O. Panneerselva may join BJP: Rajnikant vs Sonia Gandhi

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Defence & BSFdeployment maps, visa related documents recovered from both Pak-spies..More 26 News oct 27, 2016 E-Paper Page 2

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Most Viewed 26 News: Evening August 4, 2016

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  1. Less carbs, more healthy fats could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes: New study

    at — Know your sports hero: Sathish Sivalingam

Tax havens more mighty than Presidents, PMs who hide dollars there for safety?

Tax haven, Tax havens more mighty, More mighty than Presidents, PMs,  Hide dollars for safety, Panama papers, Bachchan, Putin, Xi jingping

Is hiding dollars in Tax haven as #panamapapers leak for safekeeping?

Kazakhstan’s Govt says its President Nursultan Nazarbayev deposited in Swiss bank for safekeeping.


Quottorichi deposited for safety in Swiss for Gandhis or else?
Is deposit in Swiss banks for safekeeping?
Does Nehru-Gandhi dynasty follow spelled dynasty of Kazakhstan. In April 2002, Kazakhstan‘s government finally admitted that the president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, had foreign (Swiss) holdings, explained as money sent abroad for safekeeping.
“Never seen or touched a barrel of oil”
It is expected that the facts in the Volcker Report be covered up the way several transgressionsof Indian VIPs have been in the past, the better to blackmail them with later. Congress including its leader Sonia Gandhi claim that they have “Never seen or touched a barrel of oil” or Kick backs in bofors. Smugglers never touch the smuggling goods.


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Prime Minister Modi shirt fronted Nawaz Sharif on 26/11 Mumbai Terror attack

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Prime Minister Modi shirt fronted Nawaz Sharif on 26/11 Mumbai
Terror attack

On a day when the sixth anniversary of Mumbai attack was being observed, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on
Wednesday Nov 26 shirt fronted Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by saying to
SAARC leaders that India feels the “endless pain” of lost lives and
urged the eight- nation grouping to combat terrorism united.

Modi made a reference to the Mumbai terror attack that
claimed 166 lives in his address to the 18th SAARC summit during when he
reached out to the South Asian countries,
announcing business visas to India for three to five years and immediate
medical visa for the patient and an attendant coming to the country for medical

“Today, as we remember the horror of the terror attack
in Mumbai in 2008, we feel the endless pain of lost lives. Let us work together
to fulfil the pledge we have taken to combat terrorism and trans-national
crimes,” Modi told the SAARC leaders who included Pakistan Prime Minister
Nawaz Sharif.

Modi said, “If we are sensitive to each other’s
security, and the lives of our people, we will deepen friendships, spur
cooperation and advance stability in our region.”

PM Modi says that it is
his first SAARC summit at Kathmandu of Nepal, but it is the second time I’m
meeting the colleagues here.

“paas hone se saath hone
ki taaqat zyaada hai.(More imp to be together than to be near each other). I
say this to my country too”

The five pillars that SAARC,
Modi says, rests on – trade, investment assistance, cooperation,
connectivity. “This is call of our times”

* Australian Prime Minister shirt fronted at G-20 over the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines
MH17 in Ukraine – 38 Australians were among the 298 dead.

India’s Narendra Modi jokes that Tony Abbott “shirt-fronted”
Australia by forcing the nation to sit through successive speeches by him, Xi
Jinping and David Cameron.

 “I am the third head of government you are
listening to this week.. “I don’t know how you are doing this. Maybe, this is
Prime Minister Abbott’s way of shirt-fronting you! But, I am truly honoured and
humbled by this opportunity to speak to you.” Indian PM Modi

Labor leader Bill Shorten
says US President Barack Obama has shirt-fronted Tony Abbott on climate change
at the G20 leaders summit in Brisbane.

striking a deal with China to slash emissions last week, Mr Obama stole the
limelight on Nov 16 when he urged developed countries to do their bit in the
“global fight” against climate change.

In a direct appeal to Australia, the president warned natural wonders like the Great Barrier
Reef were under threat and urgent action was needed from all.

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Yogendra Yadav Political Guru of Rahul Gandhi: Maoists invade Congress

Foundation of o a Italian village: Donation to Kejriwal who never utter against


????????????????????????? :
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“Learn from Sonia how to renounce power!”

