RSS 1963 R’Day parade to donating blood #kollam? Where is Rahul-Kanhaiya-Kejri-Nitish-Yechury Gang?

RSS 1963 R’Day parade, RSS to #kollam, Rahul-Kanhaiya,-Kejri-Nitish, Yechury Gang, RSS Facebook page, Swayamsevak, Congress, Tharoor, Secularism

kollam-rss-blood-donateIn the pictures, posted on RSS’ Facebook page, hundreds of ‘swayamsevaks‘ can be seen waiting outside Trivandrum Medical College to donate blood outside for victims of Puttingal temple fire tragedy.



*Congress secularism symbols: Burqa of appeasement and Bikini of Corruption with Fascist stamp of Italian Gandhis.
*”Secularism burqa in my view is preferable to the khaki shorts of the Italian fascists of the 1920s. Shorts which signify intolerance and hatred, which he is not trying to hide. He was a RSS pracharak,” Minister of State HRD Tharoor said.
*Tharoor as Goebbels dares to say: Tharoor who is a unknown of the Sangh Parivaar said the burqa represents the belief of a certain faith but the Khaki shorts represented intolerance to other communities. Tharoor sees in dream short skirt of Italian Antonia Maino and due to that he remembers Khaki short.
Tharoor hides in burqa to remember Fascist Mussolini-Maino-Antonia’s short skirt


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NDTV: Lost Crops Because Of PM Modi’s Rally, Alleges Madhya Pradesh Farmer: Rumor in News

NDTV, Freedom of Speech, Secularism, Intolerance, TV, Yakub Memon, Afzal Guru, Farmer, Crop, FTII, HYD Uni, JNU, PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi

NDTV: Lost Crops Because Of PM Modi’s Rally, Alleges Madhya Pradesh Farmer: Rumor in News

NDTV threw two notices of Indian Government in dustbin to think that NDTV belongs to Vatican city. Given one notice is related to the  reporting on Pathankot terror attack and second was reporting on Yakub Memon hanging. NDTV reporting on Yakub Memon’s hanging not only evokes the Muslim community but also Rohit of Hyderabad University for suicide? In fact Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal a like politicians and NDTV, India Today a like TV news channels are pushing farmers and students towards suicide. These print and electronic media are responsible for the anarchism and anti-national activities in the FTII, HYD Univ, USmania University and JNU. In the name of freedom of speech, on humanitarian ground, secularism, intolerance etc Pro-Pakistan elements are there glorifying Memon, Afzal Guru etc.

Even our leaders as Omar Abdullah calls Afzal Guru SAHIB in the line of Headley. Congress leader Surjewala calls Yakub Memon as Shree Yakub Memon Jee. Award returning move was also to encourage anti-nationalists pro-Pakistan elements in the name of  freedom of speech, on humanitarian ground, secularism, intolerance etc. Arundhati Roy cousin sister of NDTV’s Pranoy Roy , Teesta girl friend of Sonia Gandhi are in the forefront.


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After ‘secularism’, HYD St suicide, ‘Intolerance’ misuse for vote as British policy “Foot dalo Raj karo”: SonuNigam?

Tags: Secularism, HYD St suicide, Intolerance, For vote as British policy, Foot dalo Raj karo, SonuNigam, African Students, Tanzania, Bengaluru, White skin


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Netaji Must Be Given LeaderOfTheNationTitle: Mamata punish first Malad Jihadis, bomb plant inTMC house..

Tags: Netaji Leader Of The Nation, Mamata Banerjee,  Punish Malad Jihadis, Bomb plant in TMC Virbhum, Burdwan, Amaratya Sen, Secularism, Democacy, Tyagi


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International Anti-India lobby infiltrates conspiracy in India via London to damage the image of PM Narendra Modi

Tags: Anti-India lobbby infiltrates conspiracy, BBCX Internationa conspiracy in India, International Anti-India lobby, London conspiracy, Narendra ModiX Radicals, SikhsX The Gurdian, To damage the image of PM Narendra Modi, Taliban

Anish Kapoor with Sonia spreads hate against Ind Govt as he is doing in France by his sexual sculpture “Christ is king in Versailles”

China  is unable to tolerate that 21 st century is going belong to India of 65% youth. UK media especially BBC and The Gurdian is still in the grip of raqcism. So they can’t digest Modi’s image:

Narendra Modi on Forbes Lists #9 Powerful People (2015)

Did Leslee become the rape victim of BBC’s serial rapist Jimmy Savile? Why BBC banned program on Jimmy but showed Indi’s daughter?

India is being ruled by a Hindu Taliban – The Guardian By Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor’s girlfriend Sophie Walker, stands accused of plagiarising 20:50, a work by his old rival Richard Wilson.


Anish Kapoor writes: he Hindu god Vishnu has several incarnations, many of them human. The latest of these appears to be Narendra Modi.

