2014 Lok Sabha Electoion will be fought by CBI Clone of Congress to remind Emergency

2014 Lok Sabha Electoion will be fought by CBI Clone of  Congress to remind Emergency


Narendra Modi begins speech amid chants of ‘Modi, Modi’ 


“He would not hesitate to follow his mother’s example and to impose emergency on his country” – Rajiv Gandhi July 7, 1985. Sonia Gandhi is reharsling emergency via CBI at the moment.


* Towards the middle of his speech, BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi on Sept 25 at BJP’s Karyakarta Mahakumbh asks “Are you preparing for the elections? But, let me warn you, the polls in MP, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Delhi and Lok Sabha will not be fought by the Congress. They will be fought by the CBI, employed by the Congress. Congress lacks the strength to defeat the BJP so they have put CBI in field


Modi called the Congress government ‘Delhi ki Sultanate’ and ‘Dilli ki Shahenshah’. Modi launched into UPA-bashing. “In Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Delhi and the 2014 elections, Congress will not field candidates, because this time not Congress but CBI will contest elections,” Modi said.


Here Modi is rightly explained the nexus between caged parrot and Congress government: Italian led Congress led Govt behaves as Jihadi terror blackmailer?

For getting outside support of Maya and Mulayam Italians led Congress led government took both in the grip via caged parrot CBI. After six years now Mulayam got clean chit from CBI on the indirect instruction of Italian ruled government: Sonia and Mulayam give life to each other: CBI vs FSB


The TDP has called Jaganmohan Reddy getting bail “match-fixing”. The party’s chief Chandrababu Naidu said, “The way bail was granted to him and the manner in which the chargesheet against YS Jaganmohan Reddy was diluted only shows that there is a clear understanding between YSR Congress and Congress.”


Karunanidhi would not bring down UPA Govt: Effect of Congress Bureau of Investigation CBI


* Was Red Alert sent to defame Hindu Saint Yog Guru Baba Ramdev not the proof of blackmailing? It was done because Ramdev baba takes the side of Narendra Modi instead of Sonia Gandhi.


Gen V.K. Singh himself had said on Sept 19, “This is simple vendetta as some people are not comfortable with me sharing the dais with Narendra Modi to espouse the cause of ex-servicemen in the country.”


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“Congress ruled nation for 60 years but never before did their leaders talk about inclusive growth,” Modi added. Do you want your children to stay poor or not receive proper education? If not, vote wisely – Modi. MP Congress has been ‘hungry’ for the last 10 years, imagine what they will do? Says Modi  Modi started his address by saying, “Like you I am a small worker of the party. Let us affirm that when world celebrates Deen Dayal Upadhyay centenary,India will have a BJP government.”


* Congress Mukt Bharat: Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dismantle Congress after independence but the Congress party did not honour his wish, we will have to work to make his dream come true and rid the country of the Congress party – Modi


AIADMK. Its supremo Jayalalitha has gone on record to call him her “good friend” The Tamil Nadi chief minister had said “At a personal level, I will only say that Mr. Narendra Modi is a good friend of mine, my good wishes are always with him and whether he wins the election in Gujarat or whether he achieves an elevation in his own party, I am happy for him.”


First Post rightly summarize: Towards the end of his speech, Modi predicted BJP ‘aandhi’ (storm) that will throw the Congress out of the country. While it is too early to believe it, one can say with some conviction that the BJP, after days of indecisiveness, is finally getting its act together. Something that was evident in the party’s strategy, as displayed in this Karyakarta Mahakumbh.


The party, effectively, countered two strong allegations against them. One, that the party is divided by personal and hence cannot run a country. Two, Narendra Modi‘s megalomaniac streak holds him from being a great, inclusive politician, forget being the PM of the country. With everyone from Advani, Chouhan and Swaraj singing undiluted praises for Modi and hailing him as their leader, BJP dealt with the first effectively. Also, his colleagues unabashed praises made sure that Modi didn’t have to say much to promote his own brand of developmental politics. Secondly, with Modi toning down his Gujarat and I-me-myself rhetoric significantly and going all out to praise fellow CMs Raman Singh and Chouhan, the party’s PM candidate also showed that he is as capable of inclusive politics conducive to national success.


Sept 25

Shinde, Digvijay aiming to defame Hinduism forced Bhavesh Patel to name RSS chief Bhagwat

Suspect with revolver caught at BJP Bhopal Rally ground?

Sonia Gandhi evokes Chandrababu Naidu to join NDA


Sept 24

Sonia Gandhi evokes Chandrababu Naidu to join NDA

Italian led Congress led Govt behaves as Jihadi terror blackmailer?

Sept 23

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Develop Rail transport to save petrol and to strengthen Rupee against dollar

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Riots for Votes

Sept 17

Sheikh Chilli Rahul Gandhi?

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Sept 15

Guj then Muslims’ at Jaipur, Secularism of Army at Rewari means Muslims greater belief on Modi

Secularism of Indian Army should learn by Politicians: Modi

Sept 14

Sunday Sept 15: Ex-Army Chief V K Singh my join BJP in Modi’s Rewari Rally

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Sept 12

Maulana Akhilesh follows Maulana Mulayam’s footsteps

Indians in US will hear roar of India’s next PM through satellite on Sept 21

Sept 11

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Sonia Gandhi returned to India after taking in her hand US Court Summon on 1984 Riots

Sept 10

Modi speaks in Pink City: Rahul gets entry in ABCD Corruption Book

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CAG unearthed scam in railways: Uncountable corruption gates inaugurated for idle PM candidate Rahul

Muzaffarnagar Violence: Media should not be treated as minority for appeasement in giving compensation

Sept 07

What is Slavery? Now Congress leaders is going to touch feet of Rahul Gandhi

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One more Corruption-Gate Forestland Scam of Rs. 23,607.67 crores reported by CAG

PM should ask Putin How the Vatican built Gold Wealth Empire in London

Spreading water on the hopes of people who want to see “Congress Mukt Bharat”


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