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By Premendra Agrawal





Street club sex sport is the sign of Western cultured sport on every January 1 and midnight of Dec 31 as happended on Gateway of India. Two things never die: God who is GOOD, and EVIL who is devil.



Saddam Husseing statue was pulled

New Year's Eve for us always comes and goes like a riot, dragging a wrecking ball through our highly strung relationships, pilfering our last scraps of sanity like rare statrue of Buddh dismentled in Afganistan by Taliban or Saddam Husseing statue was pulled by American forces in Iraq.


Man bites dog

THE oldest cliché about reportage is still the soundest one: "dog bites man" isn't news, but "man bites dog" is. In line with this logic, which equates newsworthiness with a sensational breach of normality, it hasn't been news that, in recent days, there has been a steep escalation in the incidence of kidnapping, raping, murdering and serial killing. Kavita Madhumita Jesica lal, Navin Katara murder cases and recently serial killings of children of Nithari village of Noida .


Gateway of India for Western culture

The Gateway of India was opened on December 4, 1924 by the Viceroy, the Earl of Reading. This was the symbolic entrance of western culture. The last British troops to leave India , the First Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry, passed through the gate in a ceremony on February 28, 1948 . British troops and British rule had gone to leave Lord  Macaulay’s Westerned cultured system.


Westernized New Year’s Eve culture in few army officers

The Army isn't wasting much time, nor is the police. A day after jawans of the 3 Madras Regiment ransacked the Park Street police station of Kolkatta to free two officers held on charges of molesting women at a New Year's Eve party at the Park Hotel, the army ordered a court of inquiry.


Woman is molested by nearly 70 goons

New Year's Eve showed drunken party-goers and a gathering of 1,500 people at the Gateway of India to watch the fireworks ushering in 2007. In the midst of all the revelry, a woman is molested by nearly 70 goons, her clothes torn apart. Her male friend is pushed to the side, the helpless woman's screams drowned by the noise of the crowd. The crowd was essentially a mixed unprepared crowd and unwilling to listen to anybody.This is the symbold of shameful criminalogy which British rule gifted to us.


Victim did not want to be Meher Bhargava

The victim lady and her partner did not protest otherwise their fate would be as Meher Bhargava. In the past Meher Bhargava Meher Bhargava was the quintessential Lucknow memsahib; courteous but candid, genteel but cut from fine steel. So on February 28, when a lewd lothario heckled her daughter-in-law in a crowded market at Hazratganj, the indignant matriarch made her disapproval public. The youth’s reaction was explicit: he took out a gun and shot Bhargava dead.


Indian way to celebrate New Year

As reported by Hindustan Times for 25-year-old Shamita, a schoolteacher from Kolkata, celebrated the New Year Eve. "We offered puja, burst crackers and had sweets on the New Year's Eve with the entire family. My husband and his parents also had good fun in celebrating New Year in this manner," she says. This is the way of Indian culture as we celebrate Diwali and ‘Varsh Pratipda’.


Slap on Mumbai Police Security

Mumbai Police Commissioner A N Roy could not feel shame to say: “No body has registered a case, neither the victim, nor her relatives have come forward”


There should have been sufficient police security in such a place especially when there was a large a gathering. If any terrorist attack had happened on that day, what would have happened? Would the police have then too said that they were not aware of the incident?


R R Patil justified sexual assault

In fact, so commonplace is this crime that Maharashtra ’s deputy chief minister RR Patil has promised to set up special, fast-track courts to nail cases of atrocities against women. Commendable, were it not so ironic that on the same day, Patil also accused a catwalk model of deliberately dropping her dress to arouse audiences at the Lakme Fashion Week — and actually promised an inquiry into the incident to “safeguard” public morality. Then, after a fracas in the state legislature and a “clean chit” from the police, he recanted, admitting that it was only an “accidental” case of “wardrobe malfunction.”


Why would not police keep vigil on New Year’s Eve

For combating hooliganism on the New Year’s Eve inside and outside the discotheque, the police would be posting men-in-plain-clothes. So the cops will mingle incognito with the partying crowd, gather information, and even issue stranger roll before the ruffians indulge in “mischief”.


Why would not officers from the Intelligence Wing of the Mumbai police, besides CID officials, keep a regular vigil? They should be assisted by the regular police force.

The cops should rush to the aid of the security guards in case of an argument. They should even help the guards in frisking the visitors, besides looking for unclaimed vehicles in the parking lots. Recently, two groups had also clashed in a place. Cops had confirmed that the fight was an aftermath of an argument between the two gangs in a discotheque over a girl.


The decision to post the cops around the discotheques is necessaryas, according to sources, incidents of violence have been reported to the media in the recent past. A senior police officer reveals that a few years ago, a youngster had even pulled out a pistol after seeing the “girl of his desire” cutting foot loose with another guy. It does not mean to spoil the mood but to ensure against harassment. Cops may allow the revellers to raise their hands only till they don’t reach the nose of others


Dishonor of womanhood by manhood and Queen’s Necklace

Marine Drive, the "Queen's Necklace", Gateway of India and the beaches drew maximum crowds while others chose to celebrate in star hotels, pubs and discos. New Year countdown celebrations are not just a time to party. They are also a thieves' wonderland, with wallets and handbags ripe for picking. Last year, countdown parties became a nightmare for some female revellers who were molested after being sprayed with aerosol foam.
This year, with an expected turnout of more than 160,000, the Marina Bay Singapore New Year's Eve Countdown 06/07 will be the biggest party in town.


So police are not taking chances. Police are also working to avoid a repeat of last year's molest cases, by curbing the illegal hawking of foam sprays. The incidents spoilt the mood for at least one person. "One of my friends got sprayed by an aerosol in her eyes, and she got molested at one of these countdown parties. That's why I celebrate at home," said a woman


Why adopted Western culture and became follower of Lord Macaulay

Most of us have adopted Western culture. Our topmost leaders have feel good to marry with Western lady only. Instead of celebrating pious Hindu Nav Varsh ‘Varsh Pratipda’ we want to celebrate street sex based January 1 st year. At the time of British rule the government distributed free tea. Thus we got habit to drink tea. Like that they encouraged street club sex molesting and teasing on the eve to attract non-Christians to words Christian girls. Now that culture has been adopted by girls and boys in India freely. Rakhi Sawant wpresents open sex to eat. Now she is feeling uncomfortable in Indian culture. So she started to go Girijas. She feels comfortable in Christian culture.



By Premendra Agrawal

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