Congress Corrupt Money Abroad by Hawala via Pro Pak Hafiz Saeed who Funded Hurriyat: NIA-ED Probe Begins

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Cong-black-money abroad via Hawala Azhar’s Afroz Phatta, Hafiz Saeed, Hasan Ali and Moisn Qureshi?

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PM hawalabaazi comment linked as I tweeted on Feb 27, 2015:                            7:17 AM – 13 Sep 2015

@Swamy39 PM’s warning spooks ISI-linked hawaladars …         10:13 PM – 12 Sep 2015

Cong-black-money abroad via Hawla Hafiz Saeed, Hasan Ali, Moisn Qureshi and Azhar’s Afroz Phatta?

DNA reported today on  April 28: Just hours after Congress targetted BJP by accusing Narendra Modi to be involved in Hawala scam, the battle took center-stage as BJP retorted. 

BJP MLA Harsh R Sanghavi tweeted a picture of Congress MP Azharuddin with ‘hawala kingpin’ Afroz Phatta.


Afroz Phatta with Congressi Leader @azhrudeen will congress Answer what’s there connection with Him? @AmitShahOffice

— MLA Harsh R Sanghavi (@sanghaviharsh) April 28, 2014


During a debate on July 7 at India News former RAW officer RSN Singh made ??some revelations that will shake you up.

“India’s enemy No. 1 Hafiz Said is blackmailing Congress. Hafiz Said is the helping hand for sending the black corrupt money of Congress abroad by hawala. This is the money which is looted by congress. And return of this Hafiz Said is running his terrorist network racket in India without any resricion. Serial blast on Bodh Gaya is the concrete proof of this. Even after receiving the IB information nothing precautious was taken by Nitish Kumar government.”

(Ex-RAW officer Singh’s indirect finger was the black money collected in scams such as @G Coalgate, Railgate, VVip Choppergate, Jet-Etihad-gate etc.)


Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, whom Gilani (headley) befriended.


Described as perhaps the largest cross-border journalism collaboration in history, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) claimed to have laid bare the secrets of more than 120,000 offshore companies and trusts and nearly 130,000 individuals and agents connected to hidden dealings of politicians, con artists and the mega-rich in more than 170 countries, including India.

Who are the Indian Politicians, business giants of India in that list? Rahul Gandhi should throw some light on above to show his Mr. Clean image and also Mrs. Clean image of Sonia Gandhi via Mussoline Pope pact 1929.

Sonia Gandhi is wealthier than three time premier of Italy Berlusconi

Tax havens: Super-rich “hiding” $21Trillions

National wealth stashed away in tax havens: Court to Centre: are you sleeping?

A deafening silence on funny money – S Gurumurthy – 03-04-2009


Does India bring back black money from tax haven?


Hasan Ali and Moin Qureshi Co. is Black Money Conduit for Congress Politicians Industrialists including 10 Janpath?

Attempting to drag the Gandhis into a fresh controversy, Modi said during his 3D hologram address shown live at various locations, accused the “ma-beta ki sarkar” of shielding Hasan Ali, a Pune-based stud farm owner accused of tax evasion. “Last year, Supreme Court directed the Centre to form a special investigation team (SIT) to probe black money… but they failed to set up the SIT.”

Aswamegh Yagya: Rs 35000 cr of Pune’s Racehorse owner Hasa Ali is frozen in Swiss Bank.

I-T raids in Pune for tax evasion

An illegal money transfer racket conducted by Pune based Racehorse owner Hasan Ali is exposed on March 7 of worth Rs 350 million plus what’s still not known! Italian Gandhis and their worshippers are silent. Italians and their worshippers arguments are equal to: Hasan Ali of Rs 350 million in Swiss: Dung on wall? How did cow climb?

I-T raids on Moin Qureshi -10 Janpath nexus




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