Shashi Tharoor Tweets up Storm With Pun on Miss World: Anil Vij on Gandhi vs Sukhdev-Bhagat Singh-Rajguru

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PM Modi in ASEAN summit, says India strives for world peace: World super powers dragged India in Chkravyuh..

PM Modi in ASEAN summit, India for world peace, World super powers, India in Chkravyuh, Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat, Temple to Temple, Nehru clothe cap, England for washing,Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Silent assassins, Talk talk conspiracy, Amrican pressure on Ind-Pak

Modi inaugurates Sardar Sarovar dam: Good to forget Nehru but remember Lohpurush and Ambedkar?

PM Modi inaugurates, Sardar Sarovar dam, Good to forget Nehru, Remember Lohpurush,  Ambedkar, Party above nation, Congress, Statue of Unity, Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel, Statue of liberty, China, Tibbet, Kashmir, Accursed, Silent assassins

Congress puts party above nation:

Jadhav alive? How would Pak implement ICJ verdict? How did victories become bitter for us? Pak signs treaty to forget?

Kulbhushan Jadhav alive, Pakistan, ICJ verdict, Victories become bitter, Pak signs treaty, Social media, Spy, Abraham, 1965 war, 1962, Silent assassins, Bangladesh war, Shimla treaty, Nehru, Sheikh Abdullah

Azadi slogans raised in PoK to slap Farooq who said – PoK will remain with Pakistan..ePaper P1

Pro-Hurriyat,  Azadi slogans in PoK, Slap Farooq, Dynasties responsible, Partion, Silent assassins

a-1-pok-azadi-slogansOn India’s claim over PoK, Farooq Abdullah asks: ‘Kya yeh tumhare baap ka hai?epaper-dec10-p1-facebook-azadi-slogans-in-pok-pakfarooq

a-1-farooq-pokFarooq’ CALL TO UNITY For Hurriyat: Rahul’s call Oppn for Unity to Non-Violent attack Sansad as Afzal by gun? ePaper    Dynasties: Responsible for Partition and PoK? Books: 1. Jihadi Neighbour..2. Silent Assassins…



Please feel free to read my books:

Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966

Accursed & Jihadi Neighbour

राष्ट्रीय एकता

डी एल एफ – वाड्रा : भ्रष्ट तंत्र 



If plotters of Netaji-death booked Shyama Pd would not have killed & if he was saved Shastri killing wud not?Chapt-1: Silent Assassins..

Silent Assassins, 1966 Jan 11, Netaji-death, Shayama Pd killing, Chapt 1, Preface, My book, Indian cook, Poison Shastri,  Ahmet, Tashkent

My book: Silent Assassins Jan 11, 1966:


Silent Assassins Jan11,1966


Please feel free to read my books:

Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966

Accursed & Jihadi Neighbour

राष्ट्रीय एकता

डी एल एफ – वाड्रा : भ्रष्ट तंत्र 


Dynasties: Responsible for Partition and PoK? Books: 1. Jihadi Neighbour..2. Silent Assassins…

Know dynasties, Silent assassins, Jan 11, 1966, Farooq, Sheikh Abdullah, India-Pak, Omar, PoK, Mountbatten, Nehru, Let the priest, Aiyar

p1 p2 p3


Please feel free to read my books:

Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966

Accursed & Jihadi Neighbour

राष्ट्रीय एकता

डी एल एफ – वाड्रा : भ्रष्ट तंत्र 


PM Modi trying India’s entry in NSG to fill the Sin-Pit of Nehru

Congress targets PM Modi, India’s entry in NSG, Sin-Pit of Nehru, Silent Assassins, 1962 Menon, Kennedy, Life in Diplomacy, NSG issue, China’s betrayal, XiJipong


China’s betrayal is aimed to hinder India’s uranium supply to some extent and access to latest nuclear technology; deny India seat in the nuclear trade group including export of nuclear components by India; deny India the right to build its case for a UNSC seat as an NSG member; give a royal snub to America who was fully supporting India’s NSG membership and exhorting other members to do so; demonstrate to the world China’s clout as an emerging “Great Power”, moulding global opinions.


