Surgical strike-2: Romantic bachelour Rahul vs Atal: Why is Hinsustani thirsty of Hindustani’ blood

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Fame, money not enough to succeed in politics: Rajinikanth: 500 saints will be heir of Patanjali: Vishwaguru Bharat

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Poonam Mahajan meets Rajnikant to bloom lotus in TN: Shyama Prasad Mukherjee murdered by conspiracy of Nehru-Shekh Abdullah

Poonam Mahajan meets Rajnikant, Bloom lotus, BJP in TN, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee murdered, Conspiracy of Nehru-Shekh Abdullah, Jammu & Kashmir, Farook Mehbooba Mufti with Hurriyat, Revolt against Bharat, NIA, Pak broker, Atal

Treason in the Garb of Freedom of Speech

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BJP should stop Sycophancy of leaders whosoever

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RSS: No need for secularism in India; colour of flag should be turned saffron …

There is a conspiracy if any leader insists Modi’s announcement as BJP PM Candidate will polarize the polity at a time when the UPA is grappling with corruption, economic crisis and non-performance. If this is true before assembly election then how it would not be true after assembly election? This is a decisive, suicidal and fool making argument under a selfish conspiracy.

BJP should stop Sycophancy of leaders whosoever: We may develop sycophancy of BJP cadres and voters.

Today media reported: BJP chief Rajnath Singh today met senior party leader L K Advani in a bid to make him agree to Narendra Modi’s candidature as the party’s Prime Ministerial nominee ahead of the next general election, but appears to have got no assurance of his support on the issue.

Here I want to make clear that my articles never represent any organization. My articles theme and opinion are of my own. In my life this year is the only year when I have been forced to criticize even to those leaders whon remained or remains the great for me.

Murlimanohar JoshiJi suggests for consulting again to the BJP CMs as reported media. In my previous article I have explain this possibility to block the Modi’s candidature:


Spreading water on the hopes of people who want to see “Congress Mukt Bharat”

Who evokes CMs of BJP led states? Who evoked Shatrus of BJP? Who first evoked CM of MP? Who evokes after that CG CM? Who evokes now another CM? These questions are in peoples’ mind. I have no hesitation now to highlight this. Because for nationalists “Abhi nahin to kabhi nahin”. I think the leaders who were born at the time of British rule should think again, again why they are stepping towards political disaster! Are they want their children also born on the situation they had born in present Pakistan?  Why are they giving chance to smile even for a second to Italian Gandhis and their devotees Diggi, Babbar, Renuka and other barkers?


If any leader has promised to make SushmaJi or any else then that leader should forget now to honor the sentiments of BJP cadres and sympathizers. Because of these Advani is AdvaniJi and MM Joshi is JoshiJi, Sushma Swaraj is SushmaJi. Otherwise they would be zero.


I have regard Madhok Ji greater than AtalJi. Due to his being out of BJP (Jan Sangh) for me Atal Ji greater than MadhokJi.


I myself feel that I have no another door to go besides BJP. There is no time of bargaining. There is no time for blackmailing. I appreciated Kalyan SinghJi and Uma BhartiJi who again strengthening BJP on the suggestion of AdvaniJi. How AdvaniJi convince them now by doing the same mistake? In my opinion Gaovindacharyji also should come again with in the BJP as Subramanyam Swamy has come.

If A-sadhus are coming to be sahdhu in BJP then what is wrong? Shaturs and sahdhus should be in BJP to strengthening BJP.

Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh’s great grandson Yaduvinder siongh have met ModiJi to join BJP.

Ace shooter and former Olympic silver medallist Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore joined BJP to say: “I must not back out when the nation is faced with a different kind of threat”. “I know politics and politicians are hated but I still believe in goodness of a heart that has selfless intentions. With the grace of god, I will make a difference,” said 43-year-old Colonel.

I am unable to understand where the eyes of such leaders who are still opposing Modi’s candidature when all anusangik sangathans have indicated their views on this matter.

I have still great regard to AdvaniJi than ModiJi. I remember which I heard before five decades: there was no end of doubt “Parantu GuruJi, Parantu GuurJi (GolvalkarJi)”.  


For me all leaders and cadres who are doing for the better of Hindutva are equal. Leader may make mistake but symbol of Hindutva Bhagwa Dhwaj is immortal. I regard Atal, Advani and others but never want to worship them except Bhagwa Dhwaj Saffron flag.

Now there is a fight between “Indiafirst” and “Gandhi dynasty” first. Ramu Damu Shyamu every Indian is great for us and liable to be Prime Minister. But for Congress as said by 82 years Doctorate in Economics degree holder PM Manmohan Singh and Home Minister Shinde Rahul is great for them because he belongs to Gandhi dynasty….contd;


BJP is not Congress which is symbolized in Photo


Comment: Govind Nishar

Is it actually Advani’s contention that Modi’s nomination as the BJP’s PM candidate should be delayed to avoid polarization of votes in the upcoming assembly elections? If so, then he has already pre-warned anyone who would have voted for BJP minus NM for PM that they are being hoodwinked, that once they cast their votes in the assembly polls the BJP will impose a Narendra Modi on them as its PM candidate. Even if such a bait and switch strategy had worked it would have amounted to nothing but sheer deception on the electorate. As it is, by letting the cat out of the bag Advani has ensured that even those who would have avoided BJP out of Modiphobia will now not vote for BJP in any case. Basically in opening his mouth he has knowingly defeated his own stated, although by no means actual, purpose. His justification is therefore nothing but pure humbug.

Far worse, by playing these shameful games Advani is ensuring that the BJP party itself, its workers and its voter base will be polarized and demoralized. If fielding Modi as PM candidate risks polarization of voters in general and defeat in the polls, opposing him guarantees division within BJP and defeat at the polls. It is a tragic commentary on the stranglehold of seniority and the consequent suppression of merit in Indian society, policy and culture that a man who has led his party to two successive disasters at the polls and left the nation in the clutches of its enemies, is even listened to when he prognosticates, or at least pretends to, on the consequences of any actions on the outcome of future polls. Anyone wondering why this polarization formula was not applied by Advani  in the case of Yedyurappa?
Whether or not Advani is responsible for the rise of the BJP is debatable, since this party has been the result of the blood, sweat and tears of many thousands. However, there is no doubt whatsoever that his current obstructionist and petty personal politics will be responsible for its ruin. Advani must not be allowed to have his way, rather he must be asked now to go his own way. It is well past the time that this patriarch became an honorable vanaprastaha or BJP will forever remain the in the vanvaas of the opposition.

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