Global Jihadi Pak spreads Vahadisim to finish Kashmiriyat Sufism : India gave Buddh and his thoughts to the world

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PM Narendra Modi at the inauguration of international conference in Tehran, Iran

PM Narendra Modi, International conference in Tehran, Iranian culture in Indian hearts, Persian heritage, Sufism

PM Narendra Modi at the inauguration of international conference in Tehran (Iran) #ModiInIran

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is speaking at the inauguration of international conference in Tehran. Here are a few excerpts from his ongoing speech.
– Your conference is most ideally timed. It is an occasion to recall and renew our centuries old association.
– It is also in perfect response to those who preach radical thoughts in our societies. It also fulfils a responsibility to familiarise our younger generations with beauty and reaches of our cultural heritage.
– A part of Iranian culture lies in every Indian heart and a part of Indian heritage is woven into Iranian society.
– No one is more qualified to shoulder this task than this gathering of learned men and scholars. Richness of Persian heritage is an integral part of the fabric of Indian society. A part of Iranian culture lives in
* Our ancients heroes & epics bear striking parallels,dargahs of Ajmer Sharif & Hazrat Nizamuddin in India are equally revered in Iran:PM Modi
* Sufism, rich product of our ancient links,carried its message of true love,tolerance,acceptance to entire mankind:PM
* Mahabharata & Shahnama, Bhima and Rustam, Arjuna and Arsh exhibit similarities in our world views & values: PM Modi
* It served as a court language in medieval India. But, its popularity is also because it is written on the hearts of the Indians: PM Modi
* Your deliberations indeed provide a body of strength to our literary, academic and people to people ties: PM Modi
* Crafts like Zardozi,Guldozi & Chanderi maybe a part of Iranian Society. They’re equally common in India too:PM Modi