Indira Gandhi Didn’t Go For Notes Ban When Needed, So I Had To: PM Modi: Jinnah’ jinn in Kamal Hasan..

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Tatya Tope Family vs Nehru Gandhi Family

Tatya Tope Family, Nehru Gandhi Family,  Tatya Tope Dynasty, Nehru Gandhi dynasty, 18 April, 1857, First Independence War of India

Tatya Tope Dynasty vs Nehru Gandhi Dynasty

Tatya Tope was hanged by Briishers so his family members are now struggling for struggling survival. His heir residing in
Kanpur could not get pention even after giving the bribe. Due to the poverty daughters could not get higher education. Former Union State Home Minister represented Knapur as a Cong MP. Even Antonia Maino of taly came in India and became Sonia Gandhi to rule India 10 years from the back door. We have celebrated the 150th anniversary of the first freedom war. Tarun Vijay rightly wrote in TO: It’s a shame to see how the 1857 150th anniversary has been turned into a sham sarkari jholawala function devoid of any life and vibrancy. In fact in the whole melee Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty got more coverage than the revolutionaries whose martyrdom we were supposed to recollect and tell our children “look this is how we got our Independence“.

Veer Savarkar was sent to kalapani so his IITian kin could spend life on road. Mughal begum, Lived in penury in a slum So Azam Khan could be minister in SP Govt. Congress never saw beyond Nehru Gandhi dynasty. Lal Bahadur Shstri was done with in 17 months which Nehru could not do with in 17 years of his rule. Original Gandhi Mahatma was mahatma, so not a single member of his family is in the parliament. Where are heirs of Subhash, Tilak, Bhagat Singh?

Motilal Nehru was elected as Congress President in 1919 and 1920. When in 1929, Nehru handed over the Congress presidency to Jawaharlal (Jawaharlal was elected, with Gandhi’s backing), Thus Congress has been controlled by Rahul’s family for most of the past 97 years. In this way Congress which born by a foreigner is not only gone in a foreign hand again now but also it is again be made the property of them after the humiliation of Sitaram Kesari, which must be called the black day of the Congress history.

Tatya Tope also known as Ram Chandra Pandurang was born in 1814 at village Gola in Maharashtra. His father, Pandurang Rao Tope was an important noble at the court of the Peshwa Baji Rao-II. He shifted his family with the ill-fated Peshwa to Bithur where his son became the most intimate friend of the Peshwa’s adopted son, Nana Dhundu Pant, known as Nana Saheb.

In 1851, when Lord Dalhousie deprived Nana Saheb of his father’s pension, Tatya Tope also became a sworn enemy of the British. In May 1857, when the political storm was gaining momentum, he won over the Indian troops of the East India Company, stationed at Kanpur, established Nana Saheb’s authority and became the Commander-in-Chief of his revolutionary forces.

After the reoccupation of Kanpur and separatoni from Nana Saheb, Tatya Tope shifted his headquarters to Kalpi to join hands with Rani Lakshmi Bai and led a revolt in Bundelkhand. He was routed at Betwa, Koonch, and Kalpi, but reached Gwalior and declared Nana Saheb as Peshwa with the support of the Gwalior contingent. Before he could consolidate his position he was defeated by General Rose in a memorable battle in which Rani Lakshmi Bai suffered martyrdom.

After losing Gwalior to the British, he launched a successful guerilla campaign in the Sagar and Narmada regions and in Khandesh and Rajasthan. The British forces failed to subdue him for over a year. He was, however, betrayed into the hands of the British by his trusted friend Man Singh, Chief of Narwar, while asleep in his camp in the Paron forest. He was captured and taken to Sipri where he was tried by a military court and executed at the gallows on April 18, 1859.

He admitted boldly in the court on April 7, 1859 “What he did, was for his own motherland and he was no regrets”

Hear the alarming sorrow lives of the Topes of Bithur of Kanpur
Kanpur: Ramchandra Pandurang popularily known as Tatya Tope was an able great leader of the First War of Freedom of 1857 which was fought by Hindu Muslim and others jointly. His heirs of Kanpur are in the struggle of getting bread selling turmeric, chilly and salt. We read in the books and internet Taya Tope as a great martyr with long moustache and attractive personality. But the fact is that his heir in the village Bethur of Dist Kanpur sells kirana items in a little shop to earn hardly their livelihood. No one is in India to care for them.

Vinayak Tope of the third generation is in Bithur. His wife Saraswati devi said that after giving bribe of Rs 500 pention was approved in 1995 but useless. Uptill now pention has not been started to give them. Along with her two daughters Pragati and Pravriti, son Ashutosh and husband Vinayak Rao Tope, Sarswati is living in the lavkush nagar of Bithur. They open a little kirana shop in the Jan of the year 2006. Before this They could harldy get food by the dakshina which Vanayak tope would get against the competion of the religious ceremony of the ‘jajmans’ clients.
Daughter Pragati is a teacher in the local Laxmi Bai School on the salary of only Rs 600/- per month. Her elder graduate sister is still unemployed and achelor. Brother Ashutosh is the student of Intermediate. Brother and sister are worried for the marriage of their elder sister. Sarladevi is panic to say that her daughtes and son could not get higher education due the weak financial position.

Local residentials and historians say that Britishers saw Tope in such enemity that they play bloody game in the Bithur in 1857 and because of that Bithur the population of 48,000 remained with the 3000 population at that time. They became lucky because Britishers eyes could not reach upon them.