Now again Hindu Terror propaganda by Janeudhari Rahul and Sidharamaiah for gettting support of Jihadi PFI

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Lalu Yadav may be jailed for 10 years as Om Prakash Chautala, in 2nd case of Fodder Scam

Lalu Yadav may be jailed, Om Prakash Chautala, Fodder Scam, List of Scams in India, Life sentenced, Shivanand Tiwari, Nitish, UPA, Tej Pratap, Congress ally of RJD, CBI Caged Parrot, 2G, Tejaswi, Hindu beef, PM Modi, Gadhwa Ghast Ashram, Varanasi, Jagannath Mishra

Illegal immigrants Rohingya to be deported, says Rijiju: RSS vs Oppn parties guardians of Anti-nationals

Illegal immigrants, Rohingya to be deported, Rijiju: RSS vs Oppn parties, Guardians of Anti-nationals, Modi Govt, UPA, Communist, Congress, Anti-Hindu West Bengal, Karnatak, Love Jihadi keral. Rob on temples

Vandematram in Madarsas: RSS Chief can’t hoist Tricolour in Keral but praising Pak PM posters allowed

Vandematram in Madarsas, RSS Chief hoists, Tricolour in Keral, Praising Pak PM posters, Muslim League, Congress, Uma Bharti Hubli, Lal Chowk Srinagar, Rashtriy ekta, Aiyyar, Khurshid, Ayodhya Ram Mandir, UPA, Ambika Soni, Bhagwat in Paladdad

India rejects China’ mediation offer on Kashmir: Newyork Times’ Jihad against Hindus

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UK polls: Miliband’s defeat as Cong was defeated due to Rahul: Modi congratulated Cameron

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UK polls: Miliband’s defeat as Cong was defeated due to Rahul: Modi congratulated Cameron

BBC reported on May 8: David Cameron has returned to Downing Street with the Tories having defied polls and won the general election. The Conservatives made gains in England and Wales and are forecast by the BBC to secure 331 seats in the Commons, giving them a slender majority. Labour leader Ed Miliband said he would stand down on Friday, saying his party must “rebuild” with a new leader.


Opposite to this Rahul Gandhi and his mother did not want and even now don’t want to resign. Both remain to lead Congress to fulfil last wish of Mahatma Gandhi to make India free of Congress party.


Edward Samuel “Ed” Miliband (born 24 December 1969) is a British Labour Party politician who was the Leader of the Labour Party and Prime Ministerial candidate on behalf of its labour party.


Ed Miliband is the new leader of the Labour Party, after he beat his brother David Miliband in the leadership race.  Rahul Gandhi was replacing his ailing mother Sonia Gandhi unannounced Prime Ministerial candidate in the Lok Sabha election of 2014. Actually Rahul Gandhi founder of Buddhuism (Not buddhism) above the Prime Minister of that time Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh was batting for Rahul Gandhi to make him Prime Minister in future.

So, what went wrong to Rahul Gandhi as Ed Miliband? And where does it go from here?

First Rahul Gandhi as Ed Miliband never looked like prime ministerial material. Polls after polls showed that voters didn’t think he would make a good prime minister. The same could be said about Rahul Gandhi unannounced prime ministerial candidate l of the Congress party.

In recent months, Miliband did make an effort to improve his PR image but it proved to be too late. By then people had already written him off. Like that few months back the Lok Sabha election  Rajiv Gandhi tried with his best to improve his PR image unsuccessfully.

The same mistake in other way he is trying to improve his jupiter image after returning 59 days mysteriou leave.  He is running fast without seeing right and left to do accident as did Salman Khan. He thinks as his sister-in-law VVip Vadra and bollywoody Vvip  Salman Khan he would be safe to save his skin in politics.

* No end to farmers’ struggles in Amethi: Shiv Kumari Gautam doesn’t know where Rahul Gandhi is. But she surely wishes that the Amethi MP, Rahul Gandhi who had stayed overnight in her hut along with British politician David Miliband in 2009, had some inkling about her plight. He and his British leader Miliband never visited thereafter in that hut of Amethi to see the poor farmer family.