Perhaps India, rather than China, should be the target of Britain’s charm offensive  Ian Jack Oct 24, 2015


For years Britain shunned Narendra Modi. So why roll out the red carpet now?  Aditya Chakrabortty Nov 10, 2015

Indian writers return awards in protest against ‘climate of … › Arts › Books › India Oct 14, 2015 –

Narendra Modi: the divisive manipulator who charmed the … › World › Narendra Modi


Protest against PM Modi in London


Punjab Police continue crackdown on radicals (whose shadows were Nov 12, 2015 in London) arrest Mand, Zaffarwal?


As secularism, Intolerant opium is invented via TipuJayanti to divide Hindus&evoke minority:

PM Modi rues UN not defining terrorism in 70 years

Jan 16, 2008 – …. They have freedom to define ‘Minority’, ‘Secularism and ‘tainted’ etc according to their convenience.


PM Modi in UK, says no place for intolerance; India is the land of 

Zee News-Nov 12, 2015

… Street before addressing a joint press conference with the UK PM at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London. Later, PM Modi …

Proud of Modi’s speech in Britain, says Rishi Kapoor

UK writers including Salman Rushdie, have called on David Cameron to address the “rising climate of fear” in India when the country’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, who arrives in Britain.

Salman Rushdie hides the facts that not a single book “The Satanic Verses,” , single speec or single art is banned by Narendra Modi led Govt of India. Opposite to this Congress led Indian Govt was the first to ban Rushdie’s book.



SignedPlea to US for release of former Pb CM’s assassin= 65MPs letter Visa @narendramodi_in:




Ex-Indian minister slams BJP for declining Pakistan’s peace overtures

Pakistan Today-Nov 12, 2015

Ex-Indian minister slams BJP for declining Pakistan’s peace overtures … Salman Khurshid, criticised the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for adopting a … Khurshid was of the opinion that Modi is still learning how to be a …

* ….. smiled when Adv’s Kulkarni launched book in Pak? ….



Soni Congress led Karnataka’s CM’s this move is to divide Hindus to evoke minority.

President of Dr Ambedkar Prachara Samiti wants own arrest? writers disturbing peace in Karnataka to make Tipu Hero?

After Karnad, BJP MP receives death threat: Sonia Cong-Tipu ki jay hoa? Award returnees ki muraden puri? blame Modi?

@newsanalysisind PM should step on accelerator, or people will throw Italian born in to Italy or… .?


Ex-Indian minister slams BJP for declining Pakistan’s peace overtures

Pakistan Today-Nov 12, 2015

Ex-Indian minister slams BJP for declining Pakistan’s peace overtures … Salman Khurshid, criticised the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for adopting a … Khurshid was of the opinion that Modi is still learning how to be a …

* ….. smiled when Adv’s Kulkarni launched book in Pak? ….



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Tweets: September 09, 2015 at Twitter @newsanalysisind

Tags:Meat ban, TV Channels, Modi Govt, RSS, GST bill , Mulayam Singh, JD(U, BJP, Vote bank politicians,  Secularism, Rajnath Singh

newsanalysisindia @newsanalysisind
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Poll dates announcement an end of Nitish Kumar reign:

OROP Rally is planned by the UFESM in poll-bound Bihar, so Lt Gen Balbir Singh Retd 4.5 lakh members group breaks:

Andhra Pradesh interlinks mighty Godavari and Krishna rivers to fulfill dream of Atal Bihari Vajpayee:

Mulayam Singh: ‘JD(U) once with BJP, now secular’: For vote bank politicians secularism is a medium to fool people:

Will ensure there is no meat ban: Sena to surrender vote bank politics even on meat?

New post: Tweets: September 08, 2015 at Twitter @newsanalysisind

Rediff: Can the RJD-JDU grand alliance win Bihar? 80% No but 19% says Yes!!:

I&B: Some TVchannels crossed a line while covering Yakub Memon execution:The same type of barking is still continue:

Modi govt, RSS plan to ‘cleanse’ India of Nehru-ian western culture, roadmap to be …

Suppose Maha thag banchan gets majority then King maker and black mailer will be Lalu to remind Jungle raj?

How can digest historical jani dushman Lalu-Nitish each other? If Nitish could deceive BJP & Manjhi then why would Lalu not be deceived?

How can Nitish be CM again and deliver dev by contesting only 100 seats of 245 assembly?

@Swamy39 @rajneesh_saini Why is RamLala still in tent?

Congress opposes special session for passing GST bill to block Development process of BJP Govt:

BJP will be the pre-eminent force in Bihar. He also says Nitish Kumar is now a tragic figure: Yogendra Yadav:

Centre to seek report on dengue :

Son is unlikely to be president of the party so his mother to carry on it helm: Is this democratcic way or kingdom procedure?

Smart city + Secure literate village:

33% reservation for women in paramilitary forces, Rajnath Singh says: Khub ladi mardani vah toa ….


