Church Priest tried to convert Sreesanth in Tihar as missonaries in schools

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Sreesanth with Amit Shah and BJP MLA O Rajgopal



Cricketer Sreesanth now going temple to temple and forgets Church, the priest



There was a time when Church priest took Sreenath in his grip and tried to convert him. Time to time cricketer went to church.


As Indian Express reported on June 01, 2013, Sreesanth lived two blocks from Puthuva’s office in Palarivattom, Ernakulam, and visiting his family and conducting prayers had become a weekly practice. Every Tuesday, the Hindu family would accompany Puthuva to the church in Kaloor. Sreesanth’s mother Savithri Devi would call Puthuva almost every week asking him to conduct prayers at their house.



“Sreesanth would always be very excited to see me. He may be restless on the field, excited and full of energy. But he would look forward to seeing me and waited patiently for me to conduct the prayers. All he would say is ‘pray for me Father’,” the priest recalled. In October 2012, Puthuva moved to Delhi and began working for ‘Prison Ministry India’, an NGO that counsels prisoners in Tihar Jail.

“For six years I had lost touch with Sree’s family. However, on May 15, I found out that he had been brought to Delhi. I tried meeting him at the Special Cell office in Lodhi Colony, but couldn’t. It was only in Tihar that I met him personally after so many years,” Puthuva said. Puthuva finished his rounds with other prisoners and undertrials and met Sreesanth. “He saw me from a distance when he was being brought by the personnel accompanying


Priest met Sreesanth inTihar,Tried to convert him?

Sreenath ties with Shekhawat

Sreesanth ties with Bhuwaneshwari Shekawat belongs to the Royal family of Rajasthan. Former President Pratibha Patil also married in a Shekhawat family (Not royal family) of Rajasthan.