Congress is a liability for India as Renuka Aiyyar are for Cong: Maldives may be battle ground as Doclam for Ind and China

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Congress is a liability, Renuka Chaudhary, Manishankar Temple of democracy, Aiyyar, Maldives, Battle ground as Doclam, fIndia and China, Parliament, Smriti irani, Poonawala, Rajyasabha, Modi reminds, Laughter in Ramayan, Surpan Kha

Not In My Name protest to ignore lyching of DSP Ayub Pandit and to defame India by Pro-Pak Militancy elements

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Not In My Name, Protest to ignore Ayub Pandit,  lyching of DSP Ayub Pandit, To defame India, Pro-Pak Militancy , Hizbul, Sallahuddin, China, 1962, Lewftist, Congressm GST, Poonawala, Mahtam Gandhi, PM Modi inGujarat, Israel

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