Farmers’ suicide in UPA rule:

Fresh from a 56-day sojourn where he reportedly contemplated the futures of his party as well as his own, the Congress vice-president had on Monday launched an attack on Narendra Modi’s “suit-boot waali sarkar” for being antifarmer and pro-corporate. But he was seen wide of the mark, especially since his parliamentary constituency has the dubious distinction of having the per capita income of 15,559 as against the state’s average of 26,698, which is already among the poorest in the country. The national average is 74,193 (all figures for 2014-15).



As i tweeted on May 4, 2015 at:


21st century shall belong to Asia: PM on Buddha Jayanti: Also belong to political Rahul-ians bahurupias buddhuism to poor honest people:

As Mahatma Buddh founded Buddhismlike that Mahatma Rahul baba promoted Buddhuism.


Throwing turban of Sikh PM by Rahul Gandhi who was not endorsed the turuth of Sanjay Baru’s book … Manmohan Singh is humiliated not only by Rahul now, but also by his father Rajiv Gandhi …

Labour suffered heavy losses at the hands of the SNP, with the Tories defying opinion polls to secure a House of Commons majority. In a speech in London, Mr Miliband said it was “time for someone else” to take over the leadership and that he was “truly sorry” he did not succeed. Ed Miliband resigns as leader.

Congress suffered heavy losses more than the Miliband’s party at the hands of BJP who was fighting under the Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Opposite to the Miliband, neither Rahul Gandhi nor his mother Sonia Gandhi resigned.

* Rahul’s well publicised UP padyatra as he is doing now in 2015 after enjoying his 59 agyatvas to remain absent in budget session of the parliament,  yielded some good photo ops, but a gaffe on skeletons under mounds of ash in Bhatta Parsaul (a statement later revealed as totally false) struck a bit of a blow for Rahul’s credentials as a leader of dispossessed farmers.

In the first month of 2013, The Congress’ chintan shivir at Jaipur which anointed Rahul Gandhi as Congress Vice-President was a shivir awash in emotion, fulsome tributes and streaming tears from family loyalists. After Rahul’s speech, particularly after the emotional recollections of his grandmother’s assassination and father’s courage, Congressmen were in spasms of euphoric delight, comparing Rahul to a Rajiv Gandhi- Barack Obama Two-in-One.

Rahul, the prince-turned rebel, the ruler-turned attacker of status quo, might find that he’s a misfit in an absolute monarchy. Sonia Gandhi’s greatest success over the last 10 years has been to rule the party like a regent, exercising queenly supreme power and placing dynasty at the centre of the Congress’ existenc


In 2009, his boys night out at a Dalit hut with visiting that time British Foreign secretary David Miliband was seen as urban poverty tourism, a rural Scheduled Caste hut became the site of a brief overnight stay of the messiah and his foreign friend, like an adventurous night spent in a museum. Kalavati, the Vidharbha widow, in whose name Rahul made a speech during the trust motion in 2008, remains a now forgotten statistic in Rahul’s discovery of India, her hut a pit stop in his whirlwind visitations, her plight designed to spice up a point in a rare speech



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Don’t damage four Pillars of Democracy on Black money

 Don’t damage four Pillars of Democracy on Black money


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UPA, Supreme Court, Special Investigation Team, Tweets at twitter


Don’t damage four Pillars of Democracy on Black money


Four pillars of democracy
are falling to return power to the public on the matter of black money.


People elected legislators.
Legislators elected government. Supreme Court gives full power to SIT which returns
the power of Goveernment to the public on the matter of black money. It is not
joke. It is reality.


In the past caged parrot CBI was more powerful than
the UPA Government and Union Ministers. Now Supreme Court and SIT should not
make the government powerless and ministers should not think that they are not


News reported today on Oct 30
the Special
Investigation Team
(SIT) constituted by the Supreme Court to monitor the probe into untaxed money stashed in
foreign bank accounts has invited information from the public. The panel, which
includes retired judges and regulators, will release an email id where anyone
can give information, reports say.


public can give us credible information on black money. We will investigate
that information, but we want credible inputs – do not expect us to go on a
fishing expedition,” sources in the SIT were quoted as saying.


