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By Premendra Agrawal



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Noida Nithari is not related to Dalit OBC minority. Seculars are mum! Media voices to gain adv profit. Are serial killing victims’ half brothers of burnt Karsevaks? Devil’s children and beyond walls.

Today on January 2, Amar Singh of SP disclosed that serial killer Mahinder Singh has connection with Gurjeet Singh a Congress Leader of Ludhiana .



Beyond walls and compartment mentality

Walls suggest a preoccupation with the old and the familiar. Beyond walls suggests an exploration of the unknown, a breakaway from dynastic ruling and an exploration of new ones among dynamic common people. Walls symbolize ownership and protection of contents as Sonia super PM and Rahul future PM for Congress and its allies. Beyond walls switches the emphasis from ownership to access. Walls describe boundaries and suggest fear and distrust of whatever is outside. Beyond walls signifies openness to ideas and innovation. Walls imply barriers to communication and understanding. Beyond walls suggests communication, sharing, networking.

Walls create a compartment mentality. Beyond walls fosters teamwork and cooperation. Walls narrow our focus. Beyond walls enlarges our vision


This mentality can be found in the political parties, dictators, terrorists and serial killers. Political parties of opposition protest on the same issues those they have to adopt after getting power. Like this most dictators, terrorists and serial killers including Saddam, Osama bin Laden and serial killers of Noida and Mumbai had faced abused and wounded childhood. But after becoming dictator, terrorist and serial killer they behave others with the same cruelty as they suffered in their childhood. What they are probably displaying is a variation of the General class compartment mentality that ensures survival in the famed compartment of the Indian Railways - Get in by Hook or Crook and do their best to keep the rest out. This mentality “Saas bhi kabhi bahu thee” is also present in mother in laws who behaves badly their sons wives as they suffered in the past.


Devil’s children

If he is maltreated by the cruel upbringing he will develop the very strong wish to take revenge. He will be driven to destroy others or himself but only by his history and never by inborn genes. The idea of destructive genes is a modern version of the fairy tale talking about the "devil's children" who need to be chastised to become obedient and nice.


All of us were gripped by horror, dread, and fear. But the connections between terrorism and childhood are still hardly recognized. It is time to take the facts seriously. Viewers may find more details about this in my latest articles related to brain research and childhood of dictators, terrorists and serial killers also at:


Mum of Fake Secular governments and secular serial killings

Up to the end of 2007 not a single leader except Mayavati reached on the serial killing spot. To day BJP have make protesting statement on the tragedy. Newly born fake Secular leader Raj Babbar has made humorous statement. According to him he has given three statements on the serial killings in the past. So he felt shame to face the villagers and because of that he would not reached at Nithari village. All top leaders have the resident nearer to the Noida. But the serial killing sound could not reach there up till now. Amar Singh of Samajwadi party also could not wipe the tears of the parents of the killed children as he reached before few days on the kidnapping incident of the son of Adolf CEO. Human activists and NGOs which were engaged in Gujarat riots are unable to see the serial killing children.


As reported on Jan 2, Karnataka Minister for Wakf and Haj Committee Zameer Ahmed Khan on Tuesday submitted his resignation to Governor T N Chaturvedi, accusing Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy of having no concern for Muslims. Congress also supports this move of the said minister. But not a single resignation of any minister comes for not reaching their Super leaders at Noida and Nithari village to heal the wounds of the parents of the kidnapped and murdered.


Leftists hides on serial killings

The Leftists protested the brutal lathicharge on Honda workers in Gurgaon in July 2005, but used force in Bengal and few days before in Singur, police lathicharged. Left can’t protest against the brutal lathi charge of police in Noida and Nithari village. Even Police blocked the entrance of correspondents in the Nithari village.


Dalit-Minority card

Secular Deshi bahu Sonia Gandhi on Dec 28 said she hoped the two-day Dalit-Minority International Conference here would provide an effective platform for discussion on issues concerning social justice and economic empowerment of these sections in society. Stating that these issues were both of national interest and close to her heart, Ms. Gandhi said the conference was important, as it would raise awareness on these issues and encourage a closer involvement of society as a whole in dealing with the problem of inequality and oppression faced by the most vulnerable sections. "India cannot truly prosper and progress unless these issues are addressed," Ms. Gandhi said in her message to the conference. The same is said by PM Manmohan Singh.


