Watch event of March 4, 2003: George Fernandes and A B Vajpayee who named TEJAS to L C Aircraft

Watch event May 4, 2003,  George Fernandes, Atal Behari Vajpayee named Tejas, L C Aircraft, Radiance, Tejas Sanskrit name, Technologies


That time of Defence Minister, George Fernandes, and the Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee, in front of the Light Combat Aircraft, `Tejas’, at a function at the Bangalore International Airport on Sunday May 4, 2003

The indigenous light combat aircraft (LCA) — the smallest, lightweight, single-engine, single-seat, multi-role, fourth generation combat aircraft — was named “Tejas” (radiance) by that time Prime Minister, A.B. Vajpayee, in Bangalore on May , 2003.

At a glittering ceremony in Bangalore, Vajpayee witnessed the flying display of the LCA’s two prototypes, Technology Demonstrator-I and Technology Demonstrator-II, for about 10 minutes and chose Tejas [radiance], one of the 20 Sanskrit names short-listed.

“I am confident that this world-class fighting machine will make a glorious contribution to the nation’s defence. I am happy to name it Tejas. May it bring glory to our aerospace industry,” Vajpayee said while addressing about 500 people at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited airport.

That time Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani, Defence Minister George Fernandes, chief of air staff Air Chief Marshall S Krishnaswamy and Scientific Advisor to the defence minister V K Aatre were among those present.

That time Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said even in the era of globalisation, in which free movement of goods, technologies and services was a recurring mantra, the country’s defence modernisation programme continued to strive for maximum technological autonomy.

Vajpayee Jee  expressed concern that in spite of adopting a responsible policy on missile, nuclear and dual use technologies and taking utmost care to avoid their proliferation, the country continued to face technology denial regimes which tried to impede its weapons development and other programs.

A B Vajpayee Vajpayee referred to the policy adopted by the country on missile, nuclear, and dual use technologies, and said it was concerned, in the same way as other countries, that these technologies should not fall into the wrong hands.

Shree A B Vajpayee, at the time of demonstating function of Tejas, said the American engines of the aircraft would soon be replaced by the indigenous Kaveri engines to make it 75 to 80 per cent indigenous.

That time Defence Minister, George Fernandes, referred to the cynicism expressed by many a few years ago about the LCA and the Advanced Light Helicopter project taking off, and complimented the scientists, engineers, and workers of the organisations concerned for completing the mission.