Kabristan Issue in UP Election? Muradbad Means Let Dead To Alive! Living Leaders As Dead Due To Appeasement-Divide And Rule Policy

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RSS culture vs RSS Phobia with Italian Gandhis Culture

Indian culture, RSS culture, RSS Phobia, Italian culture, Bhagwa dhwaj, Saffron, Patriotism, Sacrifices, Swayam Sevak, Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh

Being Defence Minister Manohar parrikar bowed before his Ex Professor and pleased to touch his feet.  Being a swayamsevak of RSS he learnt this in Sakhaas “Guru-Shishya” culture and giving respect to elders. This is our saffron tradition, Indian Hindu culture.

Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sandh and Swayamsevaks follow India culture, Hindu tradition and feel proud to worship Bhagawa dhwaj a symbol of patriotism and sacrifices.




Geeta and Going in Prison of IIM Guru Lalu Yadav

Geeta and Going in Prison of IIM Guru Lalu Yadav


In India Lalu has become IIM Guru in the past.


Are Burqa Secular Yadavas including Mulayam and Lalu Prasad Gokul Krishna’s Vanshaj?


Is Lalu Yadav who is now in Jail, a son of Gokul symbol of honesty? Does Lalu follow Gokul Krishna and Gita? RJD leader former CM of Bihar is also the subject of international interest but to defame India.  


Marx Capitalism Vs Gita

Top business schools in US have introduced “self-mastery” classes that use Indian methods to help managers boost leadership skills and find inner peace in lives dominated by work. If we could or can follow our Hindustani methods then there would not be need to voice “Duniya ke Mazdooro ek ho” or “Gandhigiri”. The Western capitalists should learn a lesson from their so-called third World counterparts. Capitalists forget that they have a social responsibility, too.  How can we make happy to our nation by increasing few millionaires to make millions poor? Term human in business often gets neglected when terms like “stakeholders” are bandied around. Well being of the environment, society, employees, in addition to shareholders, is equally important for a well-balanced 21st Century business.


Forgetting Gita

Forgetting Gita means resulting in the loss of self identity, self respect and hence ethics. Indian history is the history of braveries but now former Congress CM present CM of J & K Gulam Nabi Azad and Omar Abdullah had flown tears for Afzal Guru. Congress General Secretary Digvijay Sing called Osama as OsamaJi. Musharraf called Manmohan a weak PM. Now Nawaz Sharif called him in New York a village woman (dehati aurat). Worshippers of a Italians, Cambridge, Oxford and British Rule, how can dare to answer all these? How can Congress dare to answer whose Vice President Shahjada Rahul has called Nonsense Manmohan Government in the Press Conference?


Who calls terrorists to Tilak, Subhash, Savarkar?

We proud of our Indian heritage, it started with Yoga again for the past two decades. Old is gold. Indian philosophy, Hindu religious books have lots to offer to avoid all the disasters we are seeing in the 21st Century. Just think about: Just 66 years ago we Indians were called all kinds of names, including terrorists by the Brits when we were fighting for our independence. Now the same is not repeating to mention in HRD’s NCERT and IGNOU books Tilak, Subhas and Sawarkar as terrorists. Teressa, Glady Staines and MF Hussain got highest award of India instead of those who have devoted their lives for the sake of Indianess Hindutva and Hinduism.


Give & take

God is created human being for giving and it is in giving that we find fulfillment. On the other hand, everything in the world teaches us to take. America enjoys most of the wealth of the world, so it is disturbed more than others. Leaders of India elected by people for the people but they do all things to fulfill their self instead of doing for the benefit of the people.


Is Saffron a poison?

The ancient Hindu culture is evergreen. All the thoughts can be applied in any time. That is why it is also called Sanatana Dharma. Shri Shri Ravishankar, Ramdeo baba and now Vedantic Swamy Parthasarthy is flagging the saffron ancient glory of India in the land of US and Europe. In India unfortunately fake seculars are learning ‘Soniaism’ instead of ‘Saffronism’. There was a movement by so called seculars against the former HRD Miniser Murli Manohar Joshi to call ‘saffronization’ as a poison. Pragya Bharti, Col Purohit are in Jail due to falsehood of Saffron terror. Who forced Bhavesh Patel and others to name Mohan BhagwatJi and IndreshJi of RSS in Ajmer blast?


Cracking jokes about the rustic and colorful Lalu Prasad Yadav is a popular sport among India’s chattering classes. The so-called fodder scam was a brilliant trick to rob the government: Millions of rupees were shown to be spent on fodder for nonexistent cattle as crooks happily pocketed the proceeds.


God, newspaper columnist Russell Baker once said, is a cosmic joke player. One can only wonder what all those snobbish pundits have to say now that all the world’s top management gurus are lining up to study the Bihar cowherd’s management techniques after what can only be called a staggering achievement.


Both Harvard and HEC France had shown interest in turning Lalu’s experiment with the railways into case studies for aspiring business graduates.


“We are looking at making the Indian Railways a part of our course. While nothing has been finalized as of now, I will be visiting India in October-November to talk to the concerned officials,” said Karine Lejoly of HEC.


Incidentally, Lalu was already a subject of a study by sociologists at Harvard University in the United States.


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