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Rediff: Can the RJD-JDU grand alliance win Bihar? 80% No but 19% says Yes!!:
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I&B: Some TVchannels crossed a line while covering Yakub Memon execution:The same type of barking is still continue:


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Was Gandhi to remove Ashok stambh currency in 1993 secularism? Is putting back Ashok emblem unpatriotic?

Tags: Gandhi to remove Ashok stambh, Ashok stambh currency, Ashok emblem communalism, Gandhi’s photo missing, Rs 10 note,  Rastra Pita, Father of the Nation, RBI, RTI, Unpatriotic, Secularism

Was Gandhi to remove Ashok stambh currency in 1993 secularism?  Is putting back Ashok emblem unpatriotic?

TOI reported on May 30, 2015: Gandhi’s photo missing from Rs 10 note:


Is Gandhi above the national emblem such as Ashok Pillar (Stambh) and Tricolour flag of India? Should we be unpatriotic to be International? What is secularism? What is communalism? Is seeing and honouring our national flag, national emblem above all leaders who so ever including Gandhi means insult of the leaders? Is this secularism or anti-Indianness?

Mohmd Iqbal’s Tarana-e Milli? Pak flags waved at J-K in the past at Hubli: Have we heard Indian flags waving in Pak except 1965 in Lahore?

Poem: Indians are being made unpatriotic to protest Modi’s comment

The reserve Bank of India replaced Ashoka Pillar on currency notes and introduced Mahatma Gandhi series from 1996 onwards. RBI releasing currency notes of this series bearing the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi on the front side in place of symbol of Lion Capital of Ashoka Pillar.

Reducing the national emblem and putting it in the left corner of currency and replacing it with the portrait of Gandhi is not good for the country, it hurts feelings of many citizens of this country, who believe in the diverse culture of india and multiple identities

The Gandhi portrait on all denominations of currency is not a good sign at all, Gandhi was never formally conferred the title of ‘Father of the Nation’ by the government. This was stated by the Home Ministry in reply to an RTI query, no such title was ever formally conferred upon him by the government,” said Shyamala Mohan, Director and Central Public Information Officer (CPIO), said in a reply dated June 18, 2012.



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Pope is intolerant, Hindus are tolerant: Obama forgets India’s hospitality

Especial for Obama: Premendra Agrawal’s article / 10yrs ago /

Don’t Protest Conversion & Pope Mourning In Secular India

Pope is against Marxism, Secularism & Freedom of religion


Tags: Conversion, Pope is intolrent, Secular India, Hindus are olerant,  Obama, Marxism, Secularism, Freedom of religion, Shankaracharya of Puri,  Nischalananda Sarawati, Pope is intolerant,  Hindus are tolerant, India’s hospitality

Is India democratic and secular? Pope Benedict XVI is against Marxism, Secularism & Freedom of religion. Delhi High Court fines two protesting pope mourning.

Highest Hindu Head said: US to ease its pressure on Muslim nations

Pope Benedict XVI is against Marxism, Secularism &
Freedom of religion

Highest Hindu Head the Shankaracharya of Puri Nischalananda Sarawati urged the Pope to call upon Roman Catholic priests in India to stop conversions. He also said: “There is an urgent need for the US to ease its pressure on Muslim nations.” This is Hinduism.

The High Court has fined two men Rs 10,000 for legally challenging the mainly Hindu country’s official three days of mourning for the death of Pope John Paul II. China did not represent Pope II’s funeral ceremony. Another funeral mourner will be Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, who was to have married his long-time love Camilla Parker Bowles on the same day. In France, leading French left-wingers sparked a row after criticising Chirac’s government for lowering flags on official buildings in tribute to the pope, which they said breached secular principles.

Pope is intolerant. Hindus are tolerant. Sonia is Catholic Christian but wants to look like Hindu to deceive the people? Opposite to Sonia, George Fernadis introduced himself before his county as a true Indian instead of Christian. Does he feel necessity to change his Christian religion?

Earlier the US State Department said the US looked forward to working with Pope Benedict XVI to build upon what it called an already excellent relationship with the Vatican. US reserves huge dollars for conversion program in India.

NRI Preeta Bansal, a Harvard-trained lawyer, is chairperson of US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). USCIRF advised to revoke Modi’s Visa. New Pope is fiercely steadfast on the principles of Church and its superiority over other religions. Is intolerant religious freedom?

Sonia should announce that Christianity is one of the ways that can lead to salvation and not that Christianity is the only way to salvation. Why she hesitates to announce publicly about her religion?

RSS Sarsaghchalak Sudarshanji is called a hardliner because he is questioning the missionary process! A very statement asking the Pope to affirm religious tolerance is itself styled intolerant! In other words Hindus should tolerate the effort to convert them but it is intolerant for Hindus to question the motives or ideas of those who denigrate their religion. That such statements are accepted in the modern media shows how deep-seated the anti-Hindu and pro-missionary bias is.

