On demonetisation anniversary, Manmohan, Jaitley trade barbs: Dual Citizenship Australia, Rahul Gandhi..

Demonetisation anniversary, Manmohan, Jaitley, Dual Citizenship Australia, Rahul Gandhi, Italian Gandhi, Contest election, Mulayam’ gun shot on Rambhakts, Lalu Yadav via Banerjee report, Karsevaks burnt themselves, Godhra, Ayodhya, Lekhi and Swamy, Kamal Haasan Hindu

Portugal PM Antonio Costa says “My Brahman Grandfather’s Bharat is proud for me”

Portugal PM, Antonio Costa, Brahman Grandfather’s Antonia Costa, Anonia Costa’s Bharat,  Bharat proud for Portugal PM, Manmohan, Kejriwal, PM Modi, Pravasi bBhartiya divas, Congress, AAP, BJP


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Tweets: Nov 20, 2015 at Twitter @newsanalysisind

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Tweets of Nov 20, 2015

Female fiyadeen had NO interest in religion, never read the Koran?AsBobby Jindal became Christian, never read Bible?https://t.co/RTGn3lYWuY

Jihadi Killed 3 screaming AllahuAkbar at Mali hotel, take 170 hostages freeing 20 who recited Koran:@naqvimukhta :https://t.co/88NiwQMXck

10 Janpath should Watch: Shocking video where Rajiv Gandhi justified 1984 anti-Sikh riots?https://t.co/2wbd90I9fN https://t.co/5iKCDbkZ3d

Corrupts Lalu+Kejri+++united in Nitish’s oath function to fight corruption? @RajivPratapRudy @rsprasad@narendramodi https://t.co/U1Yy6ee1WO

Rawat denies making comment against cow killer: Now on instruction of her madam hw wants let cow killing continue? https://t.co/oklpUW5tEg

Tej, Lalu’s Debutant Son, Repeats Oath After Flub: Both brothers keep alive the precedent of Pilot Rajiv Gandhi? https://t.co/gstMB9EuUe

BJP MP Yogi Adityanath Barred from Entering Allahabad by Local Administration?Yah hai Hindusthan meri Jaan mere Yaar?https://t.co/Yp48kkGJJl

Best gambler not who wait for lost up to end ? Prashant Kishor techno with IIM guru Lalu Prasad Yadav at Nitish’s oath taking ceremony?

Nitish Kumar reaches venue where swearing in ceremony…..(Chadh ja bet….sooli par? Lalu chale jail to leave sons for nuisance to…?

ANI: Nitish ji ko ab tayyiari karni chahiye Dilli aane ki aur agla Pradhanmantri banne ki (Pappu toa chalaa Italy? ) -Farooq bane fida(yeen)

Delhi boy gets Rs 1.27 crore offer from Google: We want job for every youth to beat China?https://t.co/Zck0Jx4jFp https://t.co/4bbUScOdpU

@harsimrat_badal ‘Rajiv Gandhi justified Sikh riots, take back Bharat Ratna’: @hsphoolkahttps://t.co/t4oxhXmoQ1 https://t.co/IhYsMmTraq

Victim lashes out at Mugle Azam Khan Arabpati Garib Buffalo? after he calls her ‘publicity seeker’https://t.co/Wqd1J023CZ

Rahul Gandhi ( Or go through TV ad to get energy) should visit Baba Ramdev’s ashram to gain some maturity: Naqvi: https://t.co/jftJZAeZ8z

Chhota Rajan lodged in Tihar jail? Tipu-Maino Cong brings Hindu-Muslim angle in Chhota Rajan, Anup Chetia’s arrest? https://t.co/tKT5n6u8lb

Rahul Gandhi dares PM Modi to put him in prison? You was asrrested at Boston with Italian passport? You mention as British himself, Why?

Abolishing PlanCom ‘harmful’ to India: Manmohan Singh should see his face via Gandhi-gates of corruptions? https://t.co/wgXc38VLRq

Now Cong hires PK? Leaders, People both believe on Techno Tantrik Prashant Kisore, not their own strength? Democracy?https://t.co/XGcLl0PMSg

Rajasthan investment mela draws in Rs 3.3 lakh cr, Rs 2.5 lakh jobs on cards: Pilot Pappu flying? @VasundharaBJP https://t.co/Vaj1W9JJ0o

LALUasSonia can’t be? So both push their family? As party they think India as Indira is their property @narendramodi https://t.co/XGcLl0PMSg

Quota remark, Dadri led to Bihar defeat: Paswan rona gana stop, being Food & consumer affairs minister responsible for pulses price hike?

