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Love Guru Matuk-Julie take Jhadu in hands to pacify Anti-Gay Viswas and Pro-Gay Dancer Mallika

From Separatists to Paapi-Paki, Lal salams to TV anchors, everyone believes in India Last to oppose India first has found a place in AAP, then how can this love icon couple Matuk-Julie stay away from holding jhadu of AAP in congress chhap hands.


Professor Matuknath and his student lover Julie have hit the headlines yet again. This time, Love Guru Matuk-Julie took Jhadu in hands to pacify Anti-Gay Viswas and Pro-Gay Dancer Mallika


Loving jhadumaar Political dance in Bihar as Thumkaa of Madhuri Dixit in UP

In 2009 election scenario Matuknath of Julie as Congress of AAP dubbed "the love guru" who promised more freedom for lovers if elected to parliament has been barred from contesting India's ongoing elections. Now Matuk and julie want to learn Bharatnatyam from Mallika Sarabhai. They want to dance politically electorally against Shaturghan Sinha in 2014 election of Lok Sabha.



In fact, they have sought just one chance from the AAP authorities and field them against BJP's Shatrughna Sinha. The professor claims to have spoken to the AAP leaders and they may join the party between 16 and 18 January in every possibility. Matuknath’s loving partner Julie endorsed to say "No one can buy the professor with money. Neither can he be intimidated by anyone. He is apt for the party," said Julie.


Nonk jhonki  jhadumaar Political vibhats dance of Mallika and Vishwas

Noted danseuse Mallika Sarabhai has questioned Kumar Vishwas. Notably, poet-turned-politician Kumar Vishwas is decided to be the AAP candidate in Amethi against Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi whose political guru is Maoist Yogendra Yadav.


Sarabhai has raised objections to Kumar Vishwas' “anti-minority, anti-women and misogynist” views in a video on YouTube. She claimed that one video shows Vishwas calling Modi "a Shiva who is cleaning the world of poison".


In a statement, the social activist said: "I believe that Aam Aadmi Party is a party where there is transparency and each individual has the right to question another individual. I would want to know if the views aired on YouTube are his own and if Kumar admits that those are his own views, I think that he needs gender sensitivity."


“He compared Modi to Shivji, I want to know what that was about. Was it a paid performance,” asked Sarabhai.


When asked about this to Vishwas, he answered that he neither knew Mallika.nor her joining AAP.



In 2009, Sarabhai fought elections as an Independent candidate against BJP veteran LK Advani from the Gandhinagar constituency and forfeited her deposit.


Are love zone, Matuknath-Julie, gay couples, gay marriage between AAP-Cong gift sof Indian culture or Italian and other Western Country Culture? Why this type of freedom is being supported by mostly all news channels and world known icons, ambassadors and human right activists? Are we born only for money and materialism, nothing else? Who gave authority to Prashant for referendum in Kashmir and Naxal hit area? 

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News Analysis India | Yawn alert for dozing P M

News Analysis India

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Yawn alert for dozing P M




We've all been through the familiar experience of feeling sleepy while driving.

Like that we have also experiences that Prime Minister and other partners of the ruling parties are with the effect of sleep while ruling the country and talking with the foreign dignitaries especially with the Pakistan and America.

Breaking news of July 29, 2009: ‘Indian scientists design yawn alert for dozing drivers’

Mostly road crashes are caused by driver fatigue each year. These would be minimized by the inventory deeds of Indian scientists. Sleepy as drivers of vehicles, P M Dr Singh and Congress Party are increasing the problems of India especially terrorism instead of solving them. .

Opposition and media give yawn alert within and outside parliament about the joint statement of Indian P M Dr. Singh and Geelani of Pakistan.

Delinking of terrorism in the composite dialogue and mentioning Balochistan would give disaster-effect on India.

Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun are India’s Genuine Friends But it does not mean India is responsible for the inhuman treatment being done against its citizen Baloch by Pakistan.

This might be happened due to Hypnosis like effect on Dr. Singh at Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Unfortunately it seems that Hypnosis like effected Prime Minister Dr Singh and Congress have no effect of the yawn alert of opposition and media.

Aurobinda Mishra of Vanderbilt University, in Nashville and colleagues Mihir Mohanty of the Institute of Technical Education and Research (ITER), Orissa and Aurobinda Routray of IIT Kharagpur have developed a computer programme that can tell when you are yawning and could prevent road traffic accidents.

The programme is based around an in-car camera hooked up to an image-processing software that captures a sequence of images of the driver's face.

It then analyses changes in the face and accurately identifies yawning as distinct from other facial movements such as smiling, talking, and singing.

The yawn frequency is then correlated with fatigue behaviour and could then be hooked up to a warning system to alert drivers of the need to take a break.

The algorithm is effective at yawn detection regardless of image intensity and contrast, small head movements, viewing angle, spectacle wearing, and skin colour.


Manmohini Gyan

"The harsh reality of the modern world power structure is that when it comes to matters of our own self interest… we have to help ourselves. Self-help is the best help."

Is destroying “Terrorists camp in Pakistan and infiltrating in to India by Pakistan the trained terrorists” not the India’s self interest?

Self help is the best help. It is right in the words or actions.

Why P M Dr. Singh does not show courage for giving freehand to our Army for destroying the terrorists camp which is flourishing in Pakistan with the help of ISI and Pakistan-Army.

Why he is unable in taking courageous step as did Lal Bhadur Shastri?


Composite dialogue is better but when and to whom?


Shivaji negotiated to Afjal khan but with full preparation to know the decisive mind of the enemy.

Further leaders should not create the cowardly ghost. Lal Bahadur Shastri did more within 13 months than Nehru.


Lal Bahadur Shashtri did not bother what world to say. Like that Pokharan happened due to the Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He did not bother what Amrica and rest of the world to say: Shivaji & Shastri


Lal Bahadur Shastri dared to give liberty to the army due to that Indian flag was waved on Lahore. the sons of that great brave leader to day wounded by their inferior complicity and for that worshiping foreigner.


If we could send our army to sri lanka against ltte then why not we coud do the same for pok. every great intellectual preach for not destroying terrorists training camps in pok. They said there would be nuke war if we do this. why not this coward-feeling was in Musharraf when he entered Kargil.

Pak army reached Kargil with Nuclear? Though, we defeated four times to Pakistan.


Indian hand in Balochistan*

V Sudarshan (Executive Editor of  ‘The New Indian Express’)

First Published : 31 Jul



Analysis by Premendra Agrawal

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