Pope Benedict XVI was a liberal theological adviser at the Second Vatican Council but became a conservative after the 1968 student movement prompted him to defend the faith against secularism and Marxism. Now here secularists have to prove that new Pope is wrong. Marxists should ask why Pope Benedict XVI is against their ideology?
Like Shia and Sunni, there are Catholics and Protestants. In 2000, Ratzinger branded other Christian churches as deficient — shocking Anglicans, Lutherans and other Protestants in ecumenical dialogue with Rome for years.

There is an International conspiracy against Hindus, Hindu organizations and Hindu heads.
Why Jaya drew back the Anti-conversion law? Why Kanchi Mutt Seer got jail on the mid night of Diwali? Why she is silent on the arrest of Knanchi Mutt Seer? Why Congress purchased duplicate Seer of Puri at the time of Gujarat Assembly Election to deceive the people of Gujarat? Trilochan Sinh of Minority Commission, has said, “ There is tremendous increase in the Christian population of North East states.” Why Sonia became friend of the wife of fraud Benny Hinn? Why to please Sonia, secularists CMs of karnatak and Andhra climbed on the stage of Benny Hinn at Bangalore? Why President of India presented ‘Padmashree’ to Glady Staines for her work to convert tribes in to Christ? Why Sonia advised her to come back Orissa for starting again conversion? Why these are happening only after coming UPA Govt. in power? There must be an impartial enquiry of all above by a Commission.

Pope Benedict XVI sees no good in the modern world. Pope Benedict XVI sees the church as assailed on all sides by hostile foes that wish to destroy it. Now Catholics are asked to pray for Church & for Pope.

Late Pope John Paul sparked a controversy among Hindus when, on a visit to India in 1999, he defended the Church’s right to seek converts there. New Pope was considered to be Pope John Paul II’s “right hand man”. Sonia should declare publicly that she does not support the process of conversion of Hindus into Christ.

Gujarat Government’s stand against religious conversions in the State was the main reason for revoking Modi’s visa. “They (Americans) think that by providing monetary benefits, they can conduct (religious) conversions in the State. But that person (Modi) did not allow it to happen and so was denied a visa”, Narendra Modi said on April 18, 2005.
China did not represent Pope II’s funeral ceremony. China opposed interference of Pope in China’s internal matters. Another funeral mourner will be Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, who was to have married his long-time love Camilla Parker Bowles on the same day.

The new pope considered dangers to the Marxism
This is danger signal to the friendship between Sonia & Communists.
He sees the church as assailed on all sides by hostile foes that wish to destroy it.

Prominent German liberal theologian Hans Kung said that when Ratzinger decided to go to Rome, he “sold his soul for power.” However, Ratzinger, new pope said he never “switched sides.”

Georg, the elder brother of Germany’s Joseph Ratzinger who said earlier this month that he did not believe Joseph had a chance at being elected Pope because of his age and his German nationality, said he was “shocked” by the election. New Pope’s shaky health history – including a stroke in the 1980s – was thought to be a mark against him.
Ratinger was the son of a police officer who was staunchly anti-Nazi.When Ratinger turned 14 in 1941, he was required by law to join the Hitler Youth. In 1943, at the age of 16 he was, along with the rest of his class, drafted into the Flak or anti-aircraft corps, responsible for the guarding of a BMW plant outside Munich. He was then sent for basic infantry training and was posted to Hungary, where he worked setting up anti-tank defences until he deserted in April 1944. In 1945 he was briefly held in an Allied POW camp. By June he was released, and he and his brother (Georg) entered a Catholic seminary. On June 29, 1951, Cardinal Faulhaber of Munich ordained them.

Hindu Muslims Restore 400 Yrs Old Temple in Kashmir, why not such effort for Ram Janmbhumi Temple?


Ram-Ring worn by Tipu Sultan
Media reported on May 15, 2012, a group of Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims have begun to day the renovation of the 400-year-old Vitaal Bhairav temple in Rainawari neighbourhood of Srinagar. As part of the restoration work, the temple walls will be repaired, a new gate fitted and a wall built around the shrine’s precincts, a member of the Rainawari Action Forum, which is spear-heading the project, said. The temple is being renovated after remaining unattended for the last 22 years.

It is said that the revival of the temples in Kashmir is a step towards reconciliation between the communities in the Valley and would help instill confidence in the Kashmiri Pundits. It may be considered a step towards reconciliation and a move to encourage more Pandits to return to the Valley. The Vitaal Bhairav temple, which is believed to be the resting place of local deity Vitaal Bhairav, was recently in the news when a conglomeration of several community organisations demanded a CBI probe into the “illegal” sale of the temple land..


Indian Muslims should learn lesson from Tipu Sultan:
A ring belonging to an 18th Century Indian ruler Tipu Sultan has been sold for £145,000 by Christie’s auction house in London. It is inscribed with the name of the Hindu God Ram in raised Devanagri script.

