Azadi Gang’ Sardars Rahul Kejriwal ..Mughalistan Red Coriodor to divide India

Azadi Gang’ Sardars,  Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Mamta, Mughalistan, Red Coriodor, Divide India, Army Chief Rawat, Sardana Rohit, Advocate Prashant Patel, AISIS, Owaisi, Slogan in JNU, Cong poster boy Kanhaiya, Khalid, Jignesh, Assam NRc, Bangla infiltrators

Nations Islamic Non-Islamic consider PM Modi as World Leader: Bharat mata ki jai chanting in Jordon

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Nations Islamic, Non-Islamic, PM Modi as World Leader, Bharat mata ki jai,  Jordon, Pelestine, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arab, Khadi desh, Owaisi, ISIS, Priyanka Chopra, Israel

Maya Left may boycott Corrupt Lalu Rally: Cong Separatists opposing Supreme Court for giving bail to Col Purohit

Maya Left, Boycott Corrupt Lalu Rally, Cong Separatists, Opposing  Supreme Court, Bail to Col Purohit, Justice media activism, Union Minister Aheer, Mir Afzal, Owaisi, Digvijay, Hindu Saffron Terror, Shinde, Chidambaram, Malegaon, Huji, Yogi Adityanath

Few Ind Youths join ISIS: Rahul Gandhi jumps Anti-India Camp

Ind Youths, ISIS, Rahul Gandhi jumps, Anti-India Camp, Prashant Bhushan, Supreme Court, CPIL, Owaisi, JNU Slogans, Rahul in Makad Jaal

‘I was walking into a death-trap’: Young Indian Muslims caught trying to join ISIS tell Daily Mail
What Pappu would have to say?


As media report of Jan 13, 2016, the Supreme Court bench said,”Prashant Bhushan, you have an image of a crusader. ….Why should CPIL be a front for settling corporate rivalry or personal vendetta?”

The Hindu reported on Dec 16, 2016: One of the documents, the Prashant Bhushan’s petition alleged, contained a cryptic entry – ‘Gujarat CM’ – believed to be a reference to Mr. Modi. The Bench had in the past two hearings expressed its disinclination to entertain the petition….“You are making allegations against the Prime Minister of the country… We cannot initiate an investigation just because a big man has been named by someone,” the Supreme Court Bench had cautioned Mr. Bhushan previously.

Give Kashmir to Pakistan: Prashant Bhushan & AAP Kejriwal – YouTube

Prashant Bhushan wants referendum on Army presence in Kashmir …

Image result for owaisi guru rahul gandhi newsanalysisindia
Image result for jnu slogans rahul supported newsanalysisindia
*Rahul Gandhi was in JNU to support Slogans raised there

Video:Sedition case against asadowaisi & other 13 News: Morning July 16, 2016

Arunachal, Turkey, Zakir naik, Owaisi, France, Salman, Military coup, Wani, IS, Balochistan, Newt Gingrich, Sharia, Nalanda, UNESCO


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डी एल एफ – वाड्रा : भ्रष्ट तंत्र 


Look just a minute Sedition case against asadowaisi & other 13 News: Morning July 16, 2016

  1.  Arunachal, Turkey, Zakir naik, Owaisi, France, Salman, Military coup, Wani, IS, Balochistan, Newt Gingrich, Sharia, Nalanda, UNESCO


    newsanalysisindia Retweeted ANI You all know that Arunachal  CLP is in agreement and Pema Khandu will swear in as the CM: Kaming Dolo (Cong MLA)

    अल कायदा France– घास काटने  ki machine जैसे ट्रक चलाकर कुचल दो: Zakir naik, Owaisi criticize?



    newsanalysisindia Retweeted ANI  Gunfire…military coup in Turkey:

    newsanalysisindia Retweeted newsanalysisindia

    Jamil Maqsood, exiled PoK leader: Pak continues to occupy PoKin violation of UN resolutn, no right to talk of India:

    newsanalysisindia Retweeted newsanalysisindia : Nawaz sings on the tune of Army Chief Sharif to avoid military coup as going in Turkey & created by Musharraf?

    newsanalysisindia Retweeted newsanalysisindia : Col (retd) Mirza, Gilgit leader: Pak must withdraw its troops from Kashmir as per UNCIP rather than blaming India:

    UNESCO declares Nalanda Mahavihara World Heritage Site

Watch Video: Continuous floating news: Night News: July 13, 2016

Narendra Modi over media, Burhan Wani, Indo-Pak border, Gangajal, Zakir Naik, Amarnath Yatra, Kashmir, Owaisi, Democracy



Please feel free to read my books:

Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966

Accursed & Jihadi Neighbour

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डी एल एफ – वाड्रा : भ्रष्ट तंत्र 


Tweets July 11, 10 and 9 of 2016:

