Panama Papers? Tax-havens ac holders? AMRATYAs RAJANs? Save Middle Class?

Panama Papers, Tax-havens ac holders, AMRATYAs, RAJANs, Save Middle class. Gold, Diamond, Sky touch lutyens, Cooked ac books


Middle class always neglected by politicians. They are ball to play.  Feel free to kick them, slp them, stick them batting them.



Please don’t follow snatchers of gold necklace chain snatchers. Why does responsible authorities’ eyes should be on the ornaments of Middle class Women first instead of gold mines and diamond treasures of the big guns.



Not only Leaders but even bureaucrats eyes are always on the buildings of middle class standing on the roadside or crowded colonies. They become blind to see the multi-stories sky touch lutyens and sea-beach bungalows. They keep their fingers on their ears if any one talks about the all types of VVVips bungalows abroad.




Leaders want notes also. They want to collect this from big guns of Industrial and financial market.  But these big guns manage cooked their accounts to hire the group of renowned CAs.

Even Responsible authorities can’t touch account holders in tax havens. They may be on record for (Der saber kaam aaye) time to time bargaining. If in any case they caught crocodiles then behind the door give and take “sauda pat jata hai”. Otherwise Super Liars are in every party to defend them in the court lawfully. Why do leaders want cooked ac book holders Vadras Ambanis Adanis fadanis sadanis and so on have free walk



Politicians know that this middle class neither kidnapped nor converted into other parties. This class is a like “Kolhu ke bail (Moils)” and “Majboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi”. So vote bank politicians eyes are towards below middle or who are big guns in Industrial and financial market. Below middle class means who are facing poverty. There votes movable and in wholesale. So leaders talk about the poor and when they themselves are struggling with poverty. They forget to talk about their middle class living life. Neither they talk about their rich background.


What is truth behind backing of financial world, politicians for AmaratyaSen-RaghuramRajan?