Ram-Ring worn by Tipu Sultan has gone in the hand of undisclosed buyer. This great sin was done with the intention to hide the historical truth as was done by former minister Ambika Soni to file an Ramdrohi affidavit with intention to break the historical ancient Ram Sethu. Where was Vijay Mallya at the time of this action who won the bid of £175,000 for the sword of Tipu Sultan at an auction in London, and brought it back to India but could not won the bid of £145,000 for above said ring And where was Ambani who live in the costliest luxurious residence of the world? Here this also be noted, among the late Sunanda Pushkar’s assets, declared along with those … suit of armour and a sword belonging to the era of Emperor Humayun.

The ring was allegedly taken from the slain body of Tipu Sultan at the end of the 1799 Srirangappattinam battle he fought against the British East India Company’s forces. The auction listing noted that “it is surprising that a ring bearing the name of a Hindu god would have been worn by the great Muslim warrior”. (My article of May 24, 2014)


“Crores of Hindus in the country want to see a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya. We all will work for the construction of the massive temple as early as possible. I have also prayed to the God for uprooting Congress misrule from India and replacing it with good governance,” Amit Shah when he was the in charge of BJP for Uttar Pradesh told reporters after offering prayers at the unconstructed  make-shift Ram temple in Ayodhya. Ram temple at Ayodhya is the need of the nation as Macca and Jeruselum or Rome for others.
As reported by CNN-IBN, RSS chief K S Sudarshan July 3013 said that RSS’ door is open for Muslims, but only if they can call themselves as Hindu (being follower of Islam). Giving a different connotation to ‘Hindu’ he said that the word relates more to the citizenship of the country than religion. Addressing a colloquium on philosophy and objective of the RSS, Sudarshan discussed how India had emerged after the Mughal rule and later the Britishers. He also said that the time had come when there was a need to propagate the ‘Hindutva’ ideology more vigorously.
Hindutva is not a brand as ‘Gandhi’ has become the brand for selling the evils of Congress in the election.  . For an Indian religionist in India, the nationality comes from India, the Hindu religion also comes from India and the culture also comes from India . India is tolerance so it embraced other religions such as Islam and Christianity also.
Madharao Sadsshivrao Golwalkar also said that every man has three ‘Dharm’: one is for personal, second is for ‘Kul’ and third is for ‘nation’. It means if any one changes way of worship, it does


not mean he has changed his culture or nationality. Madhavrao Sadashivrao Golvalkar “Guruji” said to recall an incident: One time a renowned American professor asked Guruji – Muslim and Christian are in this India. Why does not you include to them with you. In the answer Guruji asked him – Suppose a person of our country went to America, resided there and wanted to be a citizen of America but he refused to consider Lincon , Washington , Jackerson and others then will you call him as American national?
Rahi Masoom Raza wrote in his one article:” Hindu word is not connected any religion. Indian Muslim is being called Hindu by the people of Arab and Iran. Means ‘Hindu’ is the name of Hindustani Kaum. When in my thesis I wrote the same then renowned personality of Urdu deleted the same line.” On Ayodhya case Supreme Court described the same theme on ‘Hindu’ word. Judgment can be seen. Raza said:”I am a ‘Musalman Hindu. Any Victor would be Christian Hindu and any Matadin would be Vaishnav or Arya Samaji Hindu. Many religions can exist in one nation. But many Kaum can’t exixt in one country. The names of Tulsi and Kabir are also my forefathers including Galib and Meer.”
B.R.Chopra’s “Mahabharat” outstripping all the other serials on the popularity chart with a viewership of 96 per cent – the highest ever for any television show across the globe flied high. A little-known story associated with the making of “Mahabharat” is that he was advised by friends not to let the script of the Hindu epic be handled by a Muslim. Chopra was furious and insisted that the script and dialogues would be written by Rahi Masoom Raza. The serial went on to make television history. Chopra did not include Rahi Masoom Raza in his “Mahabharat” team to prove his secular credentials.


Who creates controversy over Najma’s ‘Hindu’ remark? Minority affairs minister Najma Heptulla, a  grand-niece of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad said on Aug 30, 2014 that she was misquoted and clarified she had called all Indians ‘Hindi’- Arabic for people living in India- and not ‘Hindus’ as reported. She said it was “not in relation to the religion but in relation to identity as nationality”. Heptulla hinted at the need for uniformity of identity for all Indians. “There isn’t any country with three names: in Arabic, Indians are called Hindi, Hindustani in Persian and Indian in English,” she said.

Secularism is a system of political or social philosophy that rejects all religion. Ancient Hindu society was based on absolute freedom to search the truth without getting attached to any particular belief system and that is the goal of Dharma. Ancient India realized the purpose of secular thinking long before West discovered secularism. Thus it is very easy to be secular for a Hindu. Hindu can follow the law of the land and uphold the constitution of any country because the goal of a true Hindu is not to become religious but to become self-realized Here Supreme Court verdict regarding ‘Hindu’ Hindutv’ and ‘Hindutv Religion’ is given to rub the coal on the face of fake secularism: http:/

If anti-Hindu newspapers”The Hindu”and “The Hindustan”feel shame on Hindu words then why do not change their names? Who can stop in calling the name of Hind Mahasagar?


