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Why is BJP nervous on 116, not when 2

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Hindutva is the ‘pran’ of Hindustan as well as BJP and RSS. Gandhi dynasty is the pran of Congress. Without pran there is no existence of life.

BJP can be called a party in indifference due to its Hindutva path

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) was not nervous in i984 when BJP won only two seats, one winning candidate is Chandupatla Janga Reddy from Hanamkonda of Andhra and second is A.k.patel from Mehsana of Gujarat. At that time BJP leadership was concentrated itself on Hindutva to ride on the chariot. At that time BJP was a party in difference.

If a General knows his strength but does not know the strength of his enemy, his chances of winning the war are not guaranteed. BJP leadership showed his strength on 1992 and thereafter but between 2004 and 2009 they not only lost confidence on their strength to move as per the direction of the allies but also forget to know the strength of their opponents.

The statements of the leaders of Hindu Organizations such as VHP ideologically connected to BJP backfire sometimes when they do not fit in the policy frame of BJP allies. This difference between the statements of leaders of the BJP and their connected other Hindu Organizations’ leaders are exploited by their opponents who try to create confusion in 2004 to 2009 with the help of the Anti-Hindu Left leaning and so called pseudo secular media especially news channels maximum financed by International Christian Missionaries.

It is said that the support of the RSS is essential for the BJP to make electoral gains. This is the reason why the anti-BJP forces try to make a rift between the RSS and the BJP leaders.

What Perceptions of a difference is?

The care of party cadres and common people is essential to the success of BJP because it is a party in difference. This is not necessary for the Congress, life of which depends on the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Roots of this dynasty right from berth and now are towards foreign (at present Italian) land and culture.

People and BJP cadres know when BJP leadership serves without caring. It makes a difference when they care to march on Hindutva path. BJP should be known as Jan Sangh was.

BJP’s cadres and common people are everyone, BJP leaders work, day to day, and live for them with them. Democratic government means: “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people” Abraham Lincoln

BJP leaders become people’s servant when BJP make a difference

The perception is the power to know to catch common wisdom and necessary needs of common people; approaching them with the ideology and common people oriented programs, impressed them, getting votes and support, peoples Care.

The support was lost by BJP leadership because of a negative perception of a difference that formed in their minds without their conscious knowledge or control. Going into the grip of Jinnah’s ghost through comrade Sudhir Kulkarni might be an example. President of BJP acted quickly on Yashwant Sinha, but takes sleep on the matter of Kulkarni. Perhaps in their eyes Kulkarni is more important than Yanshwant Sinha for the party.

Who can imagine the downfall of Madanlal Khurana, Uma Bharti, Kalyan Singh and others, when all were first in the rank after Advaniji.

Supreme Court has defined Hindu, Hindutva and Hinduism.

Congress is fully against Hindutva.


After Nehru Pranab Mukherji said in West Bengal in his election campaign that ‘Hindutva‘ culture did not belong to Bharat!!


According to them “Gandhi dynasty is India, India is Gandhi dynasty” as they said in the past “Indira is India, India is Indira”. According to them beginning of Bharat/Hindustan/India is from the birth date of the Nehru Gandhi dynasty.

BJP should not forget to do political cultural ideological pranayam.

BJP’s soul-searching meet begins on June 20:

Ayam means restrain or control .Therefore pranayam is a discipline to control th eventual life force through various breathing techniques.Jasswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha and now the letter of Arun Shourie are the example of breathing techniques of BJP.

After doing pranayama, the effects can be amazing .The Bengali poet and mystic, Shri Aurobindo, practiced pranayam for up to six hour per day. He then observed, ‘pranayam makes one’s intellect sharper and one’s brain quicker’. Initially he could write about 200 lines poetry a month . After mastering pranayam, he composed 200 lines in only half an hour. He commented,’…..poetry came like a river and prose like a flood..'(Diwarkar 1976:111-112).

By Premendra Agrawal


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