Congress targets Modi over NSG issue to hide the sin of Nehru


Congress today said Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to realise that diplomacy needs “depth and seriousness and not public tamasha”. We should ask Congress: Why did Nehru turn down offer to India a permanent seat in the UN … Loh Purush Patel was against the policy of Nehru towards China and …Who gifted PoK to Pakistan?




“Not only would we have tested the nuclear device first in Asia, before China, but it would have deterred China from launching its war of 1962 and even imparted a note of caution to Pakistan’s plans for war in 1965,” said Rasgotra, while speaking at the release of his new book A Life in Diplomacy at the Observer Research Foundation (ORF). The book was formally released by former External Affairs Minister Yashwant Sinha.



According to former Foreign Secretary Maharajakrishna Rasgotra, if Nehru had accepted the offer of Kennedy, fifty years later India would not have to make desperate attempts and struggle to seek an entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). US President John F Kennedy had offered India the chance to develop and detonate a nuclear device much before China’s test in 1964.


1962 Menon: Oh! China in Laddakh but..





Book Goole link: Silent Assassins (of L B Shastri) : Jan 11,1966: Chapt-1 Highlighsts: Preface

Book Goole link, Silent Assassins, Jan 11,1966, Chapt-1,  Highlighsts, Preface, L B Shastri

Rashtriya Ekta : Cover Pages

Anukram : Contents




Mark Tsybulsky (USA) has taken an interview of Ahmet Sattarov about Vladimir Vysotsky and the same is published in June 14, 2011. It means perhaps Sattarov is still alive and active in his profession……

Page-3: «Poisoners Prime Minister of India» According to Ahmet Sattarov despite the fact that they were very fast, as they said, was justified, the foreign press dubbed them «Poisoners Prime Minister of India». But in USSR newspapers including TASS, the incident nothing caused a noise. When they were driven out Bulmenya wishing to get their photos literally hung on lampposts, all the roads were filled with media representatives from around the world,”……..

Page-4: Indian cook poison Shastri: Ahmet:  After some time in the basement caused the cook Indian, who prepared the dish of Indian cuisine for banquets. Ahmet Sattarov and his team believed that the poisoning Shastri – the work of that man, because in each other were confident, as they said, all one hundred percent-

Above mentioned version of Ahmet Sattarov indicates:

[1 ] Ahmet Sattarov did not deny the poisoning to Shastriji.

[2] Ahmet and his team suspected Indian cook who was the personal cook of then Indian ambassador in Moscow. Ahmet and other arrested members of his team raised finger on the arrested Indian cook for poisoning Shastri. …Who was that arrested Indian cook? Where he is since Jan 11, 1966?………..

Page-5: Shastri’s death finding committee was formed by then USSR government and that committee was sent from Moscow to Tashkent for investigation as Ahmetr Sattarov with other chefs of his team was sent for cooking……Arrested cooks were released before forming that committee and before finding its report. Why?…Even though arrested all cooks were released by the KGB, suspense is still…..Arrested cooks would have no personal enmity with Shastriji. Ahmet Sattarov had also no criminal record…. Whoever might be culprit-Russian or Indian cook that was hired by contract killers? Even that nobody wanted and now wants to take even one step towards finding the forces behind the killing. Hanging one culprit is not important. Important is to make nude the mighty monster behind the killer.



That may be CBI, ISI, KGB, or political giant of India or foreign country. It was and still is the matter of investigation. It is not the matter of hiding the facts.

