Thag-bandhan between Sadhu-bhai of Anarchist Kejriwal and Prakash Karat

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Thag-bandhan, Sadhu-bhai of Kejriwal, Anarchist, Prakash Karat, Pranoy Roy, NDTV, CBI raid, Peeter Mukherjee, Anti Army Tirade, CPI(M), Saugat Roy, Chidambaram, Sudhir Chaudhary, Anand Gosway


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Nehru to Cong Hand with Cow-blood? Children pushed in separation fire in Kashmir to follow ISIS

Nehru to Cong Hand, Cow-blood, Separation fire in Kashmir, To follow ISIS, Mohmd Salim, CPI(M), Beef, Kerral CM, Rahul Gandhi, B Raja, Communist, Vijayan,  Paresh Rawal tweet, Mamta, Digvijay, Savarkar, Anti-Hindu, Cow slaughter, Beef, Nehru, Karnatak

Shahabzade, Haramzade vs Secularism of Half brothers Nehru…Bomboo in the rear….

Tags: Shahabzade, Haramzade vs Secularism, Half brothers Nehru, Bomboo in the rear, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Trinmool, CPI(M)

Shahabzade, Haramzade vs Secularism of Half brothers Nehru…Bomboo in the rear….

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee launched into unparliamentary language
again today – this time to vent her spleen on the CPI(M). At a rally in
Jalpaiguri, Ms Banerjee took recourse to an earthy Bengali phrase to say the
erstwhile rulers of Bengal had not been able to do anything themselves. And
now, they were out to trip up (“give bamboo
in the rear
“) those who were trying to bring in change….

week later, at a rally in Kolkata, BJP chief Amit Shah declared war on
Trinamool. “Didi, I am Amit Shah. I Have Come to Uproot Trinamool,” he said.

the party workers meeting on the 22nd of November, Ms Mamta Banerjee had also used the bamboo idiom. “Just because I
went to the Nehru conference,” she said, “they are trying to give me
the bamboo by arresting Srinjoy Bose.”

Italian words: Jahar ki kheti, Maut ke saudagar


becomes panic to hear the word “Shahabzade”

stole “Gandhi” surname?

filed Ramdrohi affidavit in the Supreme Court on the instruction of Sonia