Aiyyar clone of Loan who raised Pro-Pak slogan in the Assembly: Bhagwat misquoted by Rahul who defamed Army

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Pak Dear for Aiyyar, Clone of Loan, Pro-Pak slogan, Jindabad,  Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, Mohan Bhagwat misquoted, Rahul Gandhi defamed Army, Rijiju, Nitish, Congress of Pakistan, Army against Terror, Dynasty of Mufti, Shekh Abdullah, Nehru

Tweets: May 18, and 17 of 2016 :

Pragya, Rijiju, CBI, Taliban, RBI, Afghan, Nulear, Prithvi-IIMissile, Nitish, Priyanka, Godhra, NGO, Cameron, Yoga, Taj

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newsanalysisind బ్రిటన్ యొక్క GCHQగూఢచారులు అధికారికంగా ట్విట్టర్ లోఉన్నాయి: May from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind (आपण छाती असल्यास) पहा: अरविंदकेजरीवाल यांच्या गायन पुन्हा, पंजाबनिवडणूक यावेळी May from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind માલેગાંવ કેસ: શા માટે આવામાંગ યુપીએ સરકાર નથી: કોંગ્રેસ એસસી-મોનીટર તપાસ માંગે છે? May from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind લાવો ડેડ વિશેષજ્ઞ જીવન પરપાછા: સંશોધન, Braindead દર્દીઓ ફરી -Drવિશ્વના ઘણા prts પર જવાનું. હિમાંશુ May from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind લાવો ડેડ વિશેષજ્ઞ જીવન પરપાછા: સંશોધન, Braindead દર્દીઓ ફરી -Drવિશ્વના ઘણા prts પર જવાનું. હિમાંશુ May from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind બહાર નીકળો મતદાનો આગાહીટીએમસી પશ્ચિમ બંગાળ ભાજપ જીતી આસામજવું: May from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind আসামে বিজেপির @sarbanandsonwal@bjpassampradesh @Bjp4Asom @malviyamit@BJPAssam2016 @nirajntsh May from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind Nitinbhai প্যাটেল এই ব্যক্তিপ্রতিস্থাপন Anandiben প্যাটেল গুজরাটেরমুখ্যমন্ত্রী হয়ে? থিংস তার সম্পর্কে জানতে May from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind জেগে বিজেপি এমপি নভজ্যোত সিংসিধু কংগ্রেস অভিশপ্ত যখন, ‘পাপ্পুপ্রধানমন্ত্রীর’…যেমন মনমোহন সিংহ আখ্যায়িত17 May from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind কংগ্রেস Mukt ভারত: রাজ্যনির্বাচনে 2016: এটা কংগ্রেসের জন্য রাস্তা যদিএটা সব 4 রাজ্যের হারায় শেষ কোথায়? May from Twitter Web Client

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newsanalysisind இல்லை Terroirist, பூச்சிதாக்குதல் தாஜ் அன்று: NGTஅறிவிப்பு மையம் மற்றும் வரைஉத்தரப் பிரதேச அரசு: May from Twitter Web Client

newsanalysisind நாயகன் குவியல் எதிராகசி… யானைமிதித்து கொன்றதாக யானைதந்தங்கள் எரித்து இன்: May from Twitter Web Client

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