Conspiracy in London to kill Modi-Yogi : Few arrested..

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Modi-Darbhanga: Who gives supari to kill BJP PM Candidate? Who want to pass C Violence Bill?

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@newsanalysisind Nov 2, 2015
PM Modi said: Blasts in Hunkar rally Patna linked Darbhanga: Read full detail at: …

Who gives supari to kill BJP PM Candidate? Who want to pass C Violence Bill?

Is there any link in passing C Violence Bill and giving supari for the end of Modi’s political carrier?

PCTV Bill:is coming to crush the federal structure of our country. Bihar CM says without informing him if any state police or Union Govt agency arrests any wanted terrorist in Bihar then it is against the law of land. Nitish with his Congress Party and Third Front is a great part of passing the PCTV Bill.

On Oct 31 BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate Modi also said there were some “friends” who had taken a “supari (undertaking)” to finish him, and were “resorting to spreading dirt”.

Indian Mujahideen operative Tehseen Akhtar, who is allegedly the mastermind of Sunday’s Oct 27 Patna serial blasts that left six dead and over 50 injured, is the nephew of a JD(U)Janata Dal (United) leader from Bihar, reports claimed on Tuesday.


Taki Akhtar is the JD(U) leader in Samastipur district, Bihar. Taki has always denied any ties with Tehseen. The Akhtars are residents of Maniarpur village of Samastipur, about 100 km from Patna. Now Taki Akhtar has accepted that Tahseen is his nephew. Why first denial, and after that acceptance?

We are giving facts as per media reports. Don’t link it on the supari for killing.


JDU is denied that Taki Akhtar is the JDU leader. Even JDU spokesperson Tyagi threaten on news channel that defamation case be filed against the leaders and media for publishing the report of any linking of Taki Akhtar to the JDU.


jai kashyap @jaikashyap1029 Oct


Patna blast mastermind tehsin’s uncle with Nitish kumar !!!



Tahseen Akhtar is considered to be close to Yasin Bhatkal, the man who co-founded Indian Mujahideen. In the last few months, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on more than 10 occasions raided his native village but failed to find him. This is the one among many reasons due to that NIA is most trusted investigation agency for our Home Minister as caged parrot which says Ishrat is innocent, not terrorist. Our Home Minister is most serious on the serial blasts at Modi’s rally in Gandhi Maidan’Patna. The proof of that seriousness is: On the day of serial blast Home Minister for making him tension free was enjoying filmy music party with actress Kangana.  

“Bihar Police should have been more proactive and far more alert to nab Tahseen Akhtar who belongs to the state. They should have interrogated Yasin to know more about him,” says former Home Secretary RK Singh as report published at economic times of Oct 29. Officials in NIA say Akhtar was working on recruiting youth from Ranchi and building a new module for terror strikes in Bihar.



Sonia Ganhi and Rahul Gandhi did not utter a single word on the serial blasting. After all BJP and its PM candidate is their political rival. So commenting on every matter of the rivals should not be necessary for them.

On Oct 01 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh warned on Thursday that “attempts are being made in some parts of the country” to divide society on the basis of religion, caste and communities, while Congress president Sonia Gandhi cautioned that “there is a danger from some ideologies, organizations and people who want to divide us”.


Indian Express Reported on Oct 02: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is believed to have got new leads in the Bodhgaya serial blasts probe following the interrogation of Indian Mujahideen (IM) co-founder Yasin Bhatkal, and suspects that another IM operative, Tahseen Akhtar alias Monu, could be behind the July 7 attack.

A resident of Samastipur in Bihar, Tahseen is believed to have been indoctrinated by Yasin and joined the IM in 2010. He is suspected of being involved in the 2010 Varanasi and 2011 Mumbai serial blasts.

The NIA suspects Tahseen took the help of some SIMI sympathizers to execute the blasts at the world heritage site. NIA got the remand of Manzar Imam, a SIMI ideologue and longtime associate of Tahseen, to ascertain the whereabouts of the operative who is now believed to be going by the name of ‘Hassan’.Imam is also believed to have said that Tahseen was trying to recruit youth from Ranchi and other cities in Jharkhand.

Salman Khushid defended Tunda as a lawyer, as he defended SIMI? The SIMI was banned by the NDA Government. Salman Khurshid was the Lawyer on behalf of the SIMI for pleading to lift the ban on SIMI. It was in this context that the Indian Mujahideenwas formed. Now Azamgarh of Salman Khurshid and Madhubani of Shakeel Ahemed are the safe haven for Indian Mujahedeen. Indian Mujahedeen (IM) secures vote banks for the Congress. This is the reason both came in defense of Indian Mujahedeen. Digvijay Singh supports this move. Even Digvijay ‘Singh defended Shakeel Ahmed tweets on IM saying that Indian Mujahideen was formed after 2002 riots.


