PM Modi in Guj meets a children similar to him : Revolt by Poonawala against Rahul Gandhi’ sellection for Cong President





PM Modi in Gujarat, Child similar to Narendra Modi, Revolt by Poonawala, Rahul Gandhi’ sellection for Cong President, Gandhi surname reserve, GC Clause, Globalization, Vote in US, Grandfather,Jija, Robert Rajendra Vadra, Priyanka, Ad against father, Sonia Gandhi

Azam Khan Guilty of Treason as Sallauddin and Dawood?

Azam Khan, Guilty of Treason, Sedition,  Sallauddin, Salahuddin,  Dawood, National Herald, Sonia, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka, Lashkar Commander Basheer, Feroz Darr, DIG Vaid, Kashmir, CA, PM Modi, Lalu Yadav, DSP Ayub Pandit, Not in my name

Sister-Brother-In-Laws’ stone pelting centres after Kashmir now in Madhya Pradesh !

lokshkati 08 may 2017_Page_1

Sister-Brother-In-Laws,  Stone pelting centres, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Sachin Pilot, Omar, Farookh, Sheikh Abdullah, Arabpati Garib kisan, Priyanka, Rahul Gandhi, Farmers’ debtt wave, Congress, Fuel violence, MP Govt, BJP, Police, Army

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Q to Rahul, Priyanka and Chidambaram on Death Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi

Q to Rahul, Priyanka, Chidambaram, Death Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi assissination, Mercy for Nalini, Suicide bomb blast, Sonia Gandhi, Quattrocchi, Congress, CBI. Lok Sabha, Balsingham in Paris, Politicspartydotcom, LTTE, Sriperumbudur, Swiss PM Olof Plme

Nehru-Gandhi Parivarvaad Reached Tamilnadu via UP: Army Chief’s Warning and Vote bank Politics

Nehru-Gandhi Parivarvaad, Tamilnadu,  UP,  Army Chief Warning, Vote bank Politics, PM Modi, Barabanki, Hardoi, AIADMK, Priyanka, Jaya, Shashikala,  Palaniswami, Panneerselvam

Nehru-Gandhi Parivarvaad,  Tamilnadu via UP: Army Chief’s Warning and Vote bank Politics16-02-2017_Page_1 16-02-2017_Page_2 16-02-2017_Page_3 16-02-2017_Page_4 16-02-2017_Page_5 16-02-2017_Page_6 16-02-2017_Page_7 16-02-2017_Page_8

Lok Shakti Daily Jan 21:Oath of Prez to every law maker in Bharat without touching religious book but Trump’s hand was on Bible

Oath of Prez to every law maker, Oath in Bharat, Touching  religious book, Trump’s hand on Bible, Lok Shakti Jan 21, JalliKattu ordinance, Tamil, Modi, SP, Priyanka

lokshakti 21-01-2017_Page_1 lokshakti 21-01-2017_Page_2 lokshakti 21-01-2017_Page_3 lokshakti 21-01-2017_Page_4 lokshakti 21-01-2017_Page_5 lokshakti 21-01-2017_Page_6


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Lok Shakti: ePaper: Dimple-Priyanka Sasural ko bant ab Uttar Pradesh ko bantane mein Sath Sath

Priyanka, Dimp;e, Vadra, BJP, Uttar Pardesh, Sasural, Bantane mein sath, Submarine Khanderi, Modi fobia, Tweet, Panja, Sakshi Maharaj, Kejriwal, Goa, Punjab, Tarek Fateh

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Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966

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Bihar Muslim couple wed in Temple Shiva muslimon ke 1st paigambar..More 32 News Oct 25, 2016: ePaper-Page 1

Dil hai mushkil, CM Fadnavis, Chhoti Diwali, Akhilesh, Amar Singh, MNS, Strike Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Priyanka



Please feel free to read my books:

Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966

Accursed & Jihadi Neighbour

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Tweets July 5, 4, 3 and 2 of 2016:

UP assembly poll, You Tube, Twitter, Priyanka, Sheila, Kashmir, AAP, Sex attack, Scam wife, Lioness, BJP, Congress, Blackmoney, Karti Chidambaram, Riot Executor, Salman with Modi, Tweet

Tweets July 5, 4m 3 and 2 of 2016:

