Human flesh in black market due to policies of Stalin & Kim Jong  


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By Premendra Agrawal



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Surinder is a human flesh eater. Son Karan says his father Mohinder Singh is not serial killer. Sexual assault on minor child & flesh eating: Are today’s politician & Govt cannibalisms?



Alleged serial killer’s son think his father is not guilty

Karan son of Mohinder Singh said in zeenews channel that his father is innocent. “I respect judiciary and will honor the court order. Indian judiciary is the best of the world. If court would order the deth penalty to his father than also I accept. My family hired detective to find out the truth. My suspicion is on the neighbor Dr.Chaudhary,” Karan tole in the channel.

Perhaps b eore the arrest Noida’s serial killers found the answer in the cirimilogy,”How would serial killers dispose of the bodies without getting caught? Would serial killers dump it somewhere? Bury it in the backyard or basement? Dissolve it in lime? What? What would serial killers’ master plans be that would allow serial killers to get away with it?” But after all God is Almighty. The Noida’s serial killers are now at Gandhinagar waiting for narco analysis and other tastes.



Cannibalism means a practice of eating the flesh of own kind. Cannibalism is reported in the Bible during the siege of Samaria (2 Kings 6:25-30). Two women made a pact to eat their children, but after the first mother cooked her child, the second mother ate it but refused to reciprocate by cooking her own child. Almost exactly the same story is reported by Flavius Josephus during the siege of Jerusalem by Rome in 70AD.


Why did not Serial killer kill and eat his daughter?

Serial Killer Surinder has a three years old daughter. Her wife is also pegnant at present. Would hem kill his daughter to eat her liver flesh? He said to police that he ate a liver of first killed girl and vomited there after.


Serial killings of children in Noida a routine incident!!

Mulayam Singh’s brother said at Noida that thaty type of incidents are generally happened every where. Leader is always true. Have the character of alleged serial killers Mohinder Singh allias Moninder Singh and Surender spread many places in India ? Are there so many rackets of harvesting of human organs? I will dicuss this in separate article?


Eat his flesh if they want to get their hands on his money

Writers as far back as Petronius have asserted that human flesh has a distinctive quality that makes it difficult for civilized people to stomach. In The Satyricon, Eumolpus makes a will that requires his heirs to eat his flesh if they want to get their hands on his money. He advised,” Just close your eyes and imagine that, instead of human flesh, you're munching a million. If that isn't enough, we'll concoct some gravy that will take the taste away. As you know, no meat is really very tasty anyway: it all has to be sauced and seasoned with great care before the reluctant stomach will keep it down."


Hanging of Saddam Vs Nithari villagers mysery

Our top most leaders are involved from Bofors to Food for Oil and other scams. Fake seculars are not only crying and tearing but also throwing stones on thr tourist van at Agra to flow the blood. Hanging of Saddam becomes the main election issue in Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh. Nithali becomes ‘kothari’ on the tongue of Mulayam.They forget the mysery of that village. Vote is god for them. Manu, Tandoor, Nistish katara, Sharda Jain to Madumita and latest Kavita real stories eplanin that vote bank and sexual politics can do bigger crimes than serial killers of Noida.




“As for man-eating, I discovered later that this was only partly true. The Liverpool River natives did not kill men for food. They ate human flesh largely from superstitious beliefs. If they killed a worthy man in battle, they ate his heart, believing that they would inherit his valour and power. They ate his brain because they knew it represented the seat of his knowledge. If they killed a fast runner, they ate part of his legs, hoping thereby to acquire his speed.” Said by S. Kyle-Little, Whispering Wind, Hutchinson 1957


There is perhaps a book of history of when the Spanish conquered the natives of Mexico . If anyone does not know, the natives did not have any beast of burden. They mostly ate, bugs, fish, lots of vegetable...and human victims from wars.


