How PM Modi’s tweets to Sports’ Stars Make India No.1 as China was first by Hosting of Olympic & World Trade Fair ?

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The world has placed confidence on China in awarding her the Olympics in 2008 and the World Trade Fair in 2010. China has demonstrated that it has the will and the resources to host the Olympics, which calls for a massive infusion of resources to create a first world infrastructure.

The public and private sector investments in China towards preparing for the Olympics are expected to touch $180 billion by 2008. The impact of infrastructure development projects for the Olympics will be significant: jobs for millions of low income and low skilled workers. Further, hosting the Olympics will help enhance the nation’s psyche and its confidence. China is also using the Olympics to prepare its inefficient state owned enterprises (SOE) to compete in the global economy. Such a significant physical and psychological transformation is much needed in the Indian context if India is to compete effectively in the global economy.

Giving the great importance to the games Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in his visit to Bhutan on June 13, 2015 stressed on the idea of an annual hill sports festival with India’s north-eastern states along with Bhutan and Nepal.

On Oct 13, 2015 even the legendary Pele the three-time World Cup winner offered a solution to bring Indian football out of its current abyss, saying that the game should be made an integral part of growing up for kids in India besides ensuring maximum foreign exposure for promising players.
At a media interaction moderated by former Indian cricket captain and ISL side Atletico de Kolkata’s co-owner Sourav Ganguly, Pele offered his advice to develop the sport languishing in India.
Mr Pele further said, “The important thing is to send the players abroad for training. Today with the facility of communication, you can send your players abroad. Sometimes, you have young and good players at home but without any international experience. It’s important to give exposure to the players.”

Losing Goals from Football to Corruption to China

In the area of culture, India has suffered a defeat that is largely hidden from the public eye – in the field of football. While tourism may not be an area that India’s North East and Bhutan can connect on, football definitely is. The King’s Cup, an annual event held in Thimphu in 2014 and 2015, draws some of the finest clubs in South Asia, and sees a full capacity crowd at the Changlimithang stadium, with a seating capacity of about 25,000 – the full population of the city is about 110,000. This year Bhutan faced off against China in Changlimithang stadium in a World Cup qualifying match, in the “Battle of the Dragons”. Bhutan lost, 6-0, but it was a massive event, and created a great deal of goodwill between the two countries. India, on the other hand, lost 2-1 to Guam, population 160,000.

A football game is unlikely to change India-Bhutan, or Bhutan-China relations, but shared culture and respect go a long way. There has always been a strong minority in Bhutan which has considered that the “natural” partner for Bhutan is China, not India. It was China’s aggression in Tibet, provocations against Bhutan, and the lack of economic opportunities that have largely made sure this relationship has not taken off. This is changing as China steps up its soft power diplomacy; as its rich increasingly travel to Bhutan as tourists, and as the massive investments in Tibet make that area a possible access points for the nascent Bhutanese traders. Mr Le Yucheng, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to India, made his first trip to Bhutan last week. His editorial in Bhutan’s Kuensel newspaper is full of warmth, and the Bhutanese press reported the trip with a great deal of goodwill, with a special reference to the football game between the two countries. Another area of convergence is the Chinese government’s much heralded crackdown on corruption. Bhutan faces similar challenges, and the Bhutanese government has just replaced its Foreign Minister even after corruption charges against him were proven false in a court of law. The Indian example currently looks very different.

IPL & CWG Corruption vs Glorious Tennis & Badminton

Opposite to this in India Corruption Unlimited! Rs2,342 crore lost on Commonwealth Games

A team of reporters hit the 743-page report and it seems that the CWG cost the public a whopping Rs2,342 crore — that is Rs195 crore lost per day to corruption, negligence and other sundry irregularities. This is only the loss caused to the nation — not the total cost of the Games.DNA calculated this sum on the basis of areas identified by the CAG as cases of “clear loss, extra, wasteful, unfruitful, infructuous or avoidable expenditure”.

It means, had Suresh Kalmadi, his colleagues in the organising committee, the officials of the Sheila Dikshit-led Delhi government and the union urban development ministry done an honest job, this money could have been put to better use. Perhaps more villages would have got drinking water, or more schools could have been built.

The Economist Magazine in Oct 2010 at the time Commonwealth Games hosted there in Delhi would write says horrible toilets, stagnant puddles buzzing with dengue-spreading mosquitoes, collapsing masonry, and lax security and a terrorist attack did not help India ahead of the Games, might suggest that it may remain a ‘second-rate’ power.

‘No doubt a strong central government would have given India a less chaotic Commonwealth games, but there is more to life than badminton and rhythmic gymnastics. India’s state may be weak, but its private companies are strong.’

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