Tweets July 5, 2016

newsanalysisind @narendramodi_in @narendramodiCabinet: Know all about new…5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind How PM @narendramodi ‘s newly cabinetwith Lawyers, doctor, PhD holder will help BJP in UPassembly poll?…5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Chidambaram a Friend, father &philosopher of black money? ED summon to … via @YouTube5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind PM’s Africa tour to focus onenergy,Investment, dal: Govt may name Rajan’s successorafter @narendramodi Africa…5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind @RahulEaswar @aakuraj…5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Ready for any role in UP, Priyanka will bea ‘great asset’, says Sheila……5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Iraq interior minister resigns over Bagdadattack:…5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind 634 stone-pelters in Kashmir to getamnesty on Eid:…5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Setback to his defender AAP Party: 5-daypolice custody for Kejriwal’s principal… ……5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind French legislators urge intel overhaul afterParis attacks::…5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Police say 13-year-old girl made up’refugee sex attack’ at swimming pool in…5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Defeated corrupt old lioness and her..scams’ wife lead the Cong in UP? via@YouTube5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind My Role: Bigger? But my power will beused ..? @manoharparrikar @KirenRijiju……5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind We think ourselves kings and queens butnow….? @arunjaitley @BJPRajnathSingh……5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind See this so called lioness chased up treeby elephant of UP? @smritiirani……5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Many named me in Commonwealth gamescam Water Tanker scam and so on? Now I will be… ……5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind i am scams executor, she is my wife abbaegi Big Netri? @narendramodi_in……5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Congress Poster Dadi & Didi?Corrupt old lioness, Scams’……5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Just: Chidambaram a Friend, father ofblack money? ED’s summon to his son:……5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Friend, father & philosopher of blackmoney is Chidambaram: Ram……5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Karti Chidambaram Wants More Time toappear before ED::……5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Chidambaram’s son in money launderingprobe in the Aircel-Maxis deal of the 2G scam?…….5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Karti Chidambaram equal to Lalit Modiand Pak agent Shabir Shah, Summoned For Questioning,Wants More Time:…5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Riot Executor MLA: Anarchists to blockModi-Govt dev plan via @YouTube5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Narasimha Rao Has Blotted Record AsPM: ChidambaramTo NDTV? Why he left alone Rajiv tolet………5 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Sheila Dikshit defeated corrupt old lionessand her ..scams’ wife lead the Cong in UP?……5 Jul from Twitter Web Client