Page-6 :  In January 1966 in Tashkent held a meeting between the heads of governments of India and Pakistan….. It should be noted that the European protocol was very different from the Muslim and Buddhist. Most expensive dishes were prepared, among which were found in the reserve of the Ministry of Trade of Uzbekistan dinner sets the emir of Bukhara

Page-7: After the meeting at which the armistice was signed, a banquet was held “a-buffet”. Upon completion of the entire staff, valivshiysya down from fatigue, assembled to congratulate on the successful conclusion of the meeting and hand over government certificates. Ahmet and some other waiter in Moscow pledged to submit to government awards. Happy, they all went to the hotel…..In the morning Ahmet was awakened by an officer of the KGB and reported on the death of the Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri. KGB officer said: “there is suspicion that the Indian prime minister had been poisoned,”

At first Ahmet Sattarov thought this joke, but when he heard the noise throughout the hotel, he realized how things seriously.

After questioning, Ahmet Sattarov said “Me and three other headwaiters Kremlin, among whom I was a senior, put in “Seagull” and immediately handcuffed. All this was accompanied by flashes of cameras of the international press. We have served the four most senior officials attending the meeting, so immediately came under suspicion. “

According to him they were brought to the village Bulmenya – it is about thirty kilometers from the city, put in the basement three-storey mansion, forbidden to talk to each other, placed security.

After some time in the basement led an Indian cook who prepared Indian cuisine for the banquet. They all believed that the poisoning Shastri – the handiwork of the man, because in each other were confident as they say, one hundred percent.



The strain was so great that one of his colleagues whiskey before their eyes were covered with gray hair, but Ahmet still occasionally stutter. For six hours they spent in the basement. Then finally opened the door and entered a delegation led by Kosygin. Apologized to them, he said that they were free. ………

Page-8: Despite the fact that they were very fast, as they said, was justified, the foreign press dubbed them “poisoners Prime Minister of India”. And only USSR newspapers to show restraint, the incident nevertheless caused a lot of noise….When they were driven out Bulmenya wishing to get their photos literally hung on lampposts, all the roads were filled with media representatives from around the world…. What Indian journalists, members of Indian delegation in Tashkent were doing and why did they hide their faces and camras at that time?……………….Please remember Ahmet Sattarov did not say any word about the presence of Two Russian Lady for tasting the food. Only Indian journalist member of the delegation ‘Khas aadmi’ of Shastri is said the presence of those ladies…..Ahmet Sattarov stayed on as chief maitre d’hotel of the Kremlin 12 years – from 1959 to 1972, and for this prestigious service nearly lost his head…..Following points are here noteable: (1) Ahmet Sattarov thought that incident of poisoning might not occur at the reception banquet. (he is not denying of poisoning at the dacha of Shastri)

(2) Hardly. All products that fall on the table and a refrigerator were subjected to careful laboratory analysis, full service personnel under the supervision of the KGB sharp-sighted (this is not said about dacha of Shastri)

(3) Ahamet Sattarov said, “We gave a formal sign non-disclosure of 25 years. But the Kremlin is not nuclear, but a political object, so I know I have often seen on television, when I served banquets. And of course, knew about my family service.”

(4) Ahmet Sattarov’s duty was to supervise the waiters at the time of service. Simply put, he stood and commanded: submit then submit it. Sometimes, however, he was connected to the work. It means there might be possibility of mixing poison in the food by his assistant chef? Further possibility of poisoning was at the dacha of Shastri.120


Preface – Silent Assassins: Jan 11, 1966

Contents of this book do not stop to hunt the silence!  New facts, evidences and records showed that poisoning to lal Bahadur Shastri was happened in Tashkent. My IITian son suggested me that besides news articles I should write the books. According to him especially in America and other European countries, there is a habit of reading the books. This is the central point for writing this book.

Fortunately Adarniya Sudarshan Jee, former Sarsanghchalak of RSS visited Raipur in the last week of August of 2012. I personally presented three starting chapters of the book to Sudarshan Jee. After one week I came to know that he appreciated the same. This encouraged me for going to fast in completing the book. Now we have only remembarance of Sudarshan Jee. He died here in Raipur on September 15, 2012.