Cow killers have no right to live in India: Uttarakhand CM Harish? But what about supporter of cow killers Tipu Cong?https://t.co/fpyCWR8g9m


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Does Sonia Gandhi want to replace Manmohan or Montek Singh with Amartya Sen?

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Nobe Prize in Economics nothing to say on Rs fall, Corruption, Price hike, Midday meal deaths, W Bengal Violence, killing by Maoists……..Amartya Sen has to say on Modi’s Prime Ministership, thought still BJP has not announced his PM candidature. Amartya Sen does not say the same words for Rahul Gandhi. He was hurry in passing the FSB in previous session of Parliament. Why? Sonia is hurry to execute FSB (Bill to remove poor) by ordinance to see coming elections. But making himself Mugambo Amartya Sen wants to control election 2014 for Sonia Gandhi.

Who is Amartya Sen for giving certificate of secularism to vote bank politicians in India?

What is his interest in doing so?

In fact as Sonia Gandhi he is political power hungry? Amartya Sen want to stand in the que of Garibi hatao (Remove poor) move which was started with the slogan of Indira Gandhi. He could not get political power from Noble Prize.


Hided spokes person of Congress Amartya Sen says: “I would not like to seeNarendraModi as India’s prime minister, and I’m speaking as a citizen of India, says ProfAmartya Sen, Nobel Prize-winning economist who is also a professor of philosophy at Harvard. And what is his objection to Modi? “I think I would like a more secular person to be prime minister. I would not like a prime minister who generates concern and fear on the part of minorities. That is the primary reason.”


 Amartya Sen was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1998. He is currently the Thomas W. Lamont University Professor and Professor of Economics and Philosophy at Harvard University. He is also a senior fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows, distinguished fellow of All Souls College, Oxford and a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, where he previously served as Master from 1998 to 2004. Sen is a member of the Advisory Board of Incentives for Global Health, the not-for-profit behind the Health Impact Fund.


Instead of giving his educational services to Indian educational institutions, why does he not give his educational services to Indian educational institutions instead of Universities of foreign?


Amartya Sen behaves a Mugambo. As Sonia Gandhi is bahurupia, Amartya Sen is also. Amartya Sen may join Congress Party. But don’t make fool the people of India to make drama of renounce for poor as Sonia Gandhi’s dramatic renounce.


I have written in my article of May, 7, 2013:

Question arises: Why are they playing in the hands of corrupt UPA government?

Being a NDA convener Sharad Yadav and his party’s Bihar CM Nitish come in the defense of corruption because there is politics and they are politicians. But what is the status of Amartya Sen and his right group? Have they relation with Sonia Gandhi as Quattrocchi have? Have they interest coming in the politics or taking any other type of benefits by hiding the corruption of most corrupt government in the name of Food Security Bill? Why are they making fool to the common people as Sonia and her golden spoon and silver chamchas doing? Why did they not say about the ‘garibi hatao’ slogan which has been turned into Garibon ko mitao? Since independence corrupt romantic Nehru Gandhi dynasty is ruling India if we left few years of the rule of opposition. Why do they close their eyes on these open facts? I have no hesitation to say that knowingly or unknowingly directly or indirectly they with Corrupt UPA government are killing the interest of common people especially of the people who come under the definition of BPL.


1. Why are Amartyasen and above said organizations so hurry? There is no dispute in passing the Food Security bill.All wants to pass the bill. Have they made contact (Taken supari) with the UPA government to save most corrupt UPA Govt by making loud cry for FSB?

2. Why have this so called world known might not a single world in their brain and tongue against the Corruption of the UPA Government as recently inaugurated by CBI in its affidavits to the Supreme Court Coalgate and Railgate and black money deposited in Tax havens? Why only Food Security Bill is only in their agenda? Why do they exclude from their agenda Corruption and black money deposited in foreign banks?

3. They should explain the people why FSB is only the humanitarian and non-political matter and why not corruption and black money

4. Is only FSB’s beneficial to the people of below poverty line (BPL) and blocking the corruption and coming back of the black money deposited in foreign banks not beneficial for BPL?………………link


People have seen world renowned economist Dr. Manmohan Singh. Now we don’t want more Dr. Manmohan Singhs.

Cambridge honored Dr. Singh to close door on Sanskrit, HindiCambridge has finally closed the door on Sanskrit as a hallowed subject of undergraduate study, nearly one-and-a-half centuries after it first established a chair in the 3000 year old language.


What P M has to hide: All’s of GandhiPrime Minister Manmohan Singh has said: “he has nothing to hide, “I sincerely believe, like Caesar’s wife, I am not afraid of the CBI” “As a lawyer, I will abide by the law”.


Are we with Italian Neros?Who can dare to stop horse of Gandhis? People are left with Italian Neros and sycophants inside and outside the admin. And if “Rome” is not burning, it may be sinking.