Cameron, ISIS, Baluchistan, Wani, Owaisi, Hafiz Saeed, Salahuddin, Zakir Nak, Bangladesh, Gangajal, Sharif, Sharif, PM Modi, Human right, Saudi arab, Amarnath, TMC, AMU, Bollywood

newsanalysisind David Cameron says he will resign byWednesday, Theresa May to be next British Prime Minister11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind ISIS hyd module Fahad & Llyas………11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Solution to the Proxy War of Pakistan inKashmir? Baluchistan another Ba… @YouTube11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Sharif eye-opener statement for us tofollow Hafiz Saeed-& Salahuddin who call Wani a……11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Watch Video: Zakir Naik –AsaduddinOwaisi members of Aligarh Muslim University Top……11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Watch Video:Zakir Naik seeks Bollywood,vote bank politicians, Media and Legal experts……11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind……11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Solution would be found to Pakistan ProxyWar in Kashmir? Balochistan……11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Pakistan is advised to refrain frominterfering in the internal affairs of its neighbours:MEASpokesperson:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Counter terrorism?……11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Solution would be found to the Proxy Warof Pak in Kashmir? Balochistan……11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Solution of the Pakistan problem……11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Andrea Leadsom pulls out of Britain’s PMrace, Theresa May sole…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Arvind Panagariya may be named as newRBI governor: Report…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Opp to Cong spokespersons; Sonia onWani’s killing: There can be no compromise on nationalsecurity:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind बुरहान के सफाए पर पाक पीएमबोले- सुरक्षाबलों की कार्रवाई शर्मनाक,हाफिज ने कहा वानी शहीद है:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Welcome statements of GN Azad &Salman Khurshid on #BurhanWani,indication of correctivestand on terror and its consequences @MVenkaiahNaidu11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Corruption case: Delhi court sends allaccused including Former Delhi Principal Secretary RajendraKumar to three day CBI remand11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Idris Ali, MP, has been cautioned formaking a statement without the consent of the party: DerekO’Brien, TMC?…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Now, postman to deliver Gangajal at ourdoorsteps:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Kerala: Sons used to visit Zakir Naik, saysfather of missing men:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Rajnath, Sonia, Omar put their headstogether for Kashmir…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Nawaz Sharif eye-opner statement for Ind-Govt to folliw Hafiz Saeed-& Salahuddin call BurhanWani a martyr?…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind AAP MLA Jarwal touched womaninappropriately after argument? – Know molestation FIRdetails:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind SHOCKING: These anti-India tweets byBurhan Wani follower of Zakir Naik will jolt you to the…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Islamic State, JMB recruiting joblessMuslim youths for ‘jihad’ in eastern…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Nawaz Sharif eye-opner statement for Ind-Govt to folliw Hafiz Saeed-& Salahuddin call BurhanWani a martyr?…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Zair Naik seeks Bollywood, vote bankpoliticians, Media and Legal expert… via @YouTube11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind There should be one flag for the whole ofIndia, says JKNPP leader Bhim Singh on Kashmir…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed &Hizbul chief Syed Salahuddin call Burhan Wani a martyr, sayPak must take…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Delhi court allows accused JSPL officialSuresh Singhal to turn approver in coal scam case againstNaveen Jindal:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind PM Narendra Modi signs the visitors’ bookat State House, Nairobi…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Petitioner cites that Zakir Naik’s speecheswhich are available online are provocative…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind If Pak is so concerned on Human Rights,then they must look into the way (their) army is treatingKashmiris in PoK:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind ‘Saudi Arabia have signalled arrival ofLeT’s “humanitarian” NGO Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation(FIF) as being the source for terror attack’11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind European Parl’s VP:12 Pakistanis’ arrestfor attacks in Medina,Jeddah,Qatif has made even Saudis situp& take note’…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind #AmarnathYatra resumes from #Jammubase camp अमरनाथ यात्रा दोबारा शुरू, जम्मूप्रशासन के लिए बसें रवाना।…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind #BanZakirNaik: 2nd top Muslim bodythreatens government; says will protest if Zakir Naik isarrested…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Zakir Naik won’t be coming to India for 3-4weeks as he will be in Africa:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind बुरहान के सफाए पर पाक पीएमबोले- सुरक्षाबलों की कार्रवाई शर्मनाक,हाफिज ने कहा वानी शहीद है……11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind JuD chief Hafiz Saeed hails Burhan Wani’s’martyrdom’, renews call for ‘jihad’ in Kashmir:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Zair Naik seeks Bollywood, vote bankpoliticians, Media and Legal experts help to let preaching forterrorism:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind TMC MP Idris Ali comes in the defense ofa preacher of terrorism?…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind प्रधानमंत्री #नरेन्द्रमोदी नेकेन्या को 30 फील्ड एम्बुलेंस उपहार में भेंटकी…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind इस्लामिक जाकिर नाइक के भारतलौटने पर सस्पेंस, प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस की रद्द via…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind AMU ने केंद्र के हलफनामे परजवाब देने के लिए 4 हफ्तों का समय मांगा… …11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Students in Nalanda, Bihar Nitish’sMangalraj vandalise school premises after their outdoor tourwas cancelled:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind Zakir Naik seeks Bollywood, media andlegal experts help to let preach himterrorism………11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind 6 people followed me and 2 peopleunfollowed me // automatically checked by fllwrs.com11 Jul from fllwrs