President Mukherjee on rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pts: The situation was becoming like that of the early 1990s when terrorism was at its peak. The Opposition Peoples Democratic Party accused the chief minister of playing “communal politics”. Party president Mehbooba Mufti said the chief minister had no business to divide victims on religious lines. “He made it communal,” Mehbooba said. Though, Mehbooba’s own party PDP and Omar’s party NC are the two sides of same coin in playing communal politics on religious line to divide the Kashmiri people.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah accused opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of opposing facilities for displaced Kashmiri Pandits, saying it derived “sadistic pleasure” from people’s problems.Addressing a public meeting here, Abdullah, the president of the National Conference, alleged the PDP is “deriving sadistic pleasure from festering wounds of people” and “is indulging in deceit and shedding crocodile tears to flourish its political enterprise”. –

“Special efforts will be made to ensure that Kashmiri Pundits return to the land of their ancestors with full dignity, security and assured livelihood,” the President Mukherjee said while addressing the joint session of both Houses of Parliament.

A comprehensive plan is being worked out for the return of Kashmiri Pandits to the Valley and their rehabilitation with the Narendra Modi government according top priority to the issue. Enhanced financial assistance, security to life and property, government jobs and other employment opportunities and subsidies ration will be part of the package that could be announced as incentive for the return of Pundits, government officials said.

In its first step towards fulfilling Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s (PM Modi) promise of rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits, the home ministry is all set to approve an enhanced package of Rs. 20 lakh per family for re-construction of their houses in the Valley.

Home minister Rajnath Singh indicated his approval of the enhanced assistance at a review meeting on Thursday June 12. The assistance will be provided under the revised Prime Minister’s package to
encourage the return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundit families.


“The Union home ministry has received a proposal from the Omar Abdullah government in J&K in this regard. It will be formally approved and implemented soon,” said a ministry source.

Later, in his tweets Rajnath Singh highlighted two issues — rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits and curbing cross-border infiltration — as the two key issues that he had focused on during meeting. Rajnath Singh said he instructed officials to “take Kashmiri migrants into confidence” and to “work on steps to be taken for their safe return to the Valley”. He also asked the officials to strengthen measures to curb infiltration from the other side of the border.

In response to a question, the Defense Minister Jaitley said the Centre will announce in the next few days its policy measures for return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits who had fled the Valley due to outbreak of militancy. “All political groups in the Valley support the idea of return and rehabilitation and, therefore, you will have to wait for a few days for us to announce our further policy measures on that,” he said.

Mr. Jaitley said there was a reference to the matter in the President’s address to the joint session of Parliament. Our intent has been made very clear.” Jaitley further said the Centre will make special efforts for development of Jammu and Kashmir and extend all required assistance to the state.

“As far as a state like Jammu and Kashmir is concerned, we will give whatever assistance is required for the development of the state.“It is a state which because of insurgency has suffered and therefore we will take special efforts,” Jaitley told reporters here.

Main Camp Sites in Jammu: Muthi Camp, Jammu, Transport Nagar, Jammu, Purkhoo Camp, Jammu, Stadium Camp, Jammu, Jhiri Camp, Jammu, Nagrota Camp, Jammu, Mishriwala Camp, Jammu, Battalbalian Camp, Udhampur


Main Camp Sites in Delhi
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BJP election manifesto also mentioned that it was committed to ensure return of Kashmiri Pundits with full dignity.

The number of displaced people post 1990 migration from the valley
following militant activities has increased by six-seven lakhs.According to plans, the new package will be more attractive than the one announced by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in April 2008 for return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants.

That package included assistance of Rs. 7.5 lakh per family for reconstruction for fully or partially damaged houses, assistance of Rs. 2 lakh per family for dilapidated houses, assistance of Rs. 7.5
lakh per family for purchase of a house in Group Housing Societies for those who have sold their properties during the period of turmoil in 1989.

Like the previous one, returnee migrant families will be provided transit accommodation during the interim period when they undertake the reconstruction or repair of their houses.

Those returnee families, who may not be provided transit accommodation, would be given rental and incidental expenses. All of them will be provided security if they feel insecure anywhere, officials said.

General Secretary of All India Kashmiri Samaj (AIKS) Romesh Raina while welcoming the step said finally the serious issue of displacement of Kashmiri Pundits has got its rightful place in the mainstream politics of the country.

“Our request to the Government would be that while framing the blue print for the return and rehabilitation of the community, they should take the aspirations and needs of the displaced into the consideration and must ensure the political rehabilitation of the people
through Constitutional mechanism so that it is not befouled again,” he said.
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Know, difference between infiltrators and refugees:
Taslima Nasreen tweets “Dear India, if I’m..,

Infiltration legal and dear to DIDI: Bangladesh infiltrators must go back, refugees welcome, says Modi. Who imports infiltrators from Bangladesh for votes?