Warning Bells

Policy of Stalin towards Its Ukarine farmers and the policy of present dictator in North Korea forced farmers facing famine to eat the flesh of their family members. It is not filmy story. There are the facts which are in public domain.


Our culture is different to the USSR and North Korea . So that never would be happened in India . But UPA Government of Centre and State governments of UP, WB and Maharashtra especially should learn from the past history of USSR and present history of North Korea . Farmers’ suicide in Maharsthra and Singrur plus Nandigram of West Bengal are the warning bells. Dumb doll and dumb governments should take treatment of their ears to hear the warning bells.


North Korean children suffering from malnutrition

Due to severe famines, human flesh is reportedly being sold on the black market in North Korea .  When the sellers are found, they are publicly executed.  Starvation in North Korea appears to have reached a point where people are abandoning their humanity.  Most North Koreans today are facing a hopeless situation.  Kim Jong Il's policy of executing people involved in selling human flesh is another example of his efforts to "control by terror" people who are desperate to survive.  The Kim regime appears to be on the verge of collapse.


A 54-year-old North Korean refugee named Lee escaped from his country with his granddaughter.  He said:"My two grandsons, ages 11 and 8, were sacrificed for the survival of other North Koreans,  On the day I discovered that my grandsons were missing, I visited other houses searching, but I could not find them.  I asked my grandsons' friends where they were.  They said that my grandsons disappeared near the black market."


Stalin’s Policy forced to Ukarineans to eat their families’ Human flesh

Year 2003 marks the 70th anniversary of a collectivization program masterminded by former Soviet leader Josef Stalin that claimed the lives of millions of people, mostly Ukrainian peasant farmers.


In late 1929, Stalin launched a "dekulakization" program centered on Ukraine . In 1931, Teodora Soroka was an 11-year-old girl in what was branded as a kulak family in a village in Ukraine 's Poltavschyna region. 


"My grandfather hired laborers for harvesting and plowing when necessary and, in the fall, when they harvested wheat, he hired people," she says. "And because of that, the Soviet authorities persecuted him terribly. Not just him, but the entire family because they called him an exploiter. They destroyed my family in a completely inhumane way." Around 7.5 million people, including one million in Kazakhstan , are estimated to have died during the period of "dekulakization."


An artificial famine of devastating proportions was the culmination of a savage piece of human engineering designed. "They thought up the idea of an artificial famine as the easiest way to break Ukraine 's neck and to take control of Ukraine at little cost to themselves." "The collectivization of wheat had begun in 1932. In 1932 there was a big harvest. People said the grain had grown so high that the heads of people walking in the fields couldn't be seen. But the Soviet authorities said [the famine] was the fault of a poor harvest, they were lying," Girl Teodora Soroka said. The book "Harvest of Sorrow" by British historian Robert Conquest is considered the most comprehensive study of the period.


Oleksa Sonipul was 10 in 1933 and lived in a village in northern Ukraine . She said by the beginning of that year, famine was so widespread people had been reduced to eating grass, tree bark, roots, berries, frogs, birds, and even earthworms.


Many instances of cannibalism were recorded. Fedir Burtianski was a young man in 1933, said at one point, he avoided buying meat from a vendor because he suspected it was human flesh. When the authorities heard about the incident, he was forced to attend the trial of a man and his two sons who were suspected of murdering people for food. Burtianski says during the trial one of the sons admitted in chilling terms to eating the flesh of his own mother, who had died of starvation. 


"He said, 'Thank you to Father Stalin for depriving us of food. Our mother died of hunger and we ate her, our own dead mother. And after our mother we did not take pity on anyone. We would not have spared Stalin himself.'"


Villagers said: "What do you do if there's nothing to eat? We collected birch leaves and toasted them and ate them. What else could we do?" Until the fall of communism, most of the villager eyewitnesses who survived the famine were wary of telling their stories. Even now, many are reluctant to talk about that period because they see many Soviet-era holdovers still in positions of power.



By Premendra Agrawal