We should know: How J F Kennedy’s assassination cleared the way for the death of Shastri. For avoiding political assassinations, it is necessary to know how the head of the countries assign the assessins through their intelligence agencies such as CIA, FSB (KGB), ISI and others. If we could know the conspirators of mysterious death of Netaji Subhash chandra Bose then Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherji would have been saved. If we could know the conspirators of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee then life of Lal Bahadur would have been saved. So I think that reading this book would be beneficial for readers and the country as well.

Mysterious death of Shastri was a state crime not only for India but also for USSR, Pakistan, US, UK and China especially who were directly or indirectly involved in Tashkent Summit. They are silent assassins.

Tashkent Summit was an international event. Mysterious death of the guest country’s Prime Minister there left so many questions before the world in which we are living. How the life could be saved of the great leaders?

On the basis of continuous net surfing, reading the books and articles, I am writing since 2005 about ‘the murder of Lal Bahadur Shastri’ in various websites including my own site:

Now I have given the final shape to my all findings in this book. From the beginning since Jan 11, 1966 peoples in India relied heavily on the information



given by the Soviet authority and the government of India. Writings of Kuldip Nayar and C P Srivastav who were the part of Indian delegation at Tashkent are also not different. But my findings provided a far broader scope of the events around the death of Shastri due to heart attack by poison.

I have attempted to be diligent in giving proper credit to the authors for their material. Because I was attempting to paint an accurate picture of the landscape of the era, I would, on occasion, include facts taken from books, articles, and websites without remembering their exact source. If I have inadvertently failed to properly acknowledge words taken from other authors, I sincerely apologize.

How may I forget to give thanks to my senior friend learned journalist former editor of various Hindi and English dailies, Director of Granth Akadami of C.G. Government Shree Ramesh Naiyar who reminded me again and again for publishing the book 80% contents of which I had already written before three years. I have no hesitation to write that some time I felt who am I, if the government and the leaders of my country never tried sincerely to find out the truth.

Excuse me, listen me just a minute, if we see bluish death body in the road where wiping wife of the dead asking for autopsy and an enquiry, what will we do? There will be probe and agitation. What had we done to see the bluish body of our beloved Prime Minister lal Bahadur Shastri and how we reacted on doubt shown by Lalita Shastri? There was no probe, no FIR, no postmortem

Believe me at the time of writing this book, tears of lalita Shastri automatically came into my eyes. You may touch, you may see, you may feel, you may read these drops of tears in my book. Sorry, sorry if I have done any fault to write this book! I know when I send few outlines of this book to parliamentarians and other leaders they may keep silence, because this book don’t help them in getting votes. Still if we keep silence then also the contents of the book does not stop to hunt the silence!

—- Premendra Agrawal



                         Part – I


  1. Truth of Two Neighbors 1-34
  2. Kennedy’s assassination cleared the    35-52

way for Shastri’s death

  1. Chakravyuh In Tashkent 53-73

4,             Death Night                                                  74-97

  1. Tashkent Summit to Deceive India 98-124
  2. Poisoning Shastri by Russian Ladies ? 125-154
  3. Poison factory and death knell 155-182
  4. Shastri’s life and Astrology 183-216
  5. Heart Attack by Poisoning 217-240
  6. Harold Wilson                          241-256
  7. Timing discrepancies hint assassination? 257-276

Part – II

  1. Shastri’s Death fact finding committee 278-308
  2. Leonid Shebarshin and Polyakov 309-325
  3. Dr. R N Chugh                       326-336
  4. RTI means Right to Forgotten 337-351
  5. Successor Race 352-366
  6. PM Post to Indira 367-385
  7. Left leaning                                386-404
  8. CIA _ ISI 405-425
  9. Memory Hole 426-438

Source:                                                                              440

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