Does Sonia Gandhi want to replace Amartya Sen with of Planning Commission deputy chairperson Montek Singh Ahluwalia?

Subramanian Swamy @Swamy395h

Amartya Sen ‘lost Indian-ness’ after dumping Bengali wife for foreign brides: Swamy | Business Standard: business-standard.com/article/news-a

abhay pratap singh @abhay2507883h

Breaking : Amartya Sen is the brother of Congress Minister Ashoke Kumar Sen !! Thank You, Dr.@Swamy39 for exposing this.


karthik @karthiks35m

Today in Mint and BS, Amartya Sen calls for investment in public goods, not handouts. Was he misquoted earlier or has he changed line?

RVAIDYA @rvaidya20004h

m.rediff.com/news/report/in A Sen insults Kalam by forcing him out of Nalanda project- but none shld criticise Sen – He is God!!


Chetan Bhagat @chetan_bhagat9m

Given the furore on Amartya Sen’s statement, I think it was just his experiment to prove that we are indeed, the Argumentative Indians.

 Retweeted by Anurag Thakur


Minhaz Merchant @minhazmerchant21h

Prof Jagdish Bhagwati on why the Amartya Sen-Sonia Gandhi school of economics will ruin India livemint.com/Opinion/9Qzg05

 Retweeted by Narendra Joshi


Nobel laureate Amartya Sen greets economist Isher Judge Ahluwalia, the wife of Planning Commission deputy chairperson Montek Singh Ahluwalia

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Alumni of headless IIT on Hunger strike: Makan says IITs now from 6 to 13!!

7 airports that may wreak havoc on terror, intelligence alert


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Let the cat out of the bag: Failure of PM-Sonia as two power centres

PM-Sonia model of ‘two power centres’ a failure, Digvijaya Singh says. Digvijay Singh expands it to say that Manmohan Singh is a nominated Prime Minister of Sonia Gandhi.


Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has recently remarked that the ‘two power-centres’ model which has been practiced by the Congress since 2004 has not worked well and suggested that the future leader of the party, Rahul Gandhi, should not outsource the job of the prime minister in case the Congress reaches a position to form the government again.

Sonia Gandhi is Super PM to make PM MM and thus Sonia Gandhi rules without accountability: She becomes a a queen just like Caesar in Rome? This does not only discredit democracy it is bloody bizarre! Sonia Gandhi and her son are the clones of Julius Caesar in India by acts. Politics in democracy is also a bloody game of every possibility as now Cricket.

“Learn from Sonia how to renounce power!”


Dilusion of democracy: Rubber Stamp PM Prez

Till now, the Congress has been comfortable with two power centres in its coalition government. What suddenly made Singh realize that dual power centers don’t work?

Digvijay Singh now says “whoever becomes the prime minister should have the authority to function,” It means Manmohan Singh has never authority to function.  This MM is neither PM, nor Julius Caesar. This is a democracy, damn it! Manmohan Singh being a nominated Prime Minister of Sonia Gandhi, is a weak Prime Minister.

Manmohan Singh due to his weakness is Prime Minister, not Pranab Mukherjee


Renounce of PM Post, Married life to rule behind the back door and one step further……..

Few years back Sonia Gandhi acted drama of renounce of Prime Minister Post to rule India from the backdoor. Now we see the same drama in Delhi 10 Janpath Darbar. In this self made style of Renouncing Rahul Gandhi takes one more step further to say that he is not only in the race of Prime Minister Post but also he announce to remain bachelor!

Can Vadra occupy Ganhi dynasty?

Rahul Gandhi not for PM’s Post

Did-Does Rahul remain bachelor?

Directly or indirectly, Congress wanted and still wants the rule of Gandhi dynasty over India.
Only Sonia & her children are in Congress posters & advertisements of newspapers. Dr. Singh is PM but nobody can find him in the Congress posters. Narsimha Rao was deprived of the honor due to him and was humiliated even after death. Why did not the Congress make just one more ‘samadhi’ in Delhi for a former Prime Minister? After Nehru, Congress always fought in the name of ‘Gandhi’

Dynastic rule does not permit others to dominate the party archives, and Man Mohan Singh, P.V. Narasimha Rao and Lal Bahadur Shastri will not adorn party posters or hoardings. Dynasty banned posters of PM Dr.Singh?

In India, the GC appears to be the Gandhi Clause: you are automatically eligible to rule if you are associated with the ruling Gandhi clan. It does not matter what your personal achievements are, what your attributes are, what your views are, what your vision is. All that matters is that you are somehow associated with the Nehru-Gandhi clan and automatically you are a born ruler of Indians.

What will happen if both Indian and Italian citizenship holders do crime as Italian marines?