Why link Ayodhya dispute with 2019 polls: PMModi : Quke in Delhi Sunni Waqf Board shakes: Devraha Baba?

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Continuous floating news: Morning July13, 2016

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Sand artist @sudarsansand congratulates the #IndianHockey team on qualifying for the #Rio2016 with a sand sculpture.https://t.co/4ZNFdZa0Gl

Sikh man allegedly asked to leave Wimbledon queue in London for ‘making people around him uncomfortable’ https://t.co/SNr6PzcxDd



Explained in one infograph: More countries to get e-visa to travel to India

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    मोदी के खिलाफ मुंह खोलने पर राज बब्बर को कांग्रेस ने दिया इनाम, जानें 5 ‘बड़बोले’ बयान


    The Dhaka attack has sent shockwaves through Calcutta–the”close cousin”.


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    At the time of Bangladesh liberation war Hindu population there was 29%, now reduced to 9%

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    UP President Raj Babbar arrives at Rahul Gandhi’s Delhi residence for getting his blessings ANI