SC orders medical test of Justice Karnan: Why not of Farooq and slogan raisers against Bharat in JNU, also their supporting leaders

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SC orders, Medical test of Justice Karnan, Farooq Abdullah, Slogan against Bharat, JNU, Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Mamta, Jethmalani, Dalit, Deendayal Upadhyay, CRPF, Sukma, Matyr’s wife sub inspector, Raman Singh, Morari bapu, Insurance, Ramdev

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Yogi vs Bhogi Lalu-Kejri : Jan Sevika Police Lady Singham..Yogi’s Brahmastra on Previous UP Govt : waives off farm loans up to Rs 1 lakh

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Yogi, Bhogi, Lalu-Kejri, Lady Singham,Yog’s Brahmastra, Anti-Farmers UP Govt, Farm loans, Jethmalani, Ramnavmi, 200 note, Triple talaq, Baba Bharti, Trump, Russia, Terror Attack, Amitabh, Priyanka Chopra, Kohli, Jio

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Parliament behas ke liye hai ya naare baji ke liye: Amit Shah

Parliament behas, Naare baji, Amit Shah, Karti Chidambaram, Jethmalani

Parliament behas ke liye hai ya naare baji ke liye: Amit Shah


Supreme Court to hear plea on Ishrat Jahan against P Chidambaram ? Who worship Afzal Guru, Mahishasur?

Supreme Court to hear,  Plea on Ishrat Jahan, Plea against P Chidambaram, Afzal Guru, Mahishasur, GST, Jethmalani, NDTV

Supreme Court to hear plea on Ishrat Jahan against P Chidambaram ? Who worship Afzal Guru, Mahishasur?


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IB: Intl conspiracy financed & planned abroad as slogan raised in JNU,more would happen in 15 Edu-Institutes of 18 Ind Cities?


Pauranik katha? Modi as incarnation of Vishnu, his worshipers in the role of Narad


@newsanalysisind  Oct 27, 2015
No effect if attack on Govt by Shourie or Shatru is with aspiration of being ….. NDA faced defeat in 2004 though both were ministers?

@newsanalysisind Oct 27, 2015
Arun Shourie’s Views on PM Modi Personal: Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu? For personal gain Shatru jaisi chaal?

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Pauranik katha? Modi as incarnation of Vishnu: Modi’s worshipers in the role of Narad Muni

Rajya Sabha member and Renowned Supreme Court Advocate Ram Jethmalani on March 16, 2015, giving a superior place to Narendra Modi Jethmalani said, “Modi is an incarnation of Vishnu. Modi’s initiatives taken for corruption and foreign policy are remarkable. He is an honest person and works hard.”

Is there any difference between chanting Modi Modi Modi at the time of Lok Sabha election and the same chanting now for Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

At the bottom of this article we placed a pauranik katha of Vishnu and Narad related to the Oil pot on the head of Narad Muni and the farmer.




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Arun Shourie…what Modi must fix in next 4 years: Amit Shash aims to be in power for next 30 yrs: …

R Jagannathan rightly writes in his article at First Post: I have no doubt that Modi is the best person to be PM today. The government has considerable achievements to its credit. But when he looks back on his own performance over the last year, he will find that he could have done better. He should use the Shourie critique to recalibrate his government and reorient it towards better results in the remaining four years of his tenure.


Harsh Vardhan praises Mamata Banerjee for civic polls victory but bats for BJP rule in West Bengal

Murli Manohar Joshi questions Modi’s plans, says Tokyo-like Varanasi still a distant dream


Modi govt will be in power for next 20 yrs..but to follow Cong 60 yrs or to follow Atal Govt, Bhagwat Geeta dharm?


