Now again Hindu Terror propaganda by Janeudhari Rahul and Sidharamaiah for gettting support of Jihadi PFI

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Cong Prez sings on Anti-Nationals: Air hostess and Hawala operator arrested as in 2001 Rahul arrested at Boston

Cong Prez sings, Anti-Nationals, Air hostess and HawalaRacket operator, Rahul Gandhi arrested at Boston,  Bahrain, Dawood, Modi, ISI, ISIS, PFI, Love Jihad, Jignesh, Khalid, Kanhaiya, Prashant Bhushan, Congress funeral,  Cong on vantilation

Sahara-Birla Diary Case: No investigation on PM Modi: Supreme Court :Rahul Mamta may appeal in Italy or Pak court?

Sahara-Birla Diary Case,  No investigation on PM Modi, Prashant Bhushan, Rahul Mamta. Supreme Court, Italy Pak Court,  Supreme Court, Pak, China, Randi, Lal Bahadur Shastri

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राष्ट्रीय एकता

डी एल एफ – वाड्रा : भ्रष्ट तंत्र 


Few Ind Youths join ISIS: Rahul Gandhi jumps Anti-India Camp

Ind Youths, ISIS, Rahul Gandhi jumps, Anti-India Camp, Prashant Bhushan, Supreme Court, CPIL, Owaisi, JNU Slogans, Rahul in Makad Jaal

‘I was walking into a death-trap’: Young Indian Muslims caught trying to join ISIS tell Daily Mail
What Pappu would have to say?


As media report of Jan 13, 2016, the Supreme Court bench said,”Prashant Bhushan, you have an image of a crusader. ….Why should CPIL be a front for settling corporate rivalry or personal vendetta?”

The Hindu reported on Dec 16, 2016: One of the documents, the Prashant Bhushan’s petition alleged, contained a cryptic entry – ‘Gujarat CM’ – believed to be a reference to Mr. Modi. The Bench had in the past two hearings expressed its disinclination to entertain the petition….“You are making allegations against the Prime Minister of the country… We cannot initiate an investigation just because a big man has been named by someone,” the Supreme Court Bench had cautioned Mr. Bhushan previously.

Give Kashmir to Pakistan: Prashant Bhushan & AAP Kejriwal – YouTube

Prashant Bhushan wants referendum on Army presence in Kashmir …

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*Rahul Gandhi was in JNU to support Slogans raised there

Modi launches PoK missile….Evening News Aug 17, 2016

PoK missile, Omar, J&K, Sheikh Abdullah, Sedition, Prashant Bhushan, Mayawati

  1. This is not a battle for chairs. This is about safeguarding a future generation of J&K: Omar GS of Sheikh Abdullah:

  2. @naredramodi govt’s signals to judiciary to fall in line will only enhance credibility of legal system:

  3. newsanalysisindia Retweeted newsanalysisindia

    Some Cong leaders seen offering support to Pakistan: (Sibbal joins Aiyar-Khurshid:

    newsanalysisindia added,

  4. No New Liquor Shops In Delhi This Year: CM Delhi follows Nitish, both follows Loha lohe ki Kaat? Sharabi ….

Kejriwal wants to be inked his face for Pb votes? Yogendra Prashant to launch party for Punjab polls

Tags: Kejriwal, To be inked his face, For Pb votes,   Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan,  To launch party for Punjab polls, AAP, Public schools


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No difference between Mullah Zaeef and Prashant: What is hidden agenda of AAP and Cong on Kashmir?


Tags:  Mullah Zaeef, Prashant Bhushan, Hidden agenda of AAP, AAP and Cong, AAP and Cong on Kashmir, J&K, Nawaz Sharif Keral, Zaeed

No difference between Mullah Zaeef and Prashant:  What is hidden agenda of AAP and Cong on Kashmir?

Attacking Bhushan or me won’t solve the Kashmir issue, says Kejriwal

Would allow allowing the killing of army, police and innocent people of J&K to walk in the line of Mullah Zaeef solve the problem?


Congress and AAP have hidden agenda on Kashmir which both want to throw in the public for newly discovered AAP’s party line of own style of referendum. Both parties have shown their hidden agenda on Kashmir to please Talibani-Pakistan and U S which wants to draw back its forces from Afghanistan.


