Poem: Indians are being made unpatriotic to protest Modi’s comment

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I am here updating today July 12, 2013 my poem which was written on Feb 16, 2007: Situation is as it was. Calling Hindu nationalist means communal for congress and paid media. Naming Ayodhya and Ram Temple become communal for congress communal:


Indians are being made unpatriotic

You call patriotism

You are patriot

Yes you are patriot


You say as Nehru said

He was accidentally born as Hindu

You feel shame to be called as Hindu

You are patriot

Yes you are patriot


You came with Italian

The stranger within my gate

She might be true or kind, 
But she did not talk my talk ? 
You were patriot

Yes you were patriot


You cannot feel her mind. 
You see the face and the eyes and the mouth, 
But not the soul behind.

Late PM was patriot

Yes he was patriot!


So she is being called patriot

Your leader is Italian

So you called yourselves patriot

You are patriot

Yes you are patriot!


‘The Hindu’ English Daily

Publish Anti-Hinduism Daily

‘The Hindustan Times’ English Daily

Spread Anti-Hindutva Daily

They hate Hindi Hindu Hindustani

They are patriot

Yes they are patriot!


You are patriot

Yes you are patriot


How First Prime Minister was

His first sister Krishna reflected

It was MK Gandhi jokingly said

When Jawahar talks in his sleep

He speaks in English


Mulayam Lalu Raj Babbar

lohiates heirs of JP RJD Samajwadi

All say they love Hindi

Rastrabhasha Hindi!


You hate Hindi

National language Hindi

You love English to forget Hindi

You are partriot

Yes you are patriot!


Poor English? Go back

Foreign pilots’ about turn

No Flying for Indian Civil Aviation!

You are patriot

Yes you are patriot!


Don’t know Hindi? Doesn’t matter

Rashtrabhash? Dikhawati bhasha

Ex-UP Governor disrespects Sanskrit

Internal matter doesn’t matter!

You are patriot

Yes you are patriot!


You are Ram Vilas

To insult Ayodhya’s Ram

You are N Ram

To disown birth place of Ram

You are patriot

Yes you are patriot!


You are secular

All except Hindus

Maulvis Church Fathers are

Your God fathers Seculars

You are patriot

Yes you are patriot!


You are PM

You are Super PM

All you want Mulsim Christian

Etc etc villages with in Hindustan

More Pakistan Christistan

More division of Indians

You are patriot

Yes you are patriot!


Oh, why did I believe you?

Why did I give you my most precious vote?

Alas, the time for silent reflection is over. 
I see clearly now that UPA Left are worthless

They are Bhanumati ka pitara !


Yes, I am talking about you, PM Super PM

The time has come for me, for all of us

The Indian, the Bharatiya, the Hindustani

We have to restore this sense of dignity and honor!

We are patriot

Yes we are patriot

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