Tweets July 4, 2016


newsanalysisind Rohan Bopanna- Florin Mergea crash outof #Wimbledon, losing 6-2, 3-6, 4-6, 7-6, 6-8 to HenriKontinen-John Peers in 3rd round4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Dhaka attackers used to follow IndianIslamic preacher, says……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind 5 km of the main road washed away ……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind We know the character of Pakistan theyare the greatest harbor of terrorism in world: Hassanul Haq,B’desh I&B Min…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Malerkotla (Punjab): Delhi CM ArvindKejriwal attends Iftar…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind AAP news conf, says it is an attempt toparalyse the Delhi govt #ArvindAideArrested wants to disturbModi’ Dev plan?…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Deputy Secretary in Kejriwal’s office,Tarun Sharma, among 5 arrested by the CBI#ArvindAideArrested4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind All done to paralyse the CM office: ManishSisodia?…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Arvind Kejriwal needs to answer thepeople about corruption charges……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Allegations related to bribery and abuse ofposition against them, further probe underway: CBISpokesperson,RK…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Pranab Mukherjee to be briefed on newcouncil of ministers swearing-in-ceremony at 9 pm:@BJP4India @BJYM…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind A.P. govt. offers to rebuild demolishedtemples? Then why not let rebuilt Ram Temple in Ayodhya?…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Salman with Modi flies kite? PushpakViman of Ramayan? Tejas.. via@YouTube4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Made In India Tejas vs Italian madeAugusta Signora Scam via@YouTube4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Modi government consideringimplementing Uniform Civil Code:……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Dosti ho toa aisi? Laxman selectedKumble as coach while being shareholder in his…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Dhaka attack: 20-year-old killed afterrefusing to leave friends… …4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Baghdad bombing: Death toll rises to 165in single Isis attack on Iraqi…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Aamir Khan on Salman Khan’s raperemark Aamirs wants to reind his quiting India remark and soon……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind @newsanalysisind May go…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Two suspects are in custody in connectionwith #DhakaAttack : Bangladesh…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Dhaka carnage: Have 2 terrorists fled toIndia?…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Vir Bhadra Singh BibB of Nitish-Lalu:Himachal Pradesh: High-tech scam unearthed in constablesexam;…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Tejas reminds Obama and other worldleaders visit to Afghan cave via@YouTube4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Quran desecration case: Riot-executors’AAP MLA Naresh Yadav to be arrested by Punjab Police?……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind 1st impression will be last impression:Apna Dal merges with BJP-Big development ahead of U PAssembly…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Defiant Abhijeet refuses to apologise, sayshe is on a ‘mission to expose funded presstitutes’…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Hyderabad MP Owaisi Accused OfOffering ‘Legal Aid’ To Terror Suspects:……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Smriti Irani, ‘Powerful Minister,Queen OfControversies’: Foreign Media vs People says PriyankaVadra Queen of Scam…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Dharmendra Pradhan, Piyush Goel,Balyan may be promoted, Katheria,Nihal Chand, Sampla maybe be removed?…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Rupala, Anupriya Patel, RamdasAthawale, Ajay Tamta, Krishnraj, SS Ahluwalia,Mahendranath Pandey, Arjun Ram Meghwal, PP Chaudharymay be in4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind New Post:Tejas reminds Obama and otherworld leaders visit to know ancient Indian vimana lying inAfghan…4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Watch more videos on ancient Indianvimana lying in… ……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Watch video on ancient Indian vimanalying in Afghancave………4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Sir Desmond Leslie concluded that ancientchariots flying machine wereanti gravitic vehicles &Brahma weapons……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Chinese called Vimana in the Hinduwritings, was found in one of thecaves………4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Ancient flying ma A Vimana is an ancientflying machine described in ancient Indian scripts?……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind “Time Well” encasing the Vimana, itappears to be an electromagnetic radiation-gravity……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind American soldiers entering in the cave?……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind 8 American soldiers towards the Afghancave where is 5000 years old ancient Indian Vimana?……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Tejas reminds Obama and other worldleaders visit to Afghan cave?……4 Jul from Twitter Web Client



Tweets July 3 and 2 of 2016

newsanalysisind Just Post: Salman with Modi flies kite?Pushpak Viman of Ramayan? Tejas induction in……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Word Vimana comprises of Vi, “the sky”and Mana, meaning, “measure”……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind The other Vimana that was used byRavana, is Dandu Monara (Mayura-Peacock)……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Pushpaka Vimana which was used byRama to return from Lanka to Ayodhya?……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Weragantota means the “place of aircraftlanding” in Sinhala?……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Ramayana site Sri Lanka map Six Airportof Ravan:……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind YouTube Aliens …… @Swamy39 Kopyasi:reveals Ramayana’s Pushpak Vimana may…2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Tejas reminds @BeingSalmanKhan with@naredramodi flies kite ?……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Just Post: Made In India Tejas vs Italianmade Augusta Signora Scam: @narendramodi@narendramodi_in @AmitShah…2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Tejas has the fly-by-wire system………?……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Tejas: Lightweight, multi-role supersonicsingle-engine aircraft?……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Weapons that Tejas can carry?……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Glass Cockpit of Tejas?……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Material that Tejas is made?……2 Jul from Twitter W

newsanalysisind Tejas: Time line, Speed, Height-Length,Weight-Service, Cost……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Gandhi afraid of seeingown shadow ascoward lion?……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Signora Gandhi should translate ItalianCourt order?……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Tejas named by A B Vajpayee in May 04of 2003:……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Whenever I borne responsibility in anyorg, I followed discipline: Entering in RS via BJP galeKIfansfor @Swamy39 ?…2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind @W7VOA #Bangladesh attack: ‘Thosewho could cite Quran were spared’… … via…2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind GANDHI SECULRISM divided India; Hinusfrom 10% to 1% in Pak: From 29% to 9% in B’desh;In Indnow 25%?BitthControl?…2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Instead of Munh mein Ram bagal meinchhuri; Say munh mein Gandhi and haath mein chhuri?……2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Dhongi Gandhi gives flood of dramabajpoliticians as Kejri Nitish and Jihadi separatist in the country?…2 Jul from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Ten hostages were rescued: 5 militantskilled: One captured: Two…2 Jul from Twitter Web Client


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