Nehru in Guinness Book? Accepted Partition to be PM, PoK to Pak, Akshaichin to China, Kawabghati of Manipur to Mymnar Gifted !

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Nehru in Guinness Book, Rahul Gandhi,  Nehru Accepted Partition, To be PM, PoK to Pak, Akshaichin to China, Kawab ghati of Manipur,  Kawab ghati to Mymnar,  Nehru Gifted, China Veto, JeM, Azhar, Sheikh Abdullah, Farooq, Umar, Kashmir

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We Worship Peace Tree Mountain Ganga, Mouse Nandi Elephant: Someone Cutting Tree Animal, Human Bombs Killing Human

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Worship Peace, Worship Tree Mountain, Worship Ganga, Worship Mouse Nandi, Elephant, Cutting Tree, Cutting Animal, Human bombs, Ekatmta sstotra, RSS, Rajkapoor, Anadi, Kamal Hasan, Ram Mandir, Supreme Court

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Kabristan Issue in UP Election? Muradbad Means Let Dead To Alive! Living Leaders As Dead Due To Appeasement-Divide And Rule Policy

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Kabristan, UP Election, Muradbad, Let Dead To Alive, Living Leaders, Leaders as dead, Dead Due To Appeasement, Divide and Rule, Yogi Adityanath, Muslim, Atal Vajpayee, PM Modi, Saffron, Humanity, Social equality

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Heaven For Terror Origin of Global Jihad Pakistan PM Applaud To Hear Gayatri Mantra

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Heaven For Terror, Origin of Global Jihad, Pakistan PM, Nawaz Sharif, Gayatri Mantra, Zinnah, PM Modi, Obama, Aisshwarya Bachchan, Vivekanand, Hindu, Muslim, Sufi Asif Nijami

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Two Prophecies? Nehru : One day this young man will be PM : Modi’s chances of being re-elected PM in 2019 : China’s Global Times

lokshakti 17 march 2017_Page_1Atal will be PM, Atal Bihari Vajpayee,Nehru, PM Modi, Re-elected PM in 2019, China, Global Times,India, Badhte chalen, Delhi, RSS, 1925, Jan Sangh, BJP, Two Prophecies

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Award Returnees, Intolerant Gang, Bollywoody Khans, Javed Akhtar Silent On Nahid Afreen, Suhana? SP-BSP-Cong Defeated Due To GayatriPrajapatiMantra, FamilyDrama, Triple Talaq..

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Award Returnees, Intolerant Gang, Bollywoody Khans, Javed Akhtar, Nahid Afreen, Suhana, SP,BSP, Cong, Gayatri Prajapati Mantra, Family Drama, Triple Talaq, AVM, PM Modi, JaiShreeram

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Goa Christian Hold Smallest State Now Globally discussing Point: Diggi-Singhvi Scratch The Supreme Court Pillar: Maya-Kejri Hammers Their Heads

Goa, Christian Hold, Goa Smallest State, Goa Globally discussing Point,  Dig Vijay Singh, Singhvi, upreme Court Pillar, Maya-Kejri,  Hammers Heads, Andhar, Telangana, Indira, Rajiv Gandhi, Congress, BJP, TDP

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