NDA reported on Oct 31: A man who claimed to have crucial information about Sunday’s serial blasts in Patna managed to escape – with apparent ease – on Wednesday from the custody of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the country’s top counter-terror agency. He has been found on a train in Uttar Pradesh this evening.

The National Investigating Agency or NIA claims that because Mehre Alam had not been formally arrested, it’s incorrect to say that he escaped. Mehre Alam, according to the NIA, showed up in Patna and offered to help locate Haider Ali, who is allegedly a senior commander of the terror group Indian Mujahideen and is wanted for Sunday’s blasts in which six people died and 83 were injured.

Obedient NIA here follows the order of Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde today (Sep 30) directed all states to ensure that no innocent Muslim youth is wrongfully detained in the name of terror. Secular ShindeJi did not mention Hindu, Christian, Sikh and others. Don’t say this is the policy of divide and rule of burqa politicians.


First post reported on oct 28: Patna blasts: Nitish Kumar’s problematic history with ‘Darbhanga module’

While the Janata Dal (United) government’s affinity to the powerful Muslim-Yadav votebank is well known, Nitish Kumar has also on more than one occasion given away his unwillingness to act decisively against the Indian Mujahideen’s training grounds in his state, and as a consequence against the growing perception of regions of Bihar turning into a sort of safe ground for terrorist groups and their fringe elements.

Towards the end of August, when IM co-founder Yasin Bhatkal was arrested from a location along the porous Bihar-Nepal border in a joint operation of the NIA and the Bihar Police, the latter agency did not so much as seek his custody, to the surprise of everybody.

That there was a case for the BIhar police to want, and seek, custody was obvious — the ‘Darbhanga unit’ of the IM has been operational for years with little achieved by local police to counter their activities, the Indo-Nepal border areas in Bihar have been used as a hideout and as a gateway or escape route, as needed.

That’s why the Bihar police’s rationale for not seeking his custody — that there had been no arrest warrant issued for Bhatkal anywhere in Bihar earlier — simply didn’t wash……….

Nitish Kumar has not exactly earned himself the reputation of assisting investigative agencies poking around for clues in these areas of Bihar considered to be a training hotbed for the IM. In May last year, when the Karnataka police arrested a suspect in the Chinnaswamy stadium blast from Darbhanga, Nitish protested that his police department should have been informed first.

Nitish has also in the past been rather critical of Central agencies for coining the term “Darbhanga module”. At a meeting of chief ministers in Delhi in February 2012, he reportedly raised the matter. “This is highly objectionable. How can any responsible government agency describe a particular region or a community or a state as a module of terror?” he was reported to have said. There has been a rush for the minority community’s votes in Bihar for at least a couple of decades now — first Lalu played to the gallery after having L K Advani arrested in Samastipur, then Nitish began to woo the Muslim-Yadav combine, routinely raising his voice against what he called the unconstitutional arrest of terror suspects only owing to their religion.

That might explain the lack of frisking, the inexplicable absence of an anti-sabotage exercise and better security planning for Gandhi Maidan even though the Nitish government had six months’ prior notice of the Modi rally in Patna

Nitish Kumar fumes as Karnataka police arrest terror suspect in Bihar: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday vented his anger on way Karnataka police arrested a suspect terrorist from Darbhanga in Bihar, without formally informing the state police. Bangalore Crime Branch officials arrested Kafil Akhtar from Darbhanga for his alleged involvement in the M Chinnaswamy cricket stadium blasts. “I have got information from police officials in Bihar that Karnataka police have arrested a person in Darbhanga. We have sought a report on this. I raised this issue during NCTC meeting. This is not right, there was no information with us. We will send this information to the Home Ministry. The law of the land should be followed,” the Bihar Chief Minister said.

PCTV Bill:is coming to crush the federal structure of our country.:

So called Third Front and Cong with C Violence Bill together to stab Secularism of Loh Pursh Patel

Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill to hammer unity-symbol of Loh Purush Patel

Bihar CM Nitish says without informing him if any state police or Union Govt agency arrests any wanted terrorist in Bihar then it is against the law of land. Nitish with his congress and third front  is a great part of passing the PCTV Bill.

We are giving facts as per media reports. Don’t link it on the supari for killing.



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