Nobody should dare to
think that our elected government is not mighty. People and the government
should be alert on the matter of black money. Democracy should be a medium for
making people wise and wealthy instead of fool and poor.


Tweets at twitter:

newsanalysisindia @newsanalysisind ·
SC gave power to SIT: Now Public gets power from SIT to
collect info on black money: Govt is powerless:


newsanalysisindia @newsanalysisind ·
Govt No No; Public who elected Govt is more powerful to
collect info on black money: SIT says: …


newsanalysisindia @newsanalysisind ·
Truth of Six Blinds UPA-NDA-Leaders-Govt-SC-SIT
investigating Elephant of Black money: …





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Allowing cow slaughtering in K’taka?

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Attack on BiharBJPAd? Kranatak CM Cong warn to eat Beef, Sonia, silent? Award Rturnees hided?

We are definitely not planning a Shining India type of campaign… the story of UPA is based on evidence and statistics,” Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari told Mail Today.

The newly-elected Congress government in Karnataka has decided not to allow a ban on cow slaughter in Karnataka. Is in India now any Prabhudutt Brahmchari?

First Lok Sabha elections held in India in 1952. Prabhu Dutt Brahamchari, a sadhu fielded by Ram Rajya Parishad was contested against Pt Nehru in Phulpur Lok Sabha constituency. The main election plank of Prabhu Dutt Brahamchari was the demand for ban on cow slaughter all over the country and opposition to the Hindu Code bill, which the Congress party had announced to be moved and passed in the parliament

The points of the campaign against Pt Nehru and in favor of Prabhu Dutt Brahamchari, If cow slaughter is not banned millions of cows will be killed and there would be left no milk even for small children and no ox will be born to plough the fields.” Incidentally the election symbol of Congress then was a pair of ox with plough. The Congress campaign was full of canards particularly defaming RSS. The Congress campaigners openly shouted RSS men as killers of Mahatma Gandhi and told the electorates that in case their candidate wins millions of Muslims and even Harijans would be killed and persecuted.

The same tactic is being adopted by the Congress up till now from since that time:

Former finance minister Manmohan Singh, Congress candidate for the Lok Sabha from South Delhi, on Sept 2, 1999 accused the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, ideological parent of the Bharatiya Janata Party, of being involved in the 1984 anti-Sikh carnage in the capital.

Manmohan Singh pointed out that in 1984 he was awarded the Padma Vibhushan by the President of India.


Latest example: PM evokes minority in Karnataka to follow Shinde’s Hindu terror remark


What is the message by allowing cow slaughtering Congress giving on the occasion celebrating Mother’s day? Congress leaders should declare that they don’t treat cow as Mata as communists say they are atheists.


In Karnataka Hindus are in majority but their tolerant nature they have become there in minority and divided force. Even PM evoked Muslims in his election speech and played vote bank politics. Congress leaders in his speeches gave promises to allow the cow slaughter. The speakers of Congress are Hindus.


What did election commission though Narendra Modi alerted for that to the Election Commission? This is the reason former election commissioner K P Gill became sports minister. This is the reason 10 Jan Path loyalist Navin Chawla writer of biography of Mother Teresa could become Election Commissioner. 


Divide and Rule Policy to evoke Muslims by Congress:

The election commission should seek answer from Congress about some of the statements given by their leaders – they say they will allow cow slaughter – how can they make such statements?” Modi demanded in his speech given at Mangalore on May 2, 2013.


The newly-elected Congress government in Karnataka has decided not to allow a ban on cow slaughter in the state.

The Karnataka Prevention of cow slaughter and Preservation (Amendment) Bill, 2012 passed in the state legislature during the BJP rule would be reversed. “We will go back to the Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Prevention Act, 1964. We will withdraw the bill amended last year,” chief minister Siddaramaiah said.

