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By Premendra Agrawal


Sanju Vs Salman Vs Shibu Vs Sidhu? Man cooked dog got 20 years’jail in Georgia & mom is arrested on charge of cooking baby. Former Youth Congress leader burnt his wife in tandoor.


Sanjay Dutt kept AK-47 for gandhigiri, Actor Salman Khan is a ‘controversy’s child’ Shibu Soren is a saint with long down beard and widen moustache but Sidhu is not punicshed for the accident which caused the death.


Mom cooks baby in microwave oven - police

On Nov 28 Police of Dublin have charged an Ohio woman in the death, by microwave oven, of her one-month-old daughter, the Associated Press reports. Mom China Arnold, 26, stands accused of aggravated murder after bringing her dead infant daughter, Paris, to a hospital, with a "high body temperature". The microwave oven is an established fixture of geek / hobbyist intrigue, often featured on shows like Brainiac and on Mythbusters, which once threatened to investigate its effects on a small dog, but backed away in the end.

There is a well-known urban legend about a baby sitter who gets wasted on recreational drugs while on duty and cooks a "roast" in the microwave. The parents return to discover that she had cooked the baby by mistake.

If Arnold is found guilty, it will mark only the second known instance of infanticide via microwave. The first is the case of Virginia mom Elizabeth Renee Otte, who in 2000 pleaded no contest to charges of involuntary manslaughter and received a sentence of five years' incarceration


Man coocked dog in oven, got jail for 20 years

A man has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for burning a dog to death in the oven of the last house he burglarized in a series of burglaries in summer 2005, said Chatham County Assistant District Attorney Melanie Higgins. Alexander Davis, 20, had been charged with seven counts of burglary and with aggravated animal cruelty, for which he received the maximum sentence of five years. He also faces five years probation after the jail term, Higgins said. Davis was arrested in August 2005 after a woman returned home to find her home burglarized and her 1-year-old rat terrier burned to death in the oven, which had been set to 400 degrees.


Congress Minister’s son is waiting for Shibu Soren in Tihar Jail

There was one more case in the media highlight similar to Mattoo and Jesica lal murder cases. Tandoor Sharma former leader of Youth Congress got death penalty from the court and now he is in Tihar Jail awaiting Shibu Soren along with other tow MPs. He has been allotted a normal cell which he shares with two other prisoners. There he spends most of his time in puja, and cutting and pasting pictures of gods and goddesses all over his cell."The death sentence has made him extremely philosophical," says a jailor. "He talks about things like the futility of life, and death being just an interim phase till rebirth."


‘Main Hoon naa’: Jethmalani said that Manu will walk

Rahul Gandhi climbed on the dreaming flyover of UP Congress. Today he is walking as a youth leader in Amethi. Member of the leading congress family accused Manu Sharma will walk soon as assured by Jethmalani who had pleaded successfully the Prof. Geelani who was accused in the attack of parliament. Now the lawyer, along with other Congress leaders, wants pardon for the Afzal Guru.


Jesica Lal murder case is pending before the Supreme Court. In this case accused was also a son of former Congress leader. This Sharma family is a relative of former Congress President Shankardayal Sharma. Manu Sharma accused, is the son of one of the leading politicians in the state of Haryana, Vinod Sharma, belonging to the Congress Party earlier a minister in the National Cabinet and there after minister in the Haryana. Just few days before he resigned from the ministerial post in public pressure. One of Manu's aunts is a daughter of erstwhile President of India, Shankar Dayal Sharma.


Naina was burnt in the Tandoor of Bagiya Restaurant

On the night of July 2, 1995, Delhi police constable Abdul Nazir Kunju and Home Guard Chanderpal saw smoke emanating from the open-air Bagiya Restaurant in Ashok Yatri Nivas (now called Indraprastha Hotel). They got suspicious and scaled the hotel's boundary wall to enter the premises. 'Something big' was burning in a tandoor (a clay oven) in the restaurant.


Accused claimed that Congress banners and flags were being burnt

That 'something big' turned out to be the body of Naina Sahni (29), who was allegedly killed by her husband and the then Delhi Youth Congress president Sushil Sharma. Since the flames were touching the restaurant's ceiling, the two, in order to stop it from spreading, doused the fire with water. Later, while deposing in court, Kunju and it was claimed that Congress banners and flags were being burnt.

Incensed, Sharma allegedly fired three shots from his licensed revolver at Sahni. One bullet pierced her head, another hit her in the neck while the third missed her and hit an air-conditioner. Sahni died on the spot. Sharma wrapped her body, took it to the restaurant, chopped it into small pieces and tried to burn it in the tandoor.


IAS Officer gave shelter to the murderer in Gujarat Bhawan

That night, Sharma stayed with his Indian Administrative Service officer friend D K Rao at Gujarat Bhavan and left for Jaipur the next day. At that time there was a Congress Govrnment in Gujarat.


Additional Sessions Judge G P Thareja in his order said: "IAS officers should ensure that politicians who try to exploit their position as public servants by using extra constitutional influence are not encouraged in any manner,"


Congress received certificates from the renowned judges

Additional Sessions Judge G P Thareja wrote in the judgment: "A dead body is respected in this country. Everyone reveres a dead body on its last journey. By burning the dead body, the accused intended that Naina Sahni should go unwept, unsung and unheard."


He said it was not a case where the "accused has committed the crime and, thereafter, left the dead body so that it is properly disposed off according to the customs of the society to which the deceased belong". "Profaning the dead body by burning in tandoor of a helpless and hapless woman whom the convict exploited for his own political career is an insult to womanhood," he wrote. "Sentence of death is only appropriate sentence."


Expressing strong displeasure over half-hearted efforts being made by Special PubliProsecutor A P Ahluwalia, Additional Sessions Judge G P Thareja said, "You ( Ahluwalia) being specially appointed have not done anything which a normal prosecutor would not have done. The State is acting as if it is in link with the accused. It has created loopholes. Why is the State behaving like this?"


Navjot Sidhu is murderer but not Actor Salman!!

The Maharashtra government has filed a petition in the Supreme Court challenging an order of the Mumbai high court, which dropped the charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder framed against actor Salman Khan for allegedly killing one person and injuring four in a hit-and-run case.’ Culpable homicide’.

All the news channels and media on the guide line of Congress labeled Sidhu as a murderer intentionally to murder his character. To day perhaps news agencies found the word “



By Premendra Agrawal

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