We all are and should be well wishers of BJP Government. There is no challenge to Bhartiya Janta Party from any corner. Also there is no substitute of PM Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister. So instead of concentrating and delivering common people oriented good results on next remaining four years as has done in first one year of rule, why there is a hype uselessly again and again wishing to rule 10-20-30 years? Should we run blindly towards the ghosts of Gandhi-Nehru to give broom in the hands of navratnas as Tharoor…? Should we blindly run towards any leader instead of BJP and its principles? What is the need of adopting Congress – culture? There should be unannounced ban on anarchists, drama-baj and bahurupiya leaders!

We should be Prithviraj Chauhan, Yes!

We should be Dhanurdhari Arjun and Ashwatthama, correct!!

But to follow above don’t forget Bhagavad Gita Dharm!!!


Bhagavadgita : When you work always remember Lord Krishna

Do not give up your worldly duties, but do them with the Name of God on your lips, thus inviting the Grace of God upon you.

So, even if you remember the Lord with thankfulness at least thrice or even just twice a day, it is rewarding enough and confers with you with great peace.

There will always be worry and grief of some type or the other. There is no escaping it, be it in the past or future; while walking, dreaming or even while sleeping. But by placing faith in the Lord and dedicating everyday chores and tasks to Him, the effect of these constant worries can fizzle out completely. Here’s how


Some people can be very friendly and full of compliments when they want something from us, but once they have satisfied their own self interests, they become indifferent and even discourteous.


Corporate/ Enterprises operate at the intersection of social impact and financial self-sustainability. Both corporate/enterprises and non-profit government organizations or social organizations are striving to deliver positive social impact for the benefit of people. The difference is that Corporate/enterprises use a self-sustaining business model that generates revenue/profit and delivers social impact whereas non-profit Govt/social organizations are reliant on a steady stream of donor/philanthropist grants to deliver common people oriented social impact.


Here in the following pauranik katha related to Bhagwan Vishnu and his great worshipper Narad Muni, we see, Government/ social enterprises are like the farmer in the Vishnu/Narada story – they need to work hard to achieve the fine balance of delivering significant common people oriented social impact and financial sustainability. First Year governing of BJP Govt is definitely represented farmer, not corporate as rumours are being spread by Pappus, anarchists, jihadi-friendly leadership!


Pauranik Katha: Bhagwan Vishnu and Narad Muni


Narada, a divine sage in Hinduism, is arguably the greatest of Vishnu’s many devotees. But Narada was considered to be vain about his devotion to Vishnu – every now and then he needed some validation from Vishnu.


One day Devarishi Narada, the wandering sage went up to Vishnu and asked him who his favorite devotee was. Now as we all know, Narada is a great Vishnu bhakt. So strong is his devotion that he keeps chanting “Narayana! Narayana! ” all through  the day.  wherever he is  and during  all times thename   Narayana will be on his tongue. Narayana is one of the many names of Vishnu


So he started his journey towards Vaikund, the abode of Lord Vishnu with the words Narayana  on his tongue.On reaching Vaikund  He  bowed before  lord Vishnu and received his blessings.


Narada boasted before Lord Vishnu about how there wasn’t any devotee better than him. But in doing so he went against the very first qualification of a devotee – freedom from egoism.

Narada was sure that there was no one comparable with him when it came to devotion to Vishnu. So when Narada questioned Him, Vishnu replied thus,” There is a good farmer on earth to whom I am dearer than his very life, I choose him.”

Narada was shocked to hear this. His pride was broken and the words stung him. But he quickly regained his composure and said, “If that is so, I would like to test him.”

“By all means”, said Vishnu smiling kindly.

Narada arrived at the doorstep of the farmer’s hut. It was afternoon and the farmer had just come home. He stopped at the door, took the Lord’s name and went in. After eating and refreshing himself the farmer went back to the fields. He returned at dusk and again remembered the Lord before entering the house. Next morning the farmer prayed to the Lord before leaving for work.

Narada was keenly counting. He observed that the farmer took the Lord’s name only three times during the day – before going to the fields in the morning, before eating food in the afternoon and after returning from his field at dusk. So why did Vishnu call him his favorite devotee?

