Now again Hindu Terror propaganda by Janeudhari Rahul and Sidharamaiah for gettting support of Jihadi PFI

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Suicide Note Homework: Imp of being a man: Few Oppn may boycott GST roll out?

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Anti-Demonetisation forces trying to shield the corrupts as Jihadi Neighbour doing

Anti-Demonetisation forces, Shield the corrupts, Jihadi Neighbour, PM Modi, Varanasi, Black Money, Black Mind, Rajiv Gandhi, Earthquake, Pappu, Surgical strike, Media

Anti-Demonetisation forces trying to shield the corrupts as Jihadi Neighbour (Pakistan) doing

PM Narendra Modi’s full speech on black money crackdown: Here’s how the government scripted history

Main Points with Comentting Photos are following:

Kabhi socha nahi tha ki desh ke kuch raajneta himmat ke sath beimaano ke sath khadey ho jaayenge : PM Modi in Varanasi

PM Modi speaking at the foundation stone laying ceremony of Mahamana Pt Madan Mohan Malaviya Cancer Centre in Varanasi



Ek yuva neta hain, abhi bhaashan seekh rahe hain. Jab se unhone bolna seekha hai, meri khushi ka koi paar nahi

29-pappu-in-packet2009 me pata hi nahi chalta tha ki iss packet ke ander kya hai. Ab pata chal raha hai ki kya hai: PM Modi in Varanasi


Mr. Gandhi’s “earthquake” threat, Mr. Modi said had he not spoken the country would have to live through a terrible earthquake. “It would take us 10 years to recover. Thank god, he started speaking. Now we know there is no danger of a tremor,” Mr. Modi said.

Naa bolte toh bada bhukamp aajata, achha hua bolna shuru kiye-bhukamp ki sambhaavna khatm



Media report Dec 9, 2016: Lekin achha hua bolna shuru kar diya, toh pata chal raha hai bhukamp ki sambhaavna bachhi hi nahin: PM Modi

Naa bolte toh bada bhukamp aajata, aur desh ko kitna bada bhukamp jhelna padta ki desh 10 saal tak ubhar na pata: Lekin achha hua bolna shuru kar diya, toh pata chal raha hai bhukamp ki sambhaavna bachhi hi nahin: PM Modi


Black Mone-Black Mind: “If black money is being exposed on one hand, black minds are being exposed too,” the PM said. 9-black-money-mind


Surgical Strike shut mout of Pakistan but in India Rro Pak lobby open their moth to Q army?

@irahsinha Salute to for across LOC .J
ai hind

Our army makes us proud but some people have questions even on their bravery. Is it good to view institutions like this: Desh ki Sena ke Jawan maut ko mutthi me lekar Pakistan ko jaate hain aur zinda laut ke aate hain. Kuch logo ko ispr bhi pareshani hogayi: PM Modi

Pakistan ko ghuspethiyon ko Hindustan mein bhejna ho toh kya karta hai? Seema par firing shuru kar deta hai:


Note ban Opponents trying to shield the corrupt as Jihadi Neighbour doing

PM Modi today equated opponents of ‘note ban’ of trying to shield the corrupt, just as Pakistan starts firing on Indian border posts to distract Indian Army so that infiltrators can sneak into Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) under its cover.

Kabhi socha nahi tha ki desh ke kuch raajneta himmat ke sath beimaano ke sath khadey ho jaayenge : PM Modi in Varanasi Pakistan ko ghuspethiyon ko Hindustan mein bhejna ho toh kya karta hai? Seema par firing shuru kar deta hai:  Toh humari fauj bhi busy ho jaati hai unke saath, aur lapak karke wo ghus jate hain: PM

Pakistani Army Gives Cover Firing For Militants Wanting To Infiltrate …

Watch Video: India inducts first armed nuclear submarine INS Arihant..More 33 News Oct 18, 2016

Mini Kashi, Baloch Genocide, FTTI, Solar Factories, Clinton, Nuclear submarine, INS Arihant, Hinduism a way of life, Surgical strike, Sonia Gandhi, Indian army, Modi in Himachal, Ramayan, Ayodhya


Please feel free to read my books:

Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966

Accursed & Jihadi Neighbour

राष्ट्रीय एकता

डी एल एफ – वाड्रा : भ्रष्ट तंत्र 


Battle of Maps: Nehruian UPA vs Modi in the line of Shastri giving free hand to the army, for crossing the border if needed

Tags: Nehruian UPA, Modi in the line of Shastri, Free hand to Indian army, Cross border, Surgical strike, Hot persuit, Manipur Ambush, NSCN, China,  Act East, Battle of maps

Lauding the Indian Army and Indian Air Force for the well coordinated and surgically executed operation in Myanmar Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting Colonel (retired) Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had ordered “hot pursuit”. Colonel (retired) Rathore said the surgical strike inside Myanmar was an “unprecedented” and “extremely bold” step by the government.





@newsanalysisind  June 09

After Shastri, Modi: Army crossed border but on co-operation of Mynar: No praise to brave army by Anti-BJP-Modi Govt lobbyGandhi-Nitish-Kejr

@newsanalysisind  June 09

50 militants could be dead. Army Targets Militants Along Myanmar Border in Jt Op With Air Force: …

@newsanalysisind  June 09

Good relations with our neighbours Mynar-Bang to tackle terrorism is Modi Govt’s policy ACT EAST vs Cong-Media attack on Modi at Twitter…

@newsanalysisind  June 09

Manipur Ambush:NSCN OR CHINA’S PLA? Chinese Army officials in touch with NSCN(K) leaders: …


@newsanalysisind  June 09

Rediff: Militants were planning more attacks like Manipur ambush: Army


@newsanalysisind  June 09

The latest counter-terrorism policy adopted by our army surgical strikes on militant groups in Myanmar, should be adopted on Pakistan?

@newsanalysisind  June 09

We look forward to working with Myanmar to combat terrorism: Army:

@newsanalysisind June 09

Manipur massacre militants killed near Myanmar border. Specific intelligence was received on militants:


Battle of maps is going on between China and India.

Why India faced defeat in 1962 and why India won war of 1965. This is fully explained

Battle of maps is going on between China and India. This is fully explained in Chapter 16 on Pages 363 and 364 of my book: Silent Assassins, Jan 11, 1966.The book is freely accessible and loaded at:

Nehru’s legacy

  1. Because of the Nehru tilt towards Soviet Union, India was alienated from the United States. Indian actions became suspect
  2. Nehru alienated India’s immediate neighbors. He forgot the importance of geopolitics. He gave attention to globalism to forget South Asian Regionalism.
  3. Nehru’s policy resulted in defense unpreparedness. It was after 1962 that the Department of Defense Production was setup within the defense ministry.
  4. He left India internally weak and externally exposed.

Shastri -Period

While Soviet Russia was best public friend of India, Kremlin was also Pakistan’s best secret friend in times of crisis.

Shastri’s brief period produced military and diplomatic developments which not only shaped South Asian power relations but also formed the background of Indira’s security thinking and security policy.

The main security event in sub-continent during this period was Indo-Pak war in 1965.

Shastri’s conduct of at the time of Indo-Pak war in 1965 campaign revealed a complete change in the approach of the new Indian leadership to Pakistan, and in the Indian military strategy.

Shastri authorized the Indian army to take Lahore, if it could, and to achieve this aim, he authorized the Indian military forces to cross the international boundary, between India and Pakistan, and not to restrict military operations to the line of actual control in Jammu and Kashmir.

He demonstrated Indian Political will and thereby invalidated all major Pakistani assumptions in this crisis.  The Pakistani armor became bogged down in the flooded and open Punjab flatlands and it also became clear, in course of military operations, that Pakistani military personnel lacked the training and skill to operate sophisticated military armament. These facts are well known.

Less known perhaps more significant for our study in that Moscow intervened diplomatically against Shastri to make Pakistan by its Tashkent mediation diplomacy. Contrary to the public relations postures which both India and Soviet Russia, promote the policy of the USSR was to pull Pakistan from likely disintegration, as was possible in 1965, and Soviet conduct in this crisis reveals its hands. In other words, Soviet Russia, like Britain earlier, was pursuing a policy of Indo Pakistan balance of power in the Indian sub-continent. In this region, as in the Middle East, Moscow benefits from a level of instability between India and Pakistan.


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Read Book by clicking here: Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966