Mullah Zaeef  founder of Taliaban is present working as the political advisor of Nawaz Sharif. Congress is with Nawaz Shariff and terrorist god father Hafiz Saeed , ISI and Pak army. Proofs find here, Posters in support of Nawaz Sharif at Kerala and posters of Congress in Hyderabad :India map in above poster of Congress shows Kashmir as part of Pakistan.


Sonia and Rahul Congress has hidden agenda on Kashmir: see two posters in the bottom of this article one of HYD and another is of Kerala, and after that let me know Congress is for India or for Pakistan 

Surendra Verma ‏@surendra_verma5m


@vibhask1 @minhazmerchant @ganapati23Kerala Muslims supporting Pakistan. @waglenikhil Retweeted by Vibha ???? 

In above poster Kashmir is shown in Pakistan



 In the continuation of this Union Minister Chidambaram has made personal contact with Mullah Zeef at Tehelka’s THiNK at Goa.


There is a attack on AAP’s office by Hindu Sena. People call Prashant a traitor. AAP leaders  came in the defense of their party but not uttered a single word against Prashan Bhushan as they never uttered a single word against Sonia Gandhi, why?



There was a person with multiple languages.  Knowing his caste is a challenge before every one. But one person perhaps Birbal of Akbar succeeded. When that person was in sleep, hot water was thrown on him. Suddenly he awoke to cry “Shoon Chhe” .  Answer was “Tuu Gujarati Chhe”.  Like that nationalist people of India have known what the hidden agenda is of both Parties and what does mean “Referendum on Kashmir” as said before two years by Prashant and what he said the near to same in this week.


Prashant is on traitor’s foot to say about the referendum on Kashmir. Actually this is the policy of AAP and Congress. Experiment of this referendum policy is shown by AAP to know the opinion of people for forming the government by the support of Congress. 


Source-India Opines


Prashant Bhushan is answering questions:

Can you spell out one or two things you think are very important to change in our existing political structure?


Democracy needs to be de-centralized, power needs to be de-centralized, and we need a substantial measure of direct democracy. At the lowest level you can have direct democracy through gram sabhas and mohalla sabhas, which can take all the decisions rather than their elected representatives. At a larger level, you can have initiatives and referendums by which people can directly decide issues which they feel are important.


Whether they should be legislated upon, for example?


Yes, whether they should be legislated upon, what kind of legislation, what kind of policies and decisions, anything people think is important enough for them to sign an initiative should be put to a referendum. Thereafter, if a majority decides something, it should be immediately done.

Then we need to have a basic electoral reform. By basic, I mean that this Westminster style of democracyhas in any case now become unworkable. In a diverse country like India, it is no longer possible for any one party or any coalition which comes together on any kind of ideas or principles or ideologies to get a majority in Parliament. Those days are over.

So what replaces that?


We can have a system of proportional representation coupled with a Swiss kind of government, where all parties having a certain number of seats in Parliament are represented in the government, obviously, in proportion to their strength. It is, in that sense, a national government. There is no other option. Either you move to a presidential form of government in which one person holds power. But if you have to remain in a parliamentary form then the only option is the Swiss style of national government. You can then safely opt for a proportional representation system, which is a very fair system but then no party can get a majority.


But these ideas the existing political parties are going to resist.

That is what we realised – that the existing political parties are not going to bow to the pressure of the people on even issues which affect their own survival or on issues which really cut their own hands. If you deprive them of the very power that they are enjoying and misusing, then they might as well lose the election. They are not going to agree to any of this. Therefore, we realised that we will have to at least once get in (the system), defeat them at least once in order to bring about these structural changes.


Doesn’t that mean securing a majority at least once in the Lok Sabha?

If not the majority, we need to be a dominant force in Parliament in order to drive this legislative agenda.

That’s really ambitious, right?

Yes, it is ambitious but that is the only way out for this country.


prashant bhushan ka yaha desh droha nahi to kya ? part 2 bindas b

Uploaded on Oct 13, 2011

prashant bhushan ka yaha desh droha nahi to kya ? part 2 bindas bol sudarshan news. suresh chavhanke



@KiranKS LOL Banners all over Delhi asking people 2 SMS ifPrashant Bhushan should be sent 2 Pakistan #BailOn7thJan




Traitors should be sent in Kashmir to fight terrorists?      ………………contd

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