{Was Taslima Nasreen infiltrator or refugee? Taslima Nasreen was thrown away from Bangladesh due to his writing and then wanted to take shelter in India which she loves since her birth! Exiled Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen has been diagnosed with breast tumours at a New York
hospital where she went with cough and cold. Doctors found the tumor “quite big” and advised her biopsy to check on possible malignancy. Taslima, 51, appears very worried, because her mother had died of cancer and a brother of hers is undergoing treatment for cancer in New York.

She has tweeted about her worries and said she had a sumptuous meal of Hyderabadi Biryani at a restaurant in New York immediately after her biopsy. “Dear India, if I’m diagnosed with cancer tomorrow and if I die, please take care of my cat Minu. She is the best cat in the world,” she tweeted. She arrived in New York a week ago to avoid the harsh Indian summer at this time of the year and enjoy the weather in New York. But in her tweet she said: “Oh no man, I haven’t come to the USA to
enjoy weather, I have come to give lecture on ‘women in secularism’.”

Taslima Nasreen is a doctor, having received her MBBS degree from Mymensingh Medical College in 1986. Besides working as a doctor, she continued with her passion, writing. After her novel ‘Lajja’ (Shame) hit the stands, she incurred the ire of the fundamentalists and had to leave Bangladesh in 1998. She has lived in India and several western countries since then.

Infiltration is aggression on India: Supreme Court
“What the Supreme Court said has to be implemented,” Modi next PM reiterated. The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, however, then hastened to add that the case of refugees from
Bangladesh was different and that it was the responsibility of all the states of India to rehabilitate them.


“There are two types of people who have come in — illegal immigrants and refugees. Those who are refugees are our family. It is the responsibility of all of India, whether Gujarat or Rajasthan to rehabilitate them with all respect.” He claimed that in August 2005, during the UPA I government, Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee had “thrown a shawl at the chair of the Speaker demanding that Bangladeshi illegal immigrants be thrown out.”

“You (Banerjee) had then said that Bangladeshi illegal immigrants have destroyed Bengal and that they were being brought in by the Left for votes,” Modi said. “What Modi is saying today was said by
you in 2005,” he pointed out.

Narendra Modi said that on May 6, 1997, the then Union home minister Indrajit Gupta of CPI had said in Parliament that over one crore Bangladeshi illegal immigrants had crossed over to India.Modi also referred to former Union minister of state for home PM Sayeed saying in 1995 that Bangladeshi illegal immigrants were crossing over in large numbers. He also referred to former West Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee expressing concern over rise in madrassas in areas bordering Bangladesh. He claimed that “while the people here don’t get jobs, those who infiltrate from Bangladesh are welcomed with red carpet”

Who are Kashmiri Pundits?
Kashmiri Pandit refers to a person who belongs to a sect of Hindu
Brahmins originating from Kashmir, a mountainous region in South Asia. Both racially and ethnically, the Kashmiri Pandits are descendants of the (Proto-Rigvedic) people. It has been often mentioned by experts that the region of Kashmir is the original home of the Aryan Race.

Meaning of surnames found on the Kashmiri Pandit tree:
Bakaya, Sapru, Bakshi, Munshi, Wazir, Chalkbast, Bhan, Langar or Langroo, Wattal, Bazaz, Taimini, Mattu, Chak, Zalpuri, Khar, Hazari, Zutshi, Razdan, Tikhu, Kathju, sopori, Thussoo, Haksar, Raina, Waloo or


Wali, Wantu/Wanchu, Gamkhwar, Kakh, Mushran, Sharga, Handoo, Gurtu, Kitchlu, and Ganjoo.

Pandit Surname: In the original usage of the word, “Pundit”, synonymous to “Purohits”, refers to a Hindu, almost always a Brahmin, who has memorized a substantial portion of the Vedas, along with the corresponding rhythms and melodies for chanting religious verses or singing them during prayers or rituals.

The designation may appear as the abbreviation “Pt.” “Pnt.The term is widely used referring to the great Indian Mahasiddhas of the Buddhist Nalanda Monastery. The Buddha himself had used the term when referring to the masters of the pure Sanatana Dharma:“Sanatanam va panditanam dhammo.” The surname “Pundit” is most abundantly found among Kashmiris, but is found amongst Brahmins in other part of India, particularly in North India & Maharashtra, which has substantial Saraswat

Brahmin communities. The surname is mostly found among Brahmins (particularly the Kashmiri Brahmins); however, there are also cases of the surname Pandit used by Kashmiri Muslims, most of whom are more recent converts into Islam.