He was puzzled. On returning to the Heavens Narada asked Vishnu. Vishnu was expecting this.

He said, “Narada, before I answer you, I have some work that only you can do.” He handed him a bowl filled to the brim with oil and asked him to walk around the earth once without dropping any oil. “Not a single drop must fall, Narada”, Vishnu reminded him.

Narada went away to do as he was bid. Understandably he took a long time to finish the task.

“So how many times did you remember me while walking around the earth, “asked Vishnu, when Narada got back him “Not once,” replied Narada, with some hesitation. “I was so engrossed in doing the work you assigned to me, that I completely forgot to take your name.”

“Narada, the farmer’s work is also given by me to him. He has many responsibilities, and he fulfils them all but still remembers me.” Vishnu said.

Narada was ashamed, “That is true,” he said, with his head down.

He realised that Duty  is God . He also understood that devotees, amidst  all work are  also  sincere  in their devotion to God.

Vishnu explained, “Those who remember me while doing their duties are dearer to me than those who set aside all work and chant my name day and night.”



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Advocating: Jethmalani for Musharraf and Muslim Cleric for PM Modi

Tags:Kashmir issue, Jethmalani, Musharraf, Muslim Cleric, PM Modi, BJP, Murli Manohar Joshi, Madhok, Anjuman Minhaj-e-Rasool, Maulana Syed Athar Dehlavi, Ekta Yatra, Tricolor, Lok Sabha, Jihadi neighbour


Economic Times reported to day: Advocating former Pakistan ruler Pervez Musharraf’s
four-point formula on Kashmir issue, former 
BJP MP and eminent lawyer Ram Jethmalani today said the document should be the basis for a permanent solution to the Kashmir issue and that Musharraf’s
efforts were “frustrated” by India.

I think before making opinion on Kashmir, Jethmalani Jee should contact Madhok Jee as did by PM Modi. A day after Narendra Modi was appointed
the Chairman of the BJP’s central campaign committee, veteran politician and
co-founders of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh, Balraj Madhok spoke to him on the
phone and gave him his blessings.


In 1992 in the leadership of then Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Murli Manohar Joshi, BJP organised  Ekta Yatra to hoist the Tricolour at Lal howk, Srinagar on Republic Day. At that time my son was also participated in that Ekta Yatra and published a book on Rashtrya Ekta edited by me. One hand written article on Kashmir was sent by him for publication. In which he said that he was the alive eye witness of the events happened in Kashmir He was born at Skardu in the former princely state of Kashmir and Jammu (now in the PakistaniNorthern Areas).
He started his academic and political career in 
Jammu and
. He unified Hindus who were not in large numbers, to stand against the Pakistani forces and local separatists in 1948. He along with Prem Nath Dogra,
formed the Praja Parishad Party in Kashmir in 1949. 


According to the news report published in various news agencies: “If a plebiscite is held in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, more than 99 per cent people there would vote to become a part of the Union of India,” Anjuman Minhaj-e-Rasool chairman Maulana Syed Athar Dehlavi told reporters 


Dehlavi argued that the separatist movement has been losing ground and Kashmiris on both sides
of the border and people are interested in development and good governance.

“The separatists in Kashmir have lost their ground and the people in the
Valley are discussing issues like good governance, development and education.
They are not bothered about what a handful of people are saying,” Dehlavi


Dehlavi added that people who had to bear the brunt of the recent floods are all praise for
the remarkable action of Indian Armed forced in the rescue operations.

“The people are praising the army as their savior. The army has done a wonderful job in Kashmir. The people in Kashmir have now realised that the army is their real savior,”
Maulana Syed Athar Dehlavi said.

Dehlavi also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “people friendly” policies inJammu and Kashmir and the country.


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murder relates to India’s security beyond Tharoor Menon: Synopsis – Accursed
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