Shashikala-Mamta-Maya-Mehbooba..scorched in the Familial Forest Fire Flames

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Shashikala, Mamta, Maya, Mehbooba, Familial Forest Fire, Rabri, Sonia, Mallya, Subrat, Yogi, Triple Talaq, Chirharan, AIDMK, OPS, Two leaves, Shivpal, Trump, Sonu Nigam

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Delhi BJP Assures Food for Rs 10 per plate vs Kejriwal- AAP ate Rs 12000 per plate, Samosa Rs One Crore

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Delhi BJP, Food for Rs 10, Kejriwal- AAP, Rs 12000 per plate, Samosa Rs One Crore, Sangh, Hedgewar, Nagpur, Apte, Indira amma, Congress, Lingraj, Modi Yogi. Orissa, Korea, US, IS, Mehbooba, IIT

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Tweets July 13 and 12 of 2016:

Geelani, Kashmir, Cong, Modi, Dhaka Attack, Sheikh Hashina, Zakri Naik, Mehbooba, Nasa, Supreme Court, Arunachal, TMC, UP, ISIS, HYD, Trump

  • newsanalysisindSeparatist leader SAS Geelani arrested inSrinagar while trying to defy curfew restrictions imposed inthe area, reports news agency ANI13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind ArunachaL How minority Govt can be runto ruin the right of majority learn this art from Congress…13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind कश्मीर: भीड़ की आड़ में आर्मीपर ग्रेनेड फेंक हथियार लूट रहे प्रदर्शनकारी……13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind #AgeOpinion: Bangladesh: Probe terror’smoney links……13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind On one of the world’s largest rivers,floating clinics bring doctors & medicines to…13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind दिल्ली हाई कोर्ट ने कहा-‘ठुल्ले’ का मतलब समझाएं केजरीवाल… Hope Modi’ll let DelhiGovt function: Kejriwal13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind After Dhaka attack, PM Sheikh Hasinaurges parents to keep close watch on children 15missing, Muslim league Zakir..13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind पीएम को लोकतंत्र का पाठ पढ़ानेके लिए SC का शुक्रिया: राहुल गांधी? Howminority govt can be run in Arunanchallearn from? Is thisdemocracy?13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind ……तो अमेरिका को मूर्ख बना रहाहै आतंकवाद को प्रायोजित करने वाले देशपाकिस्तान……13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind @zakirnaikirf may be probed on visitingscholars…13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Explained in one infograph: Morecountries to get e-visa to travel to India…13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind मोदी के खिलाफ मुंह खोलने परराज बब्बर को कांग्रेस ने दिया इनाम, जानें 5’बड़बोले’ बयान……13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Kashmir unrest: Sensitive documents andwireless codes too have been missing since mob attackedpolice station Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind What makes a successful entrepreneurialleader?……13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind 31 दिसंबर के बाद इन स्मार्टफोनपर नहीं चलेगा व्हॉट्सऐप-…13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Paraglider spotted close to Indo-Pakborder in Kaluchak, alert…13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Mehbooba shamelessly trying to conveymessage of normalcy, says Omar wants violence |……13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind The Dhaka attack has sent shockwavesthrough Calcutta–the”close cousin”.…13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind #Nasa‘s #Junomission: Here is the firstlook of #Jupiter and its moons…13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Saab Grintek Defence signs agreement toboost collaboration with India – BDlive Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind @defencepk #Balochistan condemns#Indian violence in occupied…13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind At the time of Bangladesh liberation warHindu population there was 29%, now reduced to…13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind #ieWorld: If threatened, could draw up airdefense identification zone over SCS: China |……13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Flash: Supreme Court quashes order byArunachal Governor, says restore status quo as of Dec 15,2015 in Arunachal Pradesh13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind UP #Congress President Raj Babbararrives at Rahul Gandhi’s Delhi residence for getting hisblessings ANI…13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Punjab Polls 2017: In Bains’ constituency,supporters of Cong ticket aspirants……13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Samajwadi Party run gundaraj in UP, toraise issue of law & order situation in J&K, inParliament on the first day of monsoon session.13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Aadhaar Act is now operational and has alegal framework: report……13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind 8 #lions roaming in Gujarat town causespanic |…13 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind #Breaking on India@9 | CNN-News18reveals identities of ISIS operatives nabbed by NIA inHyderabad on June…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Criticism of party, govt & leader iswelcome but criticism of the country is not welcome:@SudhanshuTrived Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Defreezing bank accounts: No SC relief forTeesta Setalvad,…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind ‘Bangladesh prepares to eraseprovocative speeches from internet’…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind UNESCO clarifies it never awarded Islamtitle of ‘most peaceful religion in the…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Hasina calls up Mamata to complain aboutrelative being extorted, TMC……12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind When a Congress tweet about RahulGandhi led to the funniest caption contest…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Congress gives big role to UP leader whothreatened to ‘chop @narendramodi……12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind After defending alleged arrested ISISlinked HYD youths, now Owaisi leads…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind जेएनयू : पुलिस ने दाखिल कीरिपोर्ट, तीन चैनलों के खिलाफ की गई थीशिकायत===>…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind President Mukherjee accepts theresignation two Union Council of Ministers, with immediateeffect — Dr Najma Heptulla and G M Siddeshwara12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Trump expects more violence, frictionbetween police,…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind India home to 2,36,000 millionaires, totouch 5,54,000 by 2025……12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind PM @narendramodi ‘unhappy’ over mediaportrayal of Hizbul commander #BurhanWani as a ‘hero’…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Cameron’s musical exit: ‘Winnie the Pooh’or ‘West Wing?’:…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind South China Sea ruling ‘final and legallybinding’, says US…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Theresa May: Longest serving homesecretary set to become UK’s PM…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Centre begins probe into funds for ZakirNaik’s NGO as IUML, AIMIM(Both allies of Cong)call forending ‘media trial’…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind @punjabkesari #BJP दंगे कराने कीफिराक में : आज़म खान… @BJP4India @samajwadiparty…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind We regret loss of lives during #Kashmirunrest.We will investigate if unnecessary force was used bypolice:Mehbooba Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Amid controversy, #Hockey Indiaannounces teams for……12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Lohia fought whole life against Nehru-Gandhi family:Newly appointed UP Cong Chief Raj Babbarcalls himself…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind NIA arrests Hyderabad ISIS module chiefand fundraiser :…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind I will return to Patiala House fordocuments again and let court follow the HC procedure:@Swamy39 on National Herald verdict12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Debunking 10 myths about China and theSouth China Sea:……12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Ex-CBI Chief Ranjit Sinha Cong cagedparrot indicted by SC panel in Coal…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Null and void, says China rejecting SouthChina Sea verdict :…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Omar’s ex-wife, kids will not be evictedfrom govt bungalow… Delhi High Court?…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Conversion of AAP into Militancy byanarchist Kejriwal?…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Imran Khan hat-trick weds for the thirdtime to fight Nawaz Sharif?…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Mohd Basheer, MP of IUML ally ofCongress Party in Kerala comes in the support of ZakirNaik……12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