Naming patterns of the Kashmiri Pts are almost the same as are found there among the other Saraswat Brahmin communities, such as: 1) + Narayan: Jagdish–(Sapru), Anand–(Mulla), Parameshwar – (Haksar), Hriday-(Kunjru), Jagat-,Laxmi-,Brij-,Shyam-,etc. (2) + Krisn: Roop-, Maharaj-, Brij-, Avta-, Tej-, Mohan-, Hari-,Kumar-, Jay-, Pyare-, Nipun-, Apurv-, etc. (3)+Nath: Hriday-, Omkar-, Raghu-, Amar-, Balji-, etc. (4) +Lal: Moti-, Jawahar-, Krishan-, Ziya-Moreover, at present, the names of Kashmiri Pts are drawn from the same sources as by the Brahmins of northern India, but some names of Kashmiri Pandits recorded in earlier literary works show that names drawn from Persian sources were also current among them (e.g. Aftab Pandit, Balkak Dar, etc). Interestingly, in Kashmiri, the “Pundit” surname is found in Muslims as well, e.g. Mohd Shafi Pandit, Chairman of J&K Public Service Commission.

Elder generation and the youth who born after the migration: There is a difference between elders who born before the independence and the the youth who born after the independence of India.Like that there is a lot of difference between elder Kashmiri Pundits and the young among them who born before the migration.Security besides attractive financial package is necessary for all Kashmiri Pts for their rehabilitation in the Kashmir valley.

…….remaining pages of this chapter and other chapters are in the book: Accursed & Jihadi Neighbour


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Read Book by clicking here: Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966

Read Book by clicking here: Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966

Mugle Azam Khan insulted Kargil Heroes vs Secularism should be learnt from Army: Modi

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Mugle Azam Khan insulted Kargil Heroes vs Secularism should be learnt from Army: Modi


Mugle Azam Khan dares to stab the patriotism of Kargil Heroes to follow Congress: Appeasement vote bank politics: Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday April 1 told a Muslim delegation led by Jama Masjid imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari that Muslim votes are secular votes, so Muslim votes should not be divided. Thereafter Bukhari gave call that Muslims should vote Congress.


Mulayam Singh Yadav Ex-Defense Minister is the chief of Samajwadi Party. Mulayam’s son CM of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav was a student in the Army School. Still Minister of Akhilesh cabinet Mugle Azam Khan dare to insult the Kargil war heroes by saying:  Azam said, “Kargil ki pahadiyon ko fateh karne wale Hindu sainik nahin balki Musalmaan they. (Muslim soldiers conquered the hills of Kargil)”


The first and strongest reactions to the SP leaders’ remarks came from a former Army man — BJP’s candidate from Ghaziabad and former Army chief General VK Singh who dismissed Azam’s remarks as absolutely “atrocious”. Singh went on to add that “Indians” won the Kargil war, not people from one or another community.


Mugle Azam Khan also went on to say that no one can guard the country’s borders better than those from the Muslim community. “Recruit us in the Indian Army. No one can guard the borders of our nation better than us,” he said. 

Samajwadi Party on the other hand, is defending its leader’s views. “Muslims brothers have also sacrificed a lot. When it is ignored in our society, people will speak, we are living in democracy,” said Shivpal Yadav of SP. Akhilesh Yadav CM of Uttar Pradesh to follow his uncle Shivpal also defended his cabinet minister Azam Khan.



Reacting to Khan’s statements, Congress leaders said the comments were not only entirely frivolous but also intended to divide the people on communal lines. “The Indian armed forces rise above trivialities such as caste, creed or race to serve every citizen of the country. It is absolutely shameful that the SP has to stoop to these levels to woo voters. It only proves Azam’s own anti-national credentials,” a Congress leader said.



BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi on Sept 15, 2013 in his first speech as BJP PM Candidate at Rewari between more than two lakhs Ex Service men and their families said the politicians should learn a lesson of secularism from the Indian armed forces. “Vote bank politics in India has become disgusting. I would like to tell the politicians who want to divide India into small groups…there is no bigger example of secularism than the armed forces”, Mr Modi said, making a pitch for a Delhi posting at a rally largely of ex-serviceman in Rewari, Haryana.


Why religious head count in Army?

We should salute our soldiers also when they are alive, not just when they become martyr?Vote bank politicians and secular media see killings, riots and terrorism also in secular and non-secular angels.


On Aug 30 in muzaffaarnagar leaders of Congress, SP and BSP jointly organized a huge gathering of Muslims and evoke them in their speeches as shown by every news channels. After that a gathering of Jats held in 31 Aug and when they were returning then stone throwing happened on them. UP CM Akhilesh Yadav gave clean chit to his SP leader who was evoking of Muslims on Aug 30.


Abhishek Sangvi the spokesperson of Congress called Gujarat police non-secular and the police of UPA ruled provinces are secular. What did he call UP Police He divided police also in secular and non-secular.


Manmohan and Sonia Gandhi both wanted fair share of Muslims in security forces and the army. Secular government formed Sachchar Committee to head count of Muslims in every field and its recommendations to divide India. Though Sachchar Committee praised Modi led government’s development policy.

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