Victorious BJP towards Karnatak, Yogi becomes charioteer: 2 Maunibaba- Manmohan vs Tendulkar

Victorious BJP towards Karnatak, Yogi becomes charioteer, Two Maunibaba, Manmohan vs Tendulkar, Adityanath, Worship Tipu Sultan, Uma Bharti, Hubli, Hoisting Tricolour in Keral, Lal chowk, Cariappa, Rajyasabha, Jayabachchan criticizes Congress

PM Modi targets Congress over its development record: Sparks outrage after Manmohan Singh shares stage with 1984 anti-Sikh rioter?

PM Modi targets Congress, Manmohan Singh shares stage, 1984 anti-Sikh rioter, Sajjan Kumar, Big tree falls, Earth quake if Rahul speaks, RSS hand in 1984, 26-11 Mumbai Terror attack, 2002 Gujarat, Saffron terror, Bhagwa atank, Malegaon blast, Samjhauta express, Bhagwat, Adityanath, Gulbarga society

Goraknath Math Center for Greater Cultural India: Gorakhpur Capital of Bharat Up Mahadweep?

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Goraknath Math, Greater India, Cultural India, Gorakhpur Capital, Bharat, Up Mahadweep, BabaGambhirnath, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, SriLanka, Malsweep, Adityanath, Tulsidas, Akbar, Ram

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Martyrdom of Sukhdev, Rajguru and Bhagat Singh not less than Mahatma Gandhi

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Martyrdom, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Rishkapoor, Dr Ambedkar, SP, Mayawati, Silent Assassin, Hinsa, Ahinsa, Army, British empire, Germany, Adityanath, Freedom won, Economic Times

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Tweets of March 2, 1 & Feb 28, 2015: Premendra Agrawal at Twittter: newsanalysisindia @newsanalysisind

Tags: Tweets of March 2, 1 & Feb 28, 2015, Premendra Agrawal at Twittter, Khans love jihad, Smriti Irani, Black Money, RSS, Jaitley, AAP, J&K, PM Modi, MNREGA, Sadhvi Prchi, Adityanath, Rahul Gandhi

Tweets of March 2, 1 & Feb 28, 2015: Premendra Agrawal at Twittter: newsanalysisindia @newsanalysisind


@newsanalysisind  ·

All Omar can do is tweet, he can do it over next 6 years: Mehbooba: rediff news

@newsanalysisind  · Khans married Hindu women, it’s love jihad, screeches Sadhvi Prachi: Rediff news

@newsanalysisind  · Gurgaon: Foetus of baby girl found dumped in garbage yard: Therefore PM launches ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’campaign:

@newsanalysisind  · Over Rs 4800 crore released as scholarships to minority students says Smriti Irani: Sabka saath sabka vikas: …

@newsanalysisind  · ‘Levy rice’ system to go from October: …

@newsanalysisind  · Congress appoints new chiefs in five states: Getting order from Rahul who is underground to fight Priyanka lao move: …

@newsanalysisind  · Black money: Court grants bail to Moin Qureshi: after 6 months may get 10 yrs jail? …

@newsanalysisind  · Ram temple will be built through other means: Union minister: …


@newsanalysisind  · Court drops Sohrabuddin encounter case charges against Gujarat top cop Geeta Johri: …

@newsanalysisind  · Kabaddi-Hocky vs cricket: BCCI would restore people’s faith in cricket, says Secretary Anurag Thakur who is also captain of BJP’s youth boat@newsanalysisind  · One man charisma: If Kejriwal continues to run AAP alone, the party will fall: Why are all parties one by one falling in this line?

@newsanalysisind  · RSS a ‘club of bachelors’, can’t teach on producing children: Akbaruddin Owaisi as brother of Rahul in Jihad: …

@newsanalysisind  · PM Narendra Modi Has Lunch f in Parliament and picked up a tab of Rs. 29: …

@newsanalysisind  ·Cong runs Q&A session in Amethi to get feedback: Rahul runs from underground as his mother governed govt behind door: …

@newsanalysisind  · AAP bigwigs call on Kejriwal to step down as national convener to avoid ‘supremo culture’ …

@newsanalysisind  · Oman warns Sushma about ‘highly radicalised’ Indian youths working in the Gulf: …

@newsanalysisind  · The mother beaten up to 30 times a day by her OWN children: …

@newsanalysisind  · PDP Demand Return of mortal remains of Afzal: Cong to get one vote for Azad’z victory apologized to Afzal Guru Ghost:

@newsanalysisind  · Now, PDP Demand Return of mortal remains of Afzal Guru: Afzal Guru hanging was both wrong and badly handled: Tharoor: …

@newsanalysisind  · MNREGA will exist as a symbol of Cong’ failure? Why are still Art 370 & Ramlala in tent ? …

@newsanalysisind  · Jagmohan Dalmiya elected president, Anurag Thakur named …Should BJP top leaders Ministers involve directly in cricke politics as Pawar?