newsanalysisind Cong Govt invited Zakir Naik in 13 may2013 to address IPS…. via@YouTube11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Markets open at new 2016 high; Sensexup over 400 points:…11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Priyanka convinced Rahul to do a U-turnon GST: Pass Bill without 18% cap?Nitin Gadkari talks aboutGST bill……11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Zakir Naik – Asaduddin Owaisi membersof Aligarh Muslim University Top C… @YouTube11 Jul from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind @dna Don’t sensationalise: I&BMinister Venkaiah Naidu urges media Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Martyr Rai vs आतंकी वानी की मौतपर भड़का पाकिस्तान,मानवाधिकार का राग………10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind AMU will organize Bi-CentenaryCelebration in 2017?What Zakir Nak’ role will be in that?… ……10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Zakir Naik with Aamir and hismovie………10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Zakir Naik – Asaduddin Owaisi membersof Aligarh Muslim University Top Council……10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Dr Zakir Naik, Adv Majeed Memon andMahesh Bhatt addressing the over 60 Media Correspondentson June 22,…10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind @YesIamSaffron @abhaymrn@rahulkanwal @PMOIndia No future of Prp-Congressee-secular media in Nationalist Pro-dev BJP led Modi Govt10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Muslim League ally of Congress Party ofreligious divide, backs Zakir Naik ‘who’s being hunted for noreason’…10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind 15 Kerala youths go missing, kin fear theymay have joined ISIS:…10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind Would like to avoid killing of youth, says J-K police:…10 Jul from Twitter Web Client


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newsanalysisind सीबीआई कोर्ट ने दिल्ली केमुख्यमंत्री के पूर्व मुख्य सचिव राजेन्द्रकुमार को 1 दिन की न्यायिक हिरासत में भेजा…10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind PTI: Bangladesh Govt bans broadcastingof India-based Terror-preacher Zakir Naik’… ……10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind UPA Govt invited preacher of terrorism toteach IPS at SV Patel Police……10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind Irked by govt move, wholesale markets togo on indefinite strike……10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind @BJPRajnathSingh Jee को जन्मदिनकी बधाई :… …10 Jul from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind JNU छात्रनेता उमर खालिद नेआतंकवादी बुरहान को बताया क्रांतिकारी……10 Jul from Twitter Web Client


newsanalysisind @mkatju @fls53 Justice Katju is the son offormer CM of MP Late Kailash Nath Katju nearest to Nehru..9 Jul from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind Dallas Police Robot saves white-police toshoot suspect BlackLivesMater via@YouTube9 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind We are in politics not only to make theGovt but we are in politics to make the country:@BJPRajnathSingh…9 Jul from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind Dallas police may be first US lawenforcement agency to use a robot to kill a……9 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Following the shooting, Police Robotconfronted Johnson at a parkinggarage………9 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Dallas Police Robot saves white-police toshoot suspect……9 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Dallas police may be first US lawenforcement agency to use a robot to kill a……9 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind SC to hear defamation case against RahulGandhi today:…9 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind After Afzal Guru now praising BurhanWani by Omar Abdullah wishing to be CM……9 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind @HinduDefense @SureshM46 Effect ofZakir Naik speeches and his supporter Diggi ?9 Jul from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind Women’s hockey team captain Ritu Ranidropped from Oly…9 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Trouble for Mallya who makes London ashaven; court lifts stay on exemption in FERA case:…9 Jul from Twitter Web Client

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Continuous floating news: Night News: July 13, 2016

Narendra Modi over media, Burhan Wani, Indo-Pak border, Gangajal, Zakir Naik, Amarnath Yatra, Kashmir, Owaisi, Democracy


‘unhappy’ over media portrayal of Hizbul commander


Alert sounded after paraglider spotted close to Indo-Pak border: Amassive search operation has been launched along the Indo-Pak border on the Pathankot-Jammu stretch of the national highway in Jammu and Kashmir after an intelligence alert was sounded about a motorised paraglider having been seen near Kaluchak. Army sources inform that an alert was received last evening that a blue and white coloured paraglider had been spotted by troops deployed along the border in Kaluchak area at around 5 pm in the general location of Rakh Bandawali.

With the intelligence agencies having earlier sounded an alert that terrorists might try to infiltrate from Pakistan using a paraglider, parachute in order to carry out an attack deep inside Indian territory, a high-level alert was immediately sounded.


13:25   Kashmir violence: Protesters snatch 70 police guns, build armoury: Security forces are bracing for the first Friday prayers after the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani against the backdrop of growing evidence of a secessionist plot to raise an arsenal with arms snatched from security forces.According to sources, a mob took away around 70 semi-automatic and automatic weapons of J&K police after storming a police station in Damhal Hanji Pora in Kulgam two days ago.


Gangajal at your Home- As per Centre’s new scheme, Holy Gangajal from Gangotri & Rishikesh now available at the post office in Lucknow (UP)