Sebi bars K P Singh: Chapt-1 of Book- “DLF-Vadra: Bhrasht Tantra”

Chapter-1, Book, Sebi bars K P Singh, DLF Chairman, DLF-Vadra, Bhrast Tantra, Gyan
Prapti, Kikar ped, Bodh vriksha, Gurgaon, Rajiv Gandhi, Real Estate, George Orwell
Novel 1984, Delhi

Sebi bars K P Singh: Book- “DLF-Vadra: Bhrasht Tantra”

Sebi bars DLF, its Chairman K P Singh and Vice Chairman Rajiv Singh, among others, from securities markets for 3 years. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)  has barred realty major

DLF, as also six top executives including Chairman K P Singh, from securities
markets for three years, after finding the company guilty of “active and
deliberate suppression” of material information at the time of its public
offer. Those prohibited from the markets including Singh’s son Rajiv Singh
(Vice Chairman) and daughter Pia Singh (Whole Time Director), Sebi said in its

Regulator SEBI was investigating whether the property developer disclosed in its IPO documents the names of all of its subsidiaries and the legal cases pending against those companies.

“I find that the case of active and deliberate suppression of any material information so as to mislead
and defraud the investors in the securities market in connection with the issue of shares of DLF in its IPO is clearly made out in this case,” Sebi’s Whole-Time Member Rajeev Agarwal said in his 43-page order.

Chapter-1 of Book- “DLF-Vadra: Bhrasht Tantra”

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