 newsanalysisindGovt moves with caution on Zakir Naikwho inspires Shahrukh-Aamir-Mahesh Bhatt, Digvijay….gl/jwQ2aO…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind SRK, Akshay in Forbes list of world’s 100highest-paid celebrities…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind C.K. Ramachandran, an auto driver RSScadre hacked to death in Annur village. The assailants hurledcrude bombs before stabbing Ramachandran12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind अमेरिकी ड्रोन हमले में मारागया पेशावर स्कूल हमले कामास्टरमाइंड #Peshawar US bodyguard ofPak haven for Global Jihad12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Intelligence report says terrorists mighttake advantage of unrest in……12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind How Kashmiri Muslim couple defied acurfew and walked miles to feed Pandit friend’s starvingfamily:…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind recovery of a bottle of liquor fromanybodys house would mean arrest of all the family’ adultmember & neighbour?…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind J-K not represented, why is CM not inmeeting with PM, asks Omar :Instead of Qing, Oamar shouldinstruct his leaders to spread not violence?12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind #HTtech | Google notifies users of 4,000state-sponsored cyber attacks per month:…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Alappuzha, Mysuru among cleanest citiesin India, Delhi at the bottom: Survey…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Implications of the US-India CyberRelationship Framework……12 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind #KashmirUnrest: PM @narendramodichairs high level…12 Jul from Twitter Web Client



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Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966

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डी एल एफ – वाड्रा : भ्रष्ट तंत्र 


JUDGMENT : J. S. Verma J:

Continuous floating news: Morning July13, 2016

Wimbledon, Indian hockey,  e-Visa, Raj Babbar, HarvardHBS, Omar, Mehbooba, Dhaka attack, Jupiter,Lions roaming in Guj, Aadhaar, Cong ticket, Religious demography, China, Bangladesh
Sand artist @sudarsansand congratulates the #IndianHockey team on qualifying for the #Rio2016 with a sand sculpture.

Sikh man allegedly asked to leave Wimbledon queue in London for ‘making people around him uncomfortable’



Explained in one infograph: More countries to get e-visa to travel to India

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    मोदी के खिलाफ मुंह खोलने पर राज बब्बर को कांग्रेस ने दिया इनाम, जानें 5 ‘बड़बोले’ बयान


    The Dhaka attack has sent shockwaves through Calcutta–the”close cousin”.


    newsanalysisindia Retweeted Saurabh Bhardwaj

    At the time of Bangladesh liberation war Hindu population there was 29%, now reduced to 9%

    newsanalysisindia added,


    UP President Raj Babbar arrives at Rahul Gandhi’s Delhi residence for getting his blessings ANI

Anti-Modi Lobby becomes the symbol of Anti-Nationalism

Anti-Modi Lobby, Symbol of Anti-Nationalism, Farooq, Kashmiri Pandits, Sainik Colony, Mehbooba, Nationl Anthem, Mamta, Religious divide

J&K-sainik-colony-mehboba @newsanalysisindia I have nothing to tell media: Farooq Abdullah on disrepect the national anthem issue: For them secularism means to insult national-symbols? 7:33 AM – 27 May 2016

Accursed-chapt-5-Sheikh @newsanalysisind Anti- Lobby becomes symbol of Anti-nationalism?  7:58 AM – 27 May 2016



PDP-BJP have thrown J&K into constitutional crisis: Junaid Mattu, NC

Tags: PDP-BJP,  J&K, Constitutional crisis, Junaid Mattu, NC, Mehbooba, Midterm polls


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PDP ends suspense, says alliance with BJP will continue in Jammu and Kashmir

Tags: PDP ends suspense, Alliance with BJP, Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba, Oath

Tweets Jan 12, 2016


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Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966

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