Beef eater Tipu devotee Siddaramaiyah biggest Hindu? Janeudhari brahman Rahul incites Jignesh for jihad against Brahmans: Rajnikant’ Apan symbol?

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Maya Left may boycott Corrupt Lalu Rally: Cong Separatists opposing Supreme Court for giving bail to Col Purohit

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Who took kickback in 2013 to let Nirbhaya’s Rapist interview? Sonia? Shinde? MMS? Rahul? NDTV?

nirbhay-leslee-mukeshNirbhaya’s rapist Mukesh and British filmmaker Leslee

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Who took kickback in 2013 to let Nirbhaya’s Rapist interview? Sonia? Shinde? MMS? Rahul? NDTV?

Police in India have secured a court injunction blocking the NDTV’s broadcast of an interview with one of the Delhi gang rapists on death row.

‘India’s daughter’ Documentary film is made by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin for BBC. It shows that Bharatmata’s daughter Nirbhaya was the sister of 100 crore Indians. Who is trying to auction of India’s daughter in the world country to country? Who is Leslee Udwin? What was her contract in 2013 with Sonia Gandhi, MMS, Shinde, BBC, NDTV?  What is the conspiracy behind this move to auction the honour and dignity of India in the world? Who are the enemies of India?

British film maker’s interview of Mukesh Singh one of the December 16 gang rape convicts for a documentary in which he showed no remorse kicked up a storm yesterday March 03, 2015 with BJP Government has taken a serious view of the matter (origin of which is UPA Govt of 2013).

Leslee Udwin also claimed she took permission from the then Director General of Tijar jail Vimla Mehra in 2013 before interviewing Mukesh in the prison for BBC.

The filmmaker Leslee Udwin shamelessly asked people not to have pre-conceived notion about the movie, which will premiere in India on March 8 on NDTV. Was NDTV involved with Lesle? IF NDTV purchased the right of broadcasting the film in India then what is the purchase amount?
“The film ends with global statistics around the world, country by country. Rape is not an Indian problem. It’s a global problem,” Leslee told reporters

As a controversy arose over permission given to interview Mukesh in Tihar jail, she said, “I wrote a letter to DG of Tihar. The DG of Tihar had to consult with MHA. The letter basically stated that it was a campaigning film. I had applied permission in May 2013 and I got the answer ‘yes’ in two weeks. Official permission of MHA also came. Permission from the prison was also signed.”

Sonia Treated Like Royalty in India, Natwar Singh Tells NDTV updated Aug 01, 2014: In that interview Natwar  singh also said,”

No, no Soniaji said, I said nobody is going to buy that you didn’t know, because nothing happens in Congress without your knowledge or approval. Nothing happens in the government without your knowledge, not even a leaf turns in the Congress party. And then I said Manmohan or any other minister wouldn’t have touched me if they didn’t have your approval.”

In an exclusive interview to The New Indian Express Editorial Director Prabhu Chawla on the show Teekhi Baat on IBN7 news channel on Aug 5, 2012, that time  Home Minister affirmed that if Sonia asks him to shoot, he will, and he will shoot to kill. “Our leader is so intelligent, talented and understanding; knows fully well what work has to be given to whom,” Unabashedly admitting to being a Gandhi sycophant, Shinde says he looks forward to serving under Rahul—someone he has seen in Rajiv Gandhi’s place even before the young Gandhi joined politics.



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