Congress Corrupt Money Abroad by Hawala via Pro Pak Hafiz Saeed who Funded Hurriyat: NIA-ED Probe Begins

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Congress Corruption money abroad by Hawla through Hafiz Saeed?

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PM hawalabaazi comment linked as I tweeted on Feb 27, 2015:                            7:17 AM – 13 Sep 2015

@Swamy39 PM’s warning spooks ISI-linked hawaladars …         10:13 PM – 12 Sep 2015

During a debate on July 7 at India News former RAW officer RSN Singh made ??some revelations that will shake you up.

“India’s enemy No. 1 Hafiz Said is blackmailing Congress. Hafiz Said is the helping hand for sending the black corrupt money of Congress abroad by hawala. This is the money which is looted by congress. And return of this Hafiz Said is running his terrorist network racket in India without any resricion. Serial blast on Bodh Gaya is the concrete proof of this. Even after receiving the IB information nothing precautious was taken by Nitish Kumar government.”

(Ex-RAW officer Singh’s indirect finger was the black money collected in scams such as @G Coalgate, Railgate, VVip Choppergate, Jet-Etihad-gate etc.)

Is there any link of Ishrat Case? Investigating Agencies should look on this angle also.

Involvement of Headley in terrorism

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, whom Gilani (headley) befriended.In exchange for information about his long-term Pakistani drug contacts, Gilani received a considerably lighter sentence than his co-defendant: fifteen months in jail and five years of supervised release. In November 1998, Headley was delivered to the low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Fort Dix.There, Gilani became an increasingly devout Muslim. In July 1999, months after Gilani began his sentence, his attorney, Howard Leader, requested permission for Gilani (Headley) to be given a supervised early release from prison so he could travel to Pakistan to be wed in an arranged marriage. Judge Carol Amon granted the unusual request.

While visiting Lahore, Gilani (Headley) was introduced to Lashkar-e-Taiba, an Islamist terror organization that would later launch a high-profile attack on the Indian parliament. Gilani made further trips to Pakistan without the knowledge of U.S. authorities, immersing himself in Lashkar ideology. He befriended Lashkar’s spiritual leader, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, and committed himself to the group’s war on India, which was supported by the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan’s premier intelligence service.


Described as perhaps the largest cross-border journalism collaboration in history, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) claimed to have laid bare the secrets of more than 120,000 offshore companies and trusts and nearly 130,000 individuals and agents connected to hidden dealings of politicians, con artists and the mega-rich in more than 170 countries, including India.

Who are the Indian Politicians, business giants of India in that list? Rahul Gandhi should throw some light on above to show his Mr. Clean image and also Mrs. Clean image of Sonia Gandhi via Mussoline Pope pact 1929.


Sonia Gandhi is wealthier than three time premier of Italy Berlusconi


Tax havens: Super-rich “hiding” $21Trillions

National wealth stashed away in tax havens: Court to Centre: are you sleeping?

A deafening silence on funny money – S Gurumurthy – 03-04-2009


Does India bring back black money from tax haven?

The documents, a series of top secret internal memos that have been in existence since the first quarter of 2011 but recently accessed by IBNLive, indicates that the government has reclaimed almost all of the black money lying in offshore tax havens – a staggering Rs 1412 lakh crore. This is almost 70 times higher than the figure of Rs 70 lakh crore put forward by a BJP think tank and crusader Ramdev in 2011.


Few passing London tourists would ever guess that the premises of Bulgari, the up market jewelers in New Bond Street, had anything to do with the pope. Nor indeed the nearby headquarters of the wealthy investment bank Altium Capital, on the corner of St James’s Square and Pall Mall.


But these office blocks in one of London’s most expensive districts are part of a surprising secret commercial property empire owned by theVatican.

Behind a disguised offshore company structure, the church’s international portfolio has been built up over the years, using cash originally handed over by Mussolini in return for papal recognition of the Italian fascist regime in 1929.


In April 1929, Mussolini was publicly praised by the Pope (Pope Pius XI) as a “man sent by providence” and the priests told their parishioners they should vote for Mussolini. Mussolini won 98.33 per cent of the vote.


Sonia’s father Stefano Maino was follower of Mussolini gave Sonia Gandhi Russian name Sonia’s father Stefano Maino was a follower of Mussolini. When he was in the prison of Russia, he fell in love with Russian culture and literature, government-run RIA Novosti reported pointing that all his daughters including Sonia (Antonio Maino) have Russian names and Sonia can also speak a little Russian. Quattrocchi Flied: India’s Sovereignty is mortgaged to Italy


Apart from the portrait, the other prominent feature of the dimly-lit front room of Maino’s house was the collection of leather-bound speeches and writings of Benito Mussolini. I looked pointedly at them. Without batting an eyelid, (Mussoline Pope Pact 1929) Maino declared his unwavering loyalty to Mussolini and Italy’s ‘admirable’ fascist past. The words streamed forth. The current Italian government was composed of a bunch of traitors who had betrayed Mussolini and the Fatherland. All the modern Italian political parties were hopeless, except the neo-fascist front. What Italians needed was compulsory sterilisation. Indira Gandhi smiled benignly out of the silver-frame. Nadia, Sonia’s petite and pretty younger sister, sitting beside her father, looked decidedly embarrassed.


That did not stop Stefano Maino’s frank and forthright expression of his views on life and politics. After all, he had proudly fought against the Russian Reds alongside Hitler’s Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front in World War II. The bold and direct manner of the soldier remained with him. I felt a tinge of sadness when this blunt and straightforward man died a few years ago. Perhaps, he is up there somewhere, directing his daughter to shed her self-imposed solitude and sophistry, and to launch a bold electoral blitzkrieg on the Indian people.