“Sir, Sonia Gandhi is our PM!”
“She is your PM, Mr. Natwar.”
“S-s-s-h-h-h Mr. Putin, don’t let anyone hear you; she will lose all that she has gained with her sacrifice of PM post.”
“She is not prime minister?”
“No. Mr. Putin”
“Then why are you touching her feet?”
“Because of her sacrifice.”
“I truly do not understand. In Russia we are happy when our man becomes President or PM.”
“I, Dr. Singh and other colleagues are white haired eldest experienced congressmen of India. All we touch her feet.”
“I know, I know, for that PM of India Dr. Manmohan Singh came airport to see off Sonia Gandhi.”
“Dr. Singh obeyed always her instructions, Mr. Putin.”
“What does he want to take her instructions?”
“Who will be his cabinet minister, where will be the president rule etc. etc.
After getting her instructions: Padmashree was given to Glady Staines, CM of Karnatak Adhrarm climbed on the stage of Benny Hin whose wife is the friend of our beloved Soniaji. Because of her instruction three days morn were declared in India on the death of Pope John Paul II. Conversion of Hindus is going on in India smoothly. Population of Hindus and Sikhs declines continuously. Christians have taken over Congress Party.”
“I do not understand. Mr. Natwar”
“What Mr. Putin?”
“Why you came here with Sonia?”
” I came here to assist her. She is inexperienced.”
“Mr. Natwar, actually she has not made any sacrifice! Our KGB knows all about Sonia Gandhi”

After above hearsay, I recall the following:
Former KGB spy Antonio Maino alias Sonia Maino-Gandhi has gone to Russia. According to the respected Swiss Magazine, Schweitxzer Illustrate [November 1991 issue], Rajiv Gandhi had about $ 2 billion in numbered Swiss bank accounts, which Sonia inherited upon his assassination.
Dr. Yevgenia Albats, Ph.D [Harvard], is a noted Russian scholar and journalist. She was a member of the KGB Commission set up by President Yeltsin in August 1991. She was privy to the Soviet intelligence files that documented these deals and KGB facilitation of the same. In her book The State Within a State The KGB in Soviet Union, she even gives the file numbers of such intelligence files, which can now be accessed by any Indian government through a formal request to the Kremlin.

Note, after Congress-led UPA came to power Russia appointed a former KGB spy/director as Ambassador to India. Every Bharatiya knew why she has gone to Russia. That Italian woman was a KGB spy planted by KGB in UK and traped Rajiv Gandhi. Antonio Maino’s father was a Russian prisoner’s of war. Her father worked as Nazi volunteers. Finally Rajiv had to pay the price for that spy Sonia to save her boyfriend Quatrochi and billions dollars of bribes. George Fernades rightly said that that woman should not be allowed to loot our nation and finally fly away like Japanese Fujimuri, who looted Peru.

Sonia Gandhi, chairperson of India’s ruling coalition, now visited the twin Russian cities of Vladimir and Suzdal. Her father Stefano Maino — who was an Italian soldier fighting against Soviet troops during World War II — was jailed in the region of the above said twin cities as a prisoner of war for several years.
But her Russian hosts could not show her the prison where Maino was held as the structure no longer exists.
Maino, who later became a building contractor, never harbored any grouse or anger against his Russian captors.
Rather, Sonia’s father Stefano Maino fell in love with Russian culture and literature, government-run RIA Novosti reported pointing that all his daughters including Sonia (Antonio Maino) have Russian names and Sonia can also speak a little Russian.

Who will dare to counter the following?
1. KGB might have murdered Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Sastri, in Tashkent, by poisoning so that Nehru family can come back to power. Following the India-Pakistan War of 1965, Shastri met in Tashkent with President Ayub Khan of Pakistan and signed a “no-war” declaration. He died the next day Jan 11, 1966. The story put out by KGB that a Muslim cook with Lal Bahadur Sastri’s entourage had poisoned him in Tashkent and escaped to Pakistan may be a cover-up for what KGB had done.

2. Was Sonia Gandhi not groomed and presented in front of Rajiv Gandhi by KGB, to hook Rajiv, which was successful. Subsequently Rajiv married Sonia?

3. KGB might be involved in the plane accident of Sanjay Gandhi and might be pure murder to eliminate Sanjay and to bring in Rajiv as the successor to Indira Gandhi. This paved the way for Rajiv Gandhi to become PM, who is married to KGB agent Sonia.
She took Indian citizenship only after the death of Sanjay Gandhi and after 15 years of her marriage.

Premendra Agrawal