Keral becomes centre to recruit Ind Muslims for ISIS: Pak Terror funding to Hurriyat by Hawala via Hafiz Saeed..

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Big Bollywoodies Celebrities Corrupt Kejri-Lalu are MIDGET in front of Janardan who donated 1 crore lifetime savings to National Defence Fund

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Big Bollywoodies, Celebrities, MidGet, Janardan Bhatt, Donated, lifetime savings, National Defence Fund, Kalyan Sundaram, Corrupt Kejri Lalu, Jansangh, Dr S P Mukherjee, Badhte chalen, Delhi, Rajnikant, Kangaroo, Rape, Minor, British, Rajnath, Tendulkar, Arundhati

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Two Prophecies? Nehru : One day this young man will be PM : Modi’s chances of being re-elected PM in 2019 : China’s Global Times

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HM Rajnath Singh addressing the media after BJP National Executive meeting ends in Delhi

Home Minister Rajnath Singh,  Rajnath address media, BJP National Executive meeting, Delhi, Political dissent, Antinationalism



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IB: Intl conspiracy financed & planned abroad as slogan raised in JNU,more would happen in 15 Edu-Institutes of 18 Ind Cities?

Nitish and Kejriwal both have same political betrayal DNA: Hugged each other


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Nitish and Kejriwal both have same political betrayal DNA

There is no difference between Nitish and Kejriwal. Both have same political DNA.

Nitish Kumar left NDA and stabbed in the back of BJP dreaming to be Prime Minister (PM). In the Result: Maya milli naa Ram means neither he became PM nor remained Chief Minister of Bihar.

The same happened with Kejriwal due to that he was called AK-49. Kejriwal resigned from Chief Minister (CM) post to be PM and he jumped from Delhi to Vranasi to contest unsuccessfully against Narendra Modi.

After that he returned again for getting Chief Minister (CM) post which was in his hand in the past.

Now Nitish is also adopted and again adopting same path of Kejriwal. But Manjhi would sink his boat in the coming assembly election.

Nitish hugged Kejriwal

Both Mamata and Bihar leader Nitish Kumar had patted Kejriwal after the BJP was routed in Delhi. Both had termed the AAP’s landslide a mandate against Modi and appeared to eye Kejriwal as their comrade for “anti-BJP” politics.

In his second stint, Kejriwal – once called the “dharna man” – appears to have shed the path of confrontation. “Democracy works on four things – debate, dissent, discussion and dharna… dharna obviously is the last option. In the last one year, we sat on dharna just once,” Kejriwal told The Economic Times.

Whether Kejriwal lives up to his promise or not, Mamata has chosen to leap back to the street at the drop of a hat – the latest was the protest over minister Madan Mitra’s arrest in the Saradha scam.

When they bumped into each other at Rashtrapati Bhavan this evening, Nitish hugged Kejriwal and congratulated him on his party’s ” shandar (fabulous) ” victory.


Kejriwal’s experience, Kumar hopes that the voters will forget and forgive him if he aired in public his realisation of mistake and apologised to the people.

Kumar may have followed Kejriwal, but it is not certain whether the voters of Bihar will also follow their counterparts in Delhi as caste, religion and class play a crucial role in the eastern state.

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@newsanalysisind · Feb 19

Manjhi’s is an unprecedented betrayal: says Nitish Kumar who stabbed in the back of BJP dreaming to be PM: …

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Manjhi quits as Bihar chief minister: Manjhi will sink Nitish boat in coming assembly election: …

 @newsanalysisind · 38m38 minutes ago

Nitish follows Kejrwal: I apologise for quitting, as Kejriwal did for 49 days: …


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