Above statement of Sonia Gandhi is to disunite India and to encourage conversion as she does always such as the following incidents:

Udit Raj, and Maulana Madani of Jamiat-Ulama-e-Hind, have come together to form the Save India Front (SIF) On May 2, the SIF held a rally at the Ramlila Maidan at Delhi which was presided by Sonia Gandhi. They promised to make it a ''mammoth'' demonstration against the Sangh Parivar. After banned SIMI, now the activities of JuH and Tablighi jamaat are also under the scanning. The demand of proportional representation of Muslims in legislatures made by the JuH in a rally in Delhi’s Ram Lila Grounds acquired salience because it was attended by the Congress party president, Sonia Gandhi. This type of demand is encouraged by Sonia Gandhi to push Congress towards political suicide. American sponsored Christian Non-Dalit D’Souza mixed up in this ‘band party’

Dalit Freedom Network [DFN] is an umbrella of most rabidly Hindu-hating ‘Dalit’ activists like Udit Raj and Kancha Ilaiah. They burnt their Nagpur colclave of converting Hindus to Christianity, a copy of Gujarat's anti-conversion law to say,” Sonia Gandhi opposes Anti Conversion Bills”


Original Hindu Mayavati Vs Fake Indian Sonia Gandhi

Anti-Hindu Mayavati now intelligently is now becoming converted herself for the cause of economic backward upper cast Hindus to demand reservation for them. She is the first leader of any political party who reached at Noida and its Nithari village. She proved that original Hindu Mayavati is better than dramatic duplicate Indian Sonia.


Secular angel in serial killings terrorism riots security forces army

Modern seculars and their parties including secular media see killings, serial killings, riots and terrorism also in secular and non-secular angels.

1984 Anti-Sikh Riots in India after the unfortunate assassination of Indira Gandhi, is secular riot and Gujarat riots is communal riot for the Congress. The then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, son of Indira Gandhi allegedly made a statement " When a big tree falls, the earth is bound to shake" on the Sikh carnage. You may find secularism of Congress at: K. Singh: “Congress (I) is the Most Communal Party”, Publik Asia, 16-11-1989.


Abhishek Sangvi is the spokesperson of Congress. He called Gujarat police non-secular and the police of UPA ruled provinces are secular. What did he call UP Police? He in a news channel divided police in secular and non-secular. Manmohan and Sonia Gandhi both wanted fair share of Muslims in security forces and the army. Secular government formed Sachchar Committee to head count of Muslims in every field and its recomandations to divide India. Minority Minister Antuley announced as PM that Sachchar’s report will be followed word to word though still it is not before the cabinet


Victims of Noida’s Nithari are half brother of burnt Karsevaks

Nithari village and Noida have become the half brothers of Godhra as Saddam Hussein had half brothers. Here half brothers means parents of killed children of Nithari village are not related to any Hindu Organization and they have no vote bank capacity as Dalit-Minority lobby. In 2002 Karsevaks were burnt in the compartments of Sabarmati Express. At that time secular parties and their leaders are mum. Even up till now they say that kasevaks burnt themselves in the compartment. There is no conspiracy from outsiders to burn the compartments. Railway Minister Lalu and its Banerjee Commission have said already this. Still on every December 6, so called fake secular leaders become mourn. All fake secular leaders of not only India still evoking sentiments of minority of Gujarat. Many of them including Sonia Gandhi, Teesta Sitalwad, Arundhati Roy and others propagated anti-Hindu sentiments abroad.


Stepmotherly behaves in CBI Enquiry

Naseem Siddiqui, president of the State Minorities Commission said, “The residents of Malegaon are not satisfied with the investigation which was initially carried out by the local police and later handed over to ATS. The Commission also noticed many discrepancies in the investigation. The possibility of fundamentalist forces also being involved in the offence should be explored… All the blasts cannot just be the work of those outside this country. ” Congress accepted his argument that ATS and Maharashtra Police was not competent to investigate Malegaon blasts. So Government ordered for CBI enquiry. Then how would be the report of ATS on its involvement in Mumbai local train serial blasts acceptable for Pakistan? Samajwadi Party also demanded the CBI enquiry on Malegaon. Then why is its UP Government hesitating for CBI enquiry of Noida serial killings?


Narco analysis of fake seculars

It is being said that there will be narco analysis of buchers of Noida Mahinder and his servant. We should (Narco) analyse the UP and Central government and the leaders of secular parties of their mum in serial killings. Actor Sanjay Dutt was among the celebrities reportedly named by underworld don Abu Salem after he was injected with 'truth serum' on Friday by a team from the Forensic Sciences Laboratory. As reported in Sept 12, 2006 an accused in the multi-crore fake stamp case submitted before the Special MCOCA Court that Union Minister Sharad Pawar and Maharashtra Minister Chhagan Bhujbal also be "subjected" to narco-analysis test and showed a purported photograph of Pawar with kingpin Abdul Karim Telgi. In narco analysis villain of fake stamp scam named Shard Pawar.



By Premendra Agrawal

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