.


Baba Ramdev is a god gift to the poor people and all others, what the government and the pharma industry has not done in so many years, he healed million’s of people by his simple yoga.


Baba himself remains unfazed on the notice served to him by the Union Health Minisdtry.

“People are getting cured and these claims are not being made by me but by people themselves,” says Baba Ramdev.

And joining the battle against the Health Minister, on the Yoga guru’s side is long time ally and Chairman of Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health, Amar Singh.

“Nowadays, it’s perceptions that matter. It’s the belief of the people,” says Amar Singh.


Army Comandors, soldiers, farmers and even students are doing suicides but not a single minister or politician do suicide. 

CM of Maharashtra himself said that he needs some helps from yoga gurus to stop the farmers’ suicides. Even wrestler elected MPs and assembly members of Orissa, Rajasthan etc. and actresses need help of yoga gurus.


First it was human bones in Ramdev’s medicines and now the latest salvo. While Yoga might have captured the imagination of the masses, where the Government is concerned, there are no magical remedies in health.


The side effects of many drugs are well known. The world is shifting to naturopathy; can our HM prove that medicine cures? Medicines have killed also. Truth of Yoga is being realized by even the learned doctors abroad. Even US Hospitals recomend Yoga Exercises for early recovery. Swami Ramdass was honoured in UN as Yoga Guru. Sri Sri Ravi shankar also shown Yoga helping people.

In the US , the Mayo Clinic recommends a breathing regulator for regulating blood pressure as a preventive measure of stroke: http://www.webmd.com/content/article/49/39673.htm

The UK health ministry has recognized the immense power of Pranayam & also authorized the development of Patanjali YogPeeth in UK .


Government is unable to provide them even primary health services. Though, foreign countries are adopting this. There is not religion and caste or economic differentiation in Yoga. 

But government wants to divide country and the society on caste and religion basis for creating vote bank. Reservation for OBC and Creamy layer are examples. HRD ministry has said that it is thinking to include ‘Yoga’ in the education system. But Secular government has allergy with Baba Ramdev’s Yoga.   


80 % births in rural areas are at home by untrained “Dais” . Nursing homes in the cities are for taking extra charges making deliveries by operation. Their charges are so high that poor people can not afford that. 90 % rural population depends upon quakes and “ jhola chhap village doctors “ for the medical services.


Now the government is thinking to give licenses to the so called Jhola Chhap doctors (RMPs). Planning Commission has made a proposal regarding this which is now accepted by the National Development Council. Though, Indian Medical Association (IMS) opposes this proposal.


Christian Missionaries are taking advantage of the failure of government in conversion of tribal and villagers into Christianity. Claiming that missionaries are luring people by offering medical services and food, Morari Bapu said, “A sick tribal goes to a doctor (missionary), they treat them and ask them to convert. Now the tribals have realized that it is not good to be in the hospital for long and they want to return home to Hinduism.”


Many Christian org aslo claim if you foollow Jesus every dieses will be cure. On Sept 6, calling a rickshaw puller from Kolkata to share his “Godly experiences” with students has landed Loreto Convent in the centre of attention, albeit negative. UP Govt is making enquiry. Sonia fans and congress affiliated youths have started Gandhi’s Satygrah in Lucknow to save the ‘Spirit of Christ’ which is being landed now in the temples of education centre.


Baba never talked of any magic miracle as being claimed by Henny Binn and other Christian Missonaries organizations aiming to convert tribal and poor villagers by the help of Christian Sonia Gandhi, Alwa, Oscar Fernadis, Ajit Jogi, YSR Rajshekhar Reddy, A K Antony and others. Ramdev Baba is not fo ovrting and others into Hindu religions. This is done only by Christian lobby of Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi is jhola chhap heart specialist. She could hear her inner voice. She is specialist in transforming Christian heart to Hindus with the help of Glady Staines, Smt. Benny Hinn, Alwar, Oscar, Jogi, Rajshekhar, jamir and others. She instructed to Congress for opposing the law which is against the forcefull conversion.


Swami Ramdev, is well-versed in Sanskrit Grammar, Ayurveda and Vedic Philosophy. A strong Proponent of Indian cultural values, his practical approach to Yoga, research in the field of Ayurveda and the service in the field of cow-breeding, won him several thousands of followers throughout India and made him a living symbol of Indian culture. His detachment from worldly happiness and devotion to social service has made him a phenomenal character in the saintly world.

Swamiji is a devout disciple of Acharya Shri Baldevji of Kalwa, who himself is an accomplished Yogi. He was initiated in the ascetic order on the sacred banks of the River Ganga.


He has taught in Gurukuls (traditional Indian system of education) subjects such as Ashtadhyayi , Mahabhashya, Upnishads, and the six systems of Indian Philosophy. Besids this, during his travels to Himalayan Mountains , he performed severe austerities in the caves of Gangotri for the realization of the SELF, and acquired several extraordinary capabilities.


In association with his learned companions, Shri Karamvirji Maharaj and Acharya Shri Balkrishnaji, an Ayurvedic physician, Swami Ramdevji established Divya Yoga Mandir Trust in 1995 in Kankhal (Haridwar) and began activities in health and spiritual pursuits. In the camps organized at his insistence for imparting practical lessons in the matter of health and yoga millions of aspirants have taken advantage of his services and gained immunity from various kinds of serious diseases, thus restoring good health.


The instructions imparted by him in Yogic exercises and particularly in the science of Pranayama, have cured several diseases declared incurable by other systems of medicine. The Ashrama Trust established by Swamiji manages the affairs of a great residential educational institution (Gurukul) located in Kishangarh, Ghaseda in the district of Rewadi in Haryana state, where instructions are being imparted not only in Indian culture and Philosophy but also in modern subjects like Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science etc.


By Premendra Agrawal

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