Was Gandhi to remove Ashok stambh currency in 1993 secularism? Is putting back Ashok emblem unpatriotic?

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Was Gandhi to remove Ashok stambh currency in 1993 secularism?  Is putting back Ashok emblem unpatriotic?

TOI reported on May 30, 2015: Gandhi’s photo missing from Rs 10 note:


Is Gandhi above the national emblem such as Ashok Pillar (Stambh) and Tricolour flag of India? Should we be unpatriotic to be International? What is secularism? What is communalism? Is seeing and honouring our national flag, national emblem above all leaders who so ever including Gandhi means insult of the leaders? Is this secularism or anti-Indianness?

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Poem: Indians are being made unpatriotic to protest Modi’s comment

The reserve Bank of India replaced Ashoka Pillar on currency notes and introduced Mahatma Gandhi series from 1996 onwards. RBI releasing currency notes of this series bearing the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi on the front side in place of symbol of Lion Capital of Ashoka Pillar.

Reducing the national emblem and putting it in the left corner of currency and replacing it with the portrait of Gandhi is not good for the country, it hurts feelings of many citizens of this country, who believe in the diverse culture of india and multiple identities

The Gandhi portrait on all denominations of currency is not a good sign at all, Gandhi was never formally conferred the title of ‘Father of the Nation’ by the government. This was stated by the Home Ministry in reply to an RTI query, no such title was ever formally conferred upon him by the government,” said Shyamala Mohan, Director and Central Public Information Officer (CPIO), said in a reply dated June 18, 2012.





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