Tarana-e Milli? Pak flags waved at J-K in the past at Hubli: Have we heard Indian flags waving in Pak except 1965 in Lahore?

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Tarana-e Milli? Pak flags waved at J-K in the past at Hubli: Have we heard Indian flags waving in Pak except 1965 in Lahore?




Reason behind the above facts is we accept Mahatma Gandhi-Nehru’s secularism at the time of Independence to allow unpatriotic acts on our land. This secularism becomes jihadi secularism in Kashmir valley due to the policy of Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah via 370. Vote bank politicians spread this jihadi secularism in other places of Karnataka, Kerala, and Hyd also.


Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun are India’s Genuine Friends: We never evoke them after independence to raise the Indian flags in the Pakistan. But opposite to this Pakistan since the day of independence not only infiltrating kabaili dressed Pak-soldiers and thereafter terrorists but also evokes Muslims of Kashmir valley against India in the shape of separatism. In Pakistan now Hindus remain from 10% to 1% and here in India Muslim population are increasing day by day. Family planning and Uniform Civil Code are not for Muslims for the sake of jihadi secularism.

Liaquat Bagh vs Shimla

Our one leader gave the certificate of secularism to the communal who divided India “JINNAH”

Now lobbying is going on before the PM Modi for awarding Jinnah’s right hand in the partition of India Mohammed Iqbal:


Tweet at twitter:

@newsanalysisind May 28, 2015

Iqbal wrote in Pak “Tarana-e Milli” “Muslim hain ham ..Chin-o Arab hamara, Hindustan hamara? http://www.business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/poet-iqbal-to-be-posthumously-honoured-with-tarana-e-hind-115052801448_1.html …



Does India want to hear Prashant or widow of Martyr’ words “When you go home tell them of us And say for your tomorrow we gave our today”

Hoisting of tricolor flag on the land of Lahore by Indian Army was the season of light.

TV9 – Bijapur Bandh For Pakistan Flag Hoisted In Sindgi …


Pakistan flag hoisted in Karnataka town – Haindava Keralam

Jan 1, 2012

Please let me remind 2008 by updating that time article:

TOI reports in Feb 2008 “Terrorist training camps may be closer to home than the distant mountains in Pakistan, This chilling evidence came to light during the interrogation of three Islamist radicals arrested recently – Riyazuddin Nasir alias Mohammed Ghouse, Asadullah Abu Bakar and Mohammed Asif,”

Appeasement, religious budgeting and vote bank politics invite terrorist camps from Pakistan via J & K to Karnatak now. ‘Pak flag hosting in Karnatak’ report of today reminds following incidents:

(1) PROTEST: Hoisting the tricolor on national festivals should not be mandatory for madrassas:  Anwar Safi, spokesperson Jamaat-e-Islami (MP & Chhattisgarh)

Please sign to protest idiotic fanaticism?

(2) Pak flag hoisted in Karnataka, 14 held on 29 June , 2004

(3)  A settlement was reached at Hubli permitting the State government to hoist the national flag at the maidan on Republic Day and Independence Day. But the state government is not hoisting the national flag lest it would hurt the religious sentiments of minorities. The Islamic extremists who caused riots are not the offenders but Uma Bharati was nor is the government which prevented the national flag being hoisted but Uma Bharati was.


What our leaderst think on Terror Camps, Pak Flags in Karnataka?





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