All faiths have co-existed in Hindustan: What is the need of conversion for dadagiri of one god?


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All faiths have co-existed in Hindustan: What is the need of conversion for dadagiri of one god?


“India’s ancient tradition and methodology shows all faiths have existed here. What is the need for supremacy?” Union home minister Rajnath Singh asked on Monday March 23, 2015.

“Can’t there be service of humanity without religious conversions? After all, God is one, be it Jesus, Ram or Prophet Mohammed,” Home Minister Rajnath Singh said.

“I swear on God…that there can be no doubts on my intention. But what is the need for religious conversion?” he asked while appealing for consensus and debate on the issue.

* Singh referred to calls for an anti-conversion law and said: “In some countries, minorities are demanding an anti-conversion law. In our country, things are such that we are demanding such a law.”

* Singh said there was an attempt to change India’s demography. “Who can tolerate efforts to alter our demography? Can anyone go to America or Europe and change demography there?”


“Let us introspect. Let there be anti-conversion laws in all states as also at the Centre,” parliamentary affairs minister Venkaiah Naidu said in the Lok Sabha  on Dec 12, 2014.

“However, freedom of faith cannot be allowed to become a licence for sustained foreign-funded campaign for proselytisation, which has gained momentum in various states in the country in recent years. Tribals, Scheduled Castes and the poor belonging to other communities or classes seem to be the target of this proselytisation,” Naidu said.

“The RSS is a great organisation in the country. RSS means Ready for Selfless Service. That is RSS. I feel proud that I have the RSS background. It is because of RSS background, discipline, character, calibre, capacity that I have come to this level. We feel proud. Many of us have this background,” Naidu said, braving repeated interruptions

“I would not have gone one line or one word this way or that way, but if they accuse and abuse the mother organisation, from where we have taken inspiration, then I cannot be a silent spectator for all the abuses that are made,” Naidu said.

“We have to put the record straight. This Parliament is there forever. The Parliament records are there for future generations also. So, I am not only talking for the members of Parliament here, but I am talking for the people of the country because we have been elected for that purpose,” Naidu said


Tweets on twitter

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A central legislation to ban conversions is needed to avoid one god supremacy by conversion.

an anti-conversion law will prevent forceful conversion and re-conversions — whether being done by Hindus, Christians, Muslims or anyone else. “Hinduism is a non-proselytising religion and hence needs protection from proselytising religions,”

“Article 25 has been misused by the Christian missionaries. It failed to check unlawful conversion activities; therefore an anti-conversion law which cannot be used or misused by anyone is necessary. BJP and RSS respect all the religions, but what we are against is minority appeasement,”

Minority appeasement has proved extremely detrimental for the country. It is time everyone is treated as an equal.

Indi’s government should think think about an effective anti-conversion law keeping in mind the “serious (conversions) situation

Why MIM, Christian Missionaries and their funded media, vote bank politicians want to let conversion continue but needed ban on Gharvapsi


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