Congress had opposed the bill and even petitioned the governor against giving his ascent. By amending the 1964 act, the BJP had enlarged the definition of cattle, made punishment harsher and increased the age of animal to be slaughtered



http: a//


Read Book by clicking here: Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966



WikiLeaks: Sanjay in Emergency vs Corrupt hands of Rajeev and Sonia

Emergency, democracy whichever setup may be, priority should be benefit to the poor without any type of partiality. Any type of setup running with corruption can be called bad very bad. Democratic good governance without corruption is the best in the eyes of all. Sanjay Gandhi could be digested for a limited short period instead of Rajeev Gandhi’s corruption and now the corruption of Sonia Gandhi led Congress led UPA Government: Income inequality and corrupt leadership

‘Politics’ becomes trade due to dynastic rule

A K Antony was “one of the only” leaders apart from Priyaranjan Dasmunsi who “flatly criticized” Sanjay Gandhi during 1976 AICC session in Guwahati during Emergency when the latter’s political graph was on the rise, US diplomatic cables have claimed. 

The cables, made public by WikiLeaks, also said the party faction led by Antony, the Kerala unit president, refused to support Sanjay and questioned his “rapid ascent to a position of power” asking “what sacrifices he has made for the party or the country”

Could Antony and Priyaranjan Dasmunsi oppose Indira Gandhi? Why did they not resign from the Congress Party in the protest? Why both leaders oppose any corrupt deal of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi? Has Congress party or WikiLeaks any example of this kind? Was that time political graph of Indira Gandhi not better that Sanjay Gandhi? After all Sanjya Gandhi was assisting his beloved mother as PM Manmohan Singh and whole Congress party whole heartedly supporting the corruption of Super PM Sonia Gandhi:  Political Corruption is Kleptocracy means “Rules of Thieves”

PM Manmohan Singh is only an honorary middleman without getting a single paisa middleman for Sonia Gandhi. PM Mamohan Singh along with other stalwart of Congress party such as Digvijay Singh and Beni Prasad Verma are batting for Rahul Gandhi election 2014.

“Swedish embassy officials have informed us that main Indian negotiator with swedes on viggen at New Delhi end has been Ms Gandhi’s older son, Rajiv Gandhi. Latter’s only association with aircraft industry (to our knowledge) has been as pilot for Indian airlines and this is first time we have heard his name as entrepreneur,” said a US diplomatic cable WikiLeaks sent on October 21, 1975.

The cables went on to say that French aviation firm Dassault, which was also in the race with its Mirage aircraft, had the son-in-law of the then Air Chief, Air Marshal O P Mehra, as its chief negotiator.

“Ms Gandhi (according to Swedish information) has made personal decision not to purchase British jaguar because of her prejudices against British… decision would be between Mirage and Viggen. The Swedish diplomat said that Sweden’s neutral position in world politics is offsetting Viggen’s higher cost. He expressed irritation at the way Ms Gandhi is personally dominating negotiations, without involvement of Indian air force officers,” the cables said.

Fighting corruption by corrupts: After China in India Gandhi dynasty rule is the biggest propagandist which fights fight corruption by corruption: Corruption vs. Corruption 

From where Vadra and Rahul hired their CORRUPTION-GUIDE

Innovative discovery of Corruption: Tax freee Donation to Congress for interest free loan to Gandhi family

P M Manmohan Singh explained negativity over corruption can do us no good. Positive corruption is necessary for economic growth: DLF-Vadra Scam: Good Corruption has positive effect

WikiLeaks’ Household Mole: Nehru to Manmohan Singh All the Way

Wikileaks cable: Rajiv was with Indira at the time of ordering for Antonov_An-32

Assassination of Shastri might be result of the struggle for power in the Indian leadership of Congress: KGB Officer

Margaret Thatcher succeeded to re-occupy Falklands but Indira Gandhi “Durga” could not re-occupy PoK


Gandhi-Vadra dynasty