@newsanalysisind  · Centre dissociates from CM Sayeed’s remarks on peaceful polls, credits EC, security forces… …


@newsanalysisind  · “We disassociate statement of the CM of J&K completely, gives credit to Election Commission” H M Rajnath Singh: …

@newsanalysisind  · I will not ask people to follow Kejriwal’s advice: Mufti:


@newsanalysisind  · Rs 1,000 cr in hands of ‘Naxal-backed’ panch: How many crores with Mufti who says Pak, Hurriyat ‘allowed’ conducive atmosphere for J-K polls

@newsanalysisind  · HTnews: MNREGA will exist as a symbol of Cong’ failure: Modi: (Art 370 to remind Sheikh-Nehru nexus, Ramlala in tent symbol of ‘anti-India’

@newsanalysisind  · Sadhvi PrachiHindus must boycott films of Khans: If they behave Pro-Dubai Pro-Pakistan: …


@newsanalysisind  · 26/11 plotter Lakhvi’s luxury life in Pak jail:

@newsanalysisind  · Son of Maharaja’s security aide is new J-K Deputy CM: …


@newsanalysisind  · BJP MP Yogi Adityanath: Muslims safer in India than anywhere else in world:Are muslims safer more in Islamic Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria?

@newsanalysisind  · Is there Limit of God and Govt? My govt’s only religion is ‘India first’, only religious book is Indian Constitution: …


@newsanalysisind RSS reiterates demand to enact anti-conversion law: Then Christ Missioneries’ fate would be as East India Co.  ·

@newsanalysisind  · Slaughtered elephants, huge cakes served for Zimbabwe’s Mugabe: A K Antony: Rahul Gandhi will return stronger after eating what type of cake

@newsanalysisind  · Nobody wants to favor or re-tweet my yesterday’s tweet:after Get Out, again ‘Fear’ Scrawled on Wall of Temple Vandalised in US to slap Obama

@newsanalysisind  · People are waiting for the day when there would be end of 370 and waiving of only Indi Flag instead of two flags:

@newsanalysisind  · Jaitley announces AIIMS, IIM for J&K; upgradation of Leh Palace: …

@newsanalysisind  · V K Singh-Hazare’s platform is now more political: Also foreign funded & Guided: If you preferGandhi-Nehru then give respect to Anna-Kejri

@newsanalysisind  · Defence budget gets just 7.9 per cent hike despite pending hardware deals: last year hike 12%: Ex-Army Chiefs’ advice?

@newsanalysisind  · with in 6 months 10-year jail fto deal black money:Still 6 months to make black in white, do hurry, don’t be late: …

@newsanalysisind  · ‘Clean India’ and ‘Clean Ganga’ get 100% tax deduction for donations : Good for Broon celebrities, Vvips, law makers: …

@newsanalysisind  · MP minister wants law to keep tigers as pets: He refer to hear kukdu koo insteaad of roaring youth of Dushyant Bharat: …

@newsanalysisind  · First space selfie sells for nearly 6000 pounds: Jerry Garcia’s love letters expected to fetch $15000 &so on: Ministy for Auction needed

@newsanalysisind  · VarshMein EkBar:–Ganvesh pahan chartrvan bano, Ek chhan jhadu pakad Tharoor ke jaise garur karo: Kal koBhulo; loot ya lutja;MakeFool/BeFool

@newsanalysisind  · ArabpatiKisanVadra,HajarpatiDhirubhai ke bete ambani, RatonRat CM bane dharnabaj, budget ko parkho, AajKiRajniti ko samjho:SwargadapGariyasi


@newsanalysisind  · Angad pair jaise hamari govt: kya pappu, MullaMulayam, chara-khau, jihadi Didi, dhulmul jaya, akela patnayak, dharnabaj hila sakenge?No fear

@newsanalysisind  · Budget is for growth, not for votes: Our FM is in RS as MMS was PM being a member of RS

@newsanalysisind  · Our PM belongs to middle class family: BJP was called middle class party, Budget is pro middle class: No extra weight on ther heads

@newsanalysisind  ·Our PM saw povery, so budget pro-poor: Rs 12/- death risk insurance: This is first time in the history of India

@newsanalysisind  · After temple in Washington, now another temple in Kent of US vendalized to throw bricks on glass widdows: &write FEAR




@newsanalysisind  Another Hindu temple vandalised in U.S.: PM should use hotlined with Obama worldly gurardian of religious freedom: ·


@newsanalysisind  · This is the first budget where is no flood of negative comment but good rain of govt side comments: …

@newsanalysisind  ·  @rishibagree · Feb 28 Taxpayer Exemption benefit adds up to Rs 4.44 L So you dont pay tax if you earn 6.94 lakhs (2.5+4.44) #SuperBudget

@newsanalysisind  · @newsroompostind · Feb 28

How taxpayer benefit adds up to Rs 4.44 lakh (in table) …

@newsanalysisind  · @MEAIndia · Feb 28

Highlighting common heritage. Troupes from 7 countries showcase Ramayana in 13 Indian cities. In Bhopal today.

@newsanalysisind  ·@nanditathhakur · Feb 28

@newsroompostind: यहां जाने क्या-क्या हुआ महंगा …

@newsanalysisind  · SIT on blackmoney gets 10 per cent hike in budget: As Soldier wants super weapon, farmer wants super tractor: …

@newsanalysisind  · MPs to get four-day leave for Holi: More than govt emplyees and janta janardan: … …

@newsanalysisind  · Jaitley’s sister Madhu Bhargava and PM Modi gives full marks to Budget 2015: … …

@newsanalysisind  · VHP today endorsed my yesterday’s article related to SC ruling as gharvapsi: … …:

@newsanalysisind  ·Jaitley dumps Rs1000 crore into Nirbhaya fund, who’s going to use it; Tejpal in jail and Pachauri is facing charges?

@newsanalysisind  · AAP not competing for space nationwide: Tharoor who is double decker, broom symbol of AAP in his hand symbol of Cong: …


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