Global Jihadi Pak spreads Vahadisim to finish Kashmiriyat Sufism : India gave Buddh and his thoughts to the world

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Modi,Not MMS who becomes first PM to serve ‘langar’ at GoldenTemple: @narendramodi learnt this in RSS..More7News: epaper P1

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@narendramodi  distributed food to devotees at the Golden Temple here on Dec 03, 2016 night and thus becoming the first Prime Minister to serve the community kitchen, or langar, at the holiest of Sikh shrines in this Punjab city. This golden pious opportunity PM Modi got in his first sudden unplanned visit there. This opportunity even never could get by any other Prime Minister including Manmohan Singh, though he visited so many times in his Prime Ministerial tenure.

PM Modi was accompanied by Afghanistan President @ashrafghani @ARG_AFG  #AshrafGhani . The visit came on the side lines of the 6th Heart Of Asia-Istanbul conference on Afghanistan.

The Golden Temple (Swarn Mandir) shrine’s main dining hall is the 24-hour community kitchen where an estimated 100,000 devotees are fed traditional meals on peak days.




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BREXIST: BRAINEXIST: When elephants fight…Tweets June 24 and 23 of 2016:

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डी एल एफ – वाड्रा : भ्रष्ट तंत्र 

India’s first 3 women fighter pilots to salute Jhansi Ki Rani : Tweets June 18, 17 and 16 of 2016:


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newsanalysisind Ambani,Suresh Prabhu,PMO stafftapped:Essar allegedly tapped were encrypted onto pre-paidSIMs via Essar…17 Jun from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind @smritiirani to be given ‘Z’ categorysecurity: Foreign funded anti-natioanl lobby active in Centreruled Uni, Inst JNU, Jadavpur, NIT J&K18 May from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Pak after developing Taliban to destablizeAfghanistan, now hosts four-nation meet to discuss Afghanpeace:…18 May from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind Kejriwal releases statehood draft bill forDelhi; plans to meet BJP and Congress heads: His ownReport card is nill?…18 May from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind New post: Tweets May 16 of 2016…18 May from newsanalysisindia to twitter

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newsanalysisind CBI to Q NGO:CareIndia,SnehalyaCharitableTrust,IndianHIV/AIDS Alliance, AllIndia Primary Teachers Federation were recoveredfromAnandJoshi17 May from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind David Cameron claims Islamic State ‘mightbe happy’ with Brexit: Besides Junior John, More BritishYouth join ISIS:…17 May from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind AAP govt spent Rs 14.5 cr in three monthson print ads: RTI reply: Even that AAPians win 5 seats MCDbypolls:…17 May from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind To revive a long-dead Cong party,TeamPrashant in Agra famous for pagalkhana and Tajmahalattacked by insects?…17 May from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind (आपण छाती असल्यास) पहा: अरविंदकेजरीवाल यांच्या गायन पुन्हा, पंजाबनिवडणूक यावेळी May from Twitter Web Client

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Terrorists Using Donkey, Birds as Bombers, beside engineering students

Tags: Hamas Terrorists, Terrorist Using Donkey, Using Birds as Bombers, Engineering students, Afghan, Boko, ISIS, Kalyan youth, Nigeria

terrorist members of the so called religion of peace have started using animals
and birds beside women, children and engineering students to carry out their bombings
and suicide bombings


summer, Hamas terrorists strapped
explosives on a donkey and then tried to head it in the direction of Israeli
soldiers. Fortunately the Israeli soldiers spotted the suspiciously burdened
Democrat, I mean donkey, and engaged it while it was still at a safe distance.
The explosives blew up; killing the donkey but no soldiers sustained any


police have shot dead a large bird carrying a suspected bomb Officers opened fire
after spotting wires coming out of its feathers The bird was equipped with a GPS tracker and mobile phone detonator
This comes as the last NATO troops prepare to leave Afghanistan Taliban insurgents have increased the number of attacks
on Afghan troops Police complain they have not got enough weapons to cope with
attacks. The bird had several wires protruding from its feathers, a mobile
phone detonator and a specially designed ‘suicide vest’.


“highly radicalised” civil engineering student from Maharashtra’s Kalyan, who
had left India six months ago on May 23 along with 22 pilgrims to visit holy
places in Iraq, actually went on to join the ISIS ranks in Iraq’s Mosul and
returned to India on Friday morning.  The
National Investigation Agency may conduct narco and lie detection tests on
23-year-old Kalyan youth who had left India to allegedly join the Islamic State
in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).


Haram on Monday launched two separate attacks on state capitals in northeast
Nigeria, when two women suicide bombers hit a busy market and fighters launched
a major assault on police.