Sheila Dikshit defeated corrupt old lioness and her ..scams’ wife lead the Cong in UP?

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I have seen 78 ‘basants’? I have been defeated in past assembly election? Many named me in Commonwealth game scam Water Tanker scam and so on? Now i want to repeat them in UP via coming assembly election there. I afraid to go there. But party pushed me there forcefully! I am old coward lioness! What can I do?



What type of these (Coward corrupt) Lionesses are in Congress Party? See this so called lioness chased up tree by elephant symbol of Maya’s BSP?






We think ourselves kings and queens because we ruled 60 years with corruption and anti-people but pro -our defamed family. Enjoying luxurious life turns us coward leaders. So even our Congress Party’s  existence is in danger?



Sheila Dikshit had initially refused to be the Chief Ministerial candidate for Uttar Pradesh.






Priyanka Gandhi Role: Bigger? Where is reaerved seats for woment,women win but instead of them power is enjoyed by their husbands. So question is who is important in UP Congress, Priyanka or Robert? In the past Priyanka became angy and warned media that no body should call her with Gandhi surname. She is Priyanka Vadra But still she herself and media introduced her as Priyank Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi Vadra! No bodcy called her only Priyanka Vadra. In future we may hear Robert Gandhi and their childrena also like that.