Big Bollywoodies Celebrities Corrupt Kejri-Lalu are MIDGET in front of Janardan who donated 1 crore lifetime savings to National Defence Fund

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Anish Kapoor with Sonia spreads hate against Ind Govt as he is doing in France by his sexual sculpture “Christ is king in Versailles”

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Intolerance is invented by Sexy? Anish Kapoor to lime light Sonia & to call NDA Govt as Taliban

DNA reported on September 7, 2015: Maoist friendly Christian Sonia Gandhi wants to disturb the peace of India to disunite people by their newly invented “Intolerance” as in the name of secularism. Both word are not defined as Terrorism still not defined in UN since last 70 years. Anti-BJP elements use both words according to their convenience as terrorism is used by the US and other European countries.

A controversial sculpture Sonia’s  Anish Kapoor on display in the gardens of France’s Palace of Versailles was vandalised.

Kapoor’s work is not the first to spark anger in France. In October 2014, vandals deflated a massive sculpture by American artist Paul McCarthy that was shaped like a sex toy at Paris’s Place Vendome.

Phrases such as “Queen sacrificed, twice insulted”, “the second rape of the nation by deviant Jewish activism” and “Christ is king in Versailles” were daubed in white paint on the sculpture by the British-Indian artist.

The Hindu published his life sketch: darling of Britain’s art world, Anish Kapoor finally brought his art to India

As Sonia’s sister Indi’s aancient handicrafts taken away from India to in her shop of Italy



TV journalist Rahul Kanwal has tweeted: Anish Kapoor has no idea of the horrors perpetrated by Taliban if he thinks India is run by the Hindu Taliban.

Another popular person on twitter Tarek Fateh tweeted: What an idiot. Anish Kapoor claims “India is being ruled by a Hindu Taliban.” Really? I am in India, tell me where?

Kartikeya Tanna tweeted: Dear unwashed masses of my country, Anish Kapoor, buddy of @OfficeOfRG (Rahul Gandhi)’s mumma9Sonia Gandhi), is saying you overwhelmingly voted Hindu Taliban to power.

Sonia Gandhi: An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny

Rani Singh – 2011 – ‎Biography & Autobiography

Sonia Gandhi, address to a meeting of the All India Congress Committee, “Give …Sonia Gandhi, at exhibition for sculptor Anish Kapoor, Daily News & Analysis,  …

International Anti-India lobby infiltrates conspiracy in India as London to damage the image of PM Narendra Modi

China  is unable to tolerate that 21 st century is going belong to India of 65% youth. UK media especially BBC and The Gurdian is still in the grip of raqcism. So they can’t digest Modi’s image:

Narendra Modi on Forbes Lists #9 Powerful People (2015)

Did Leslee become the rape victim of BBC’s serial rapist Jimmy Savile? Why BBC banned program on Jimmy but showed Indi’s daughter?

India is being ruled by a Hindu Taliban – The Guardian By Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor’s girlfriend Sophie Walker, stands accused of plagiarising 20:50, a work by his old rival Richard Wilson.


Tweets: Nov 13, 2015 at Twitter @newsanalysisind


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DailyMail? 1/3 British believe women to be blamed for being raped to cover this BBC-Leslee hug rapist in Tihar to make film

Tags: Daily Mail, Mail online, British, Women to blame, Cover to Rape,  BBC-Leslee hug,  Rapist in Tihar, Make film, TRobertson, Kuwati Times, Congress, Sonia Gandhi

DailyMail? 1/3 British believe women to be blamed for being raped to cover this BBC-Leslee hug rapist in Tihar to make film





How British via East India Company ruled India 200 years by fraud? How Sonia Gandhi ruled behind back door to act Renounce drama?

Was Congress not in the role of ‘East India Company‘ to loot Indian gold bird?

Art 370 & PoK, result of Lord Mountbatten’s hided enmity with Nehru due to his romance with